Wolfie Vilans

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Wolfie Vilans
Appearances GTA London 1969
GTA London 1961
Full Name Wolfie Vilans


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality British
Home London

{{infobox character| |image = WolfieVilans-GTAL.png |game_1 = GTA London 1969 |game_2 = GTA London 1961 |name = Wolfie Vilans |aka = |status = Deceased |gender = M |dob = |dob-comment = |pob = |dod = |dod-comment = |home = [[London]] |nationality = United Kingdom |family = |affiliations = |vehicles = |businesses = |voice = }} '''Wolfie Vilans''' is a character in the [[2D Universe]] who appears as a [[Protagonists in GTA London|protagonist option]] in [[Grand Theft Auto: London 1969]] and [[Grand Theft Auto: London 1961]]. ==Trivia== *Vilans is dressed like a stereotypical [[wp:Spiv|"Spiv"]] (a gray-market fence or low-level fixer) with slicked back hair, [[wp:Pencil mustache|pencil-thin mustache]], [[wp:Zoot suit|flashy pinstripe suit]], and loud [[wp:Kipper tie|"kipper" tie]]. His appearance is a pastiche of "[[:wp:Spiv|Spiv]]" characters like [[:wp:Sid Field|Sid Field's]] 'Slasher' Green, [[:wp:Arthur English|Arthur English's]] "Prince of the [[:wp:Wide boy|Wide Boys]]", and [[:wp:Michael Palin|Michael Palin's]] [[:wp:Monty Python's Flying Circus|Luigi Vercotti]]. *His last name is a pun on "Proper Villain", slang for a professional criminal rather than an unskilled punk or thug. {{Navboxes |title= Navigation |list1={{characters|state=collapsed}} {{Gtal1969 characters|state=collapsed}} {{Gtal1961 characters|state=collapsed}} }} [[Category:Characters|Vilans, Wolfie]] [[Category:Characters in GTA London 1969|Vilans, Wolfie]] [[Category:Characters in GTA London 1961|Vilans, Wolfie]] [[Category:Characters in 2D Universe|Vilans, Wolfie]] [[Category:Protagonists|Vilans, Wolfie]]

Wolfie Vilans is a character in the 2D Universe who appears as a protagonist option in Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 and Grand Theft Auto: London 1961.