Westdyke Memorial Hospital

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The Westdyke Memorial Hospital complex in GTA IV.

The Westdyke Memorial Hospital is a medical facility in Grand Theft Auto IV, located on Long John Avenue in Leftwood, northern Alderney.

Oddly, the hospital is named for the Westdyke neighborhood in Alderney, but is actually situated in the Leftwood neighborhood, similar to the North Tudor Medical Center, which is actually situated in Acter.


Like other hospitals in the game, the Westdyke Memorial Hospital serves as a respawn point to the player if they are killed the nearest to the hospital. The hospital is also notable for featuring an interior shared with the Schottler Medical Center, having been used in one mission, where the player is required to sneak into the hospital and kill a target (who is under heavy police protection). Like the Schottler Medical Center, the hospital's interior is similarly ideal as a hiding spot for long shootouts with law enforcements.

In the Stevie's Car Thefts, a unique coloured Cavalcade can be found over the road in a driveway of a large house, next to a children's play area.

Deaths in the hospital

  • Anthony Corrado - Jimmy Pegorino's best guard until he betrayed Jimmy. Pegorino then ordered Niko to take out Corrado.
  • Depending on actions the player takes, a heavy amount of LCPD officers, the same mission that killed Corrado.