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Whiz Wireless

Whiz Wireless is a phone company that appears in GTA IV. It is a parody of Verizon Wireless. It competes with Tinkle for dominance in the wireless market, using the slogan "Whiz is stronger than Tinkle." Tinkle is suppose to be like one of Americas other wireless companies, though not nearly as good as Verizon, AT&T. The two names are slang terms for urine. Since whiz is defined as "something traveling rapidly through the air", its possibly a nod over to the real-life wireless company Sprint; since sprint means "a way to travel fast". Sprint and Whiz also share the same theme colors (yellow-orange). Though it has been confirmed as the parody of Verizon Wireless because it is the #1 phone company in America as the Whiz is in the game.

In the game, Niko Bellic starts with a Badger phone until Playboy X gives him a Whiz phone in the "Photo Shoot" mission to take a picture of a snitch. The new phone is both better looking than the old phone and has a Camera, allowing Niko to take pictures.

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