Western Company

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Western Company is a motorcycle and aircraft manufacturer in the HD Universe, the motorcycle division is likely based on Harley-Davidson and the aircraft division possibly based on Bell Helicopters.


Vehicle Style Based on Appears in Variants
Maverick Helicopter Bell 206 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Annihilator Attack Helicopter UH-60 Black Hawk Yes Yes Yes Yes
Angel Motorcycle Harley-Davidson Panhead No Yes No No
Bagger Motorcycle Unknown No No No Yes
Daemon Motorcycle West Coast Choppers Shovelhead No Yes No Yes
Freeway Motorcycle Classic Harley-Davidson Yes Yes Yes No
Hellfury Motorcycle West Coast Choppers El Diablo Yes Yes Yes No
Revenant Motorcycle Harley Davidson V-Rod No Yes No No
Wayfarer Motorcycle Harley-Davidson Panhead No Yes No No
Wolfsbane Motorcycle Custom Harley-Davidson 1200 No Yes No No