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The Xbox is a game console produced by Microsoft released on November 15, 2001. It directly rivaled Sony's PlayStation 2. The successor to the Xbox is the Xbox 360, which features major improvements over the original Xbox, and rivals Sony's PlayStation 2 successor, the PlayStation 3. Due to the Xbox 360's success, the original Xbox stopped being manufactured in late 2006.

Due to Rockstar Games producing Grand Theft Auto games for PlayStation 2 first, all ports to the Xbox came a few years after the original release the game.

This changed after the release of the Xbox 360, which receives new games on the same date as the PlayStation 3.

Grand Theft Auto games on the Xbox, especially GTA III and GTA Vice City, often featured enhanced graphics, which included higher quality textures, more detailed hands, high definition cars and superior sound quality. However, these games, especially GTA San Andreas, tended to sometimes suffer from slight lag and have longer loading times.

Grand Theft Auto games released on the Xbox

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