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Beta Weapons are weapons that were not included in the game. It is also includes some weapons that didn't make it to the final game and weapons have their models changed. Many made well during development and it is unknown why they were removed. However, very most of them can be obtained through cheat device and trainers.

Grand Theft Auto 2

  • A weapon called the Microwave was removed.
  • A weapon called the Instant Vehicle bomb was also removed.
  • A weapon called the Electro Baton was also removed.

GTA Vice City

  • The AK-47 was cut before the release of the game.
  • Landmines were cut.
  • The Grenade Launcher was also cut.
  • It is said that the Tazer was also included in the game, but was also cut.
  • The Nailgun was believed to be included in the game.
  • The PSG-1 never had a silencer.
  • The MP5 looked shorter.

GTA San Andreas

  • The Skateboard was cut from the PC version. It is a melee weapon. Available as a mod for the PC version but is already usable on the PS2 version.
  • The M47 Dragon was cut.
  • The M82 was cut.
  • The grenade launcher was cut again in the game.
  • M249 SAW and M60 were cut.
  • The Micro-SMG was also removed.

GTA Vice City Stories

  • The Tear Gas and the Landmine were going to be included in the game. However, they can be obtained through trainers.

GTA Advance


  • A silenced 9mm pistol, a Revolver, a flamethrower, a nightstick, a wooden bat, and the minigun were to be included in the game.