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The Willard
Willard is also the name of a car company

The Willard is a four-door car that is available in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, as well as in Grand Theft Auto IV. It is usually found around the areas of Los Santos. The Willard is an average four-door car; and thus has an average speed, and average handling. It is usually found around the mall area of Los Santos, and sometimes near the country. Resembles an early '90's Dodge Dynasty in San Andreas, and in GTA IV strongly resembles a 1986 Buick LeSabre, but the taillights might be of another car.

Willard also happens to be the car company that makes the Elegance (possibly the Elegant), but for some unknown reason, this particular vehicle is simply called a "Willard." Some vehicles in GTA IV can be seen with license plate frames that say "Liberty City Willard," suggesting they were purchased at the city's Willard dealership.

The car was featured in the third trailer for GTA IV, Move Up, Ladies, as a chase car driven by Loan sharks and they are also seen in-game.

The Willard, GTA IV


Willard Willard is also an automotive company in GTA IV that produces vehicles such as:

The dealer is based off of real life companies Buick and Mercury. The outside of the logo is somewhat shaped like the Hudson Motors logo and the squiggle inside may be inspired from the ones on the classic Chrysler emblem (or winged logo) but the resemblance isn't very strong.