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Xoomer Gas Station in Easter Basin

Xoomer is a gasoline retailer, with numerous tankers and gas stations throughout San Andreas. Its retail locations are distinguishable by the large "X" rotating above the pumps. Carl Johnson's garage in Doherty, San Fierro is a run-down, antiquated version of a Xoomer gas station/garage, with a faded sign reading the full name of "Xoomer" visible on the canope above the defunct pumps, and no visible remnants of a rotating "X". However, after several mission completions, it has now become a successful chop shop garage. The run down garage is now the player's safepoint, in which he can keep up to three vehicles inside the garage. The second garage does not work, however.

This is the retailer from whom Carl and Catalina steal the tanker during the Tanker Commander mission. Also, this is the owner of the truck Carl and Cesar Vialpando steal during the Mike Toreno mission Highjack. In both missions, the company's logo, a large "X" with the name "Xoomer" superimposed, is seen emblazoned on the sides and back of the truck's tank. Furthermore, the trucking missions just outside western Los Santos sometimes require the player to drive a tanker. Invariably, the tanker sports the Xoomer logo on its tank.

Xoomer is most likely a parody of Exxon, as the X in Xoomer is similar to the double X in Exxon's logo.