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Wasted is when a player is killed in a GTA game by losing all their health and armor.

Many things can contribute to this:

  • Drowning (in GTA: San Andreas and GTA: Vice City Stories you have a breath meter which has to run out to be wasted)
  • Damage from explosions
  • Damage from being shot*
  • Trapped in an exploding vehicle
  • Catching fire
  • Damage from beatings from pedestrians/police.
  • Damage from falling off a high point, failing to open parachute (San Andreas)
  • Running too fast on stairs, and therefore falling off, though this deals very little damage.
  • Being run over by a passing vehicle
  • Stumble down the steps while drunk (GTA IV)

(*) Armor protects against


As a result of being Wasted in GTA III you will lose all weapons and $100, the same as being Busted. In GTA IV your fined 10% of your money ($10,000 max) and keep your weapons. Any mission you were on will result in failure and will have to start over again.