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The Yankee is a large straight commercial truck that is featured in all the GTA III era games (except for GTA Advance), as well as in Grand Theft Auto IV, now being a rare vehicle to locate in some industrial areas. It is the largest straight-truck on the games, has a decent speed, and has room for 2 people including the driver. It is not a very useful vehicle because it can flip on rough terrain and is only good for driving on roads. It has no special features, except that it has a very useful shape, that can allow the played to use it as a "moving staircase". You can jump on the hood, and then to the roof, and then to the container. This can be very useful to reach places, like hidden packages and weapons.


Vice City Stories

  • Parked among containers near Phil Cassidy's Shooting Range in Viceport.
  • Parked near the northernmost empire businesses(There are two empire buildings in the north. The one mentioned here is the one in the west near dirtbike tracks).

Liberty City Stories

  • Parked at Portland Docks, near the car park
  • Spawns regularly around Portland and Stauton Island


  • Parked at Portland Docks


  • The Yankee is the only vehicle that has been proven to work with a mission in GTA Liberty City Stories; where the player may obtain a Maverick, without using any third party trainer programs. The mission requires the use of the "perfect handling" cheat to be activated, thus giving the truck a jumping capability. Using this the player can use the truck, make it jump on the building, and steal the helicopter.
  • The Yankee is one of the few vehicles on the game that have a changing "skin", along with a random paint job. This means that the Yankee will have a random advertisement printed on the side of the truck.
  • In GTA Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, if the player breaks off the rear shutter, it is possible to see the contents of the truck, for example, a fish truck will be carrying crates of fish, a butcher truck will be carrying meat etc. Plain trucks, however, tend to be empty.

GTA San Andreas Variations