Weapons in The Lost and Damned

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In The Lost and Damned, the first episode of Downloadable Content for Grand Theft Auto IV, six new weapons are introduced. Terry Thorpe also offers weapons shipments delivered to Johnny's current location.


Pool Cue

This is used just like a Baseball Bat. It can be swung left and right, and can be used to block attacks.

Thrown Weapons

Pipe Bomb

A homemade device that creates a large explosion. It is especially effective when thrown into the midst of a large number of enemies or tossed under a vehicle.


Assault Shotgun (Armsel DAO-12 Striker)

This shotgun is fully automatic, firing rounds constantly. It takes out vehicles or multiple small targets easily and quickly.

Sawed-off Shotgun

This short-barrelled shotgun produced a deadly wide range, especially devastating at close range. It automatically reloads the two shells it fires. This weapon can be used from a motorcycle.

Automatic 9mm (Browning Hi-Power 9mm)

With one pull of the trigger, this 9mm shoots constant rounds at a high rate of fire. Very accurate, it's speed makes it ideal for drive-bys.

Rocket/Grenade Launchers (

Grenade Launcher (Heckler and Koch HK69A1)

The grenade launcher fires Grenades farther than tossing them by hand, as well as harder and more accurately. It only holds a single grenade, and so must be reloaded after each shot, but it is exceptionally effective. Grenades may be launched at and bounced off of walls and around corners to fire at tricky targets.