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Westdyke is a large suburban neighbourhood in northern Alderney.

The area is large and sparse particularly to the north of the neighbourhood where countryside begins to take over from the quiet suburbs. The houses in Westdyke are generally very large and represent the wealthier side of Alderney, and also Liberty City as a whole.

Mansions can be seen along the northside of Owl Creek Avenue, and other large houses across the street. The middle mansion there has a helicopter and pad in the backyard, and the most western features a pool. The most eastern house on the eastern intersection of Big Horn and Owl Creek was featured on CNT's hit reality show, I'm Rich. On the corner of Beaverhead and Flathead in Leftwood, a driveway, on beaverhead just shy of the intersection, takes you to two mansions, both with a backyard pool, one of which is Jimmy Pegorino's estate, both mansions are in Westdyke however, the border runs through the driveway. In addition an old abandoned mansion can be seen by completing the dirt road of Beaverhead, across the street from the Burger Shot. There is a very rare Sultan RS behind a garage next to the mansion. This mansion is also featured in the mission To Live and Die in Alderney.

To the south of the locale, the area becomes more dense with population and services. This is close to where Westdyke merges with Leftwood. Westdyke Memorial Hospital is located oddly enough in Leftwood, just south of Westdyke and is one of the two enterable hospitals in the game (along with Schottler Medical Center in Broker).

Services and Retail

Stationary Vehicles

Notable Residents


  • The word "dyke" is a slang term for a lesbian