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The Yankee is a large straight commercial truck that is featured in all of the GTA III era games (except for Grand Theft Auto Advance), Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


First introduced in Grand Theft Auto III, the Yankee was predominantly designed to be one of the largest straight-trucks available in the games, with a boxed cargo compartment (which, by Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, would contain actual cargo). The Yankee's size and weight often contributes to its poor cornering, poor acceleration and poor hill-climbing abilities, but may achieve decent speed on a straightaway. The performance and appearances of the Yankee are also slightly different between renditions in GTA III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, and other GTA games it is featured in. For renditions in GTA Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories and GTA IV, the Yankee features an extended cargo hold that also results in poorer acceleration and steering. As with any two-door truck, the Yankee only has room for 2 occupants, including the driver.

The Yankee is generally useless due to its performance and susceptibility to rollovers on rough terrain and it has no special features, expect that it may be used as a moving "staircase". The player can jump on the hood, and then to the roof, and then to the container. This can be very useful to reach high places, like hidden packages and weapons, even Easter eggs.

The Yankee was loosely based on the Ford F700 trucks before GTA IV. The GTA IV rendition assumes the design of an 1980s International Harvester S-Series.

The Yankee appears in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars with pretty much the same design as previous games. An Ammu-Nation version of this truck is also present. The player can steal this truck and take it back to a Secluded safehouse to search it for weapons.


  • The Yankee is the only vehicle that has been proven to work with a mission in GTA Liberty City Stories; where the player may obtain a Maverick, without using any third party trainer programs. The mission requires the use of the "perfect handling" cheat to be activated, thus giving the truck a jumping capability. Using this the player can use the truck, make it jump on the building, and steal the helicopter.
  • Like many industrial vehicles, the Yankee has a changing "skin", along with a random paint job. This means that the Yankee will have a random advertisement printed on the side of the truck.
  • In GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, and GTA Vice City Stories, if the player breaks off the rear shutter, it is possible to see the contents of the truck, for example, a fish truck will be carrying crates of fish, a butcher truck will be carrying meat etc. Plain trucks, however, tend to be empty.
  • The GTA IV rendition of the truck comes with an additional refrigeration unit mounted over the truck cab when the truck's cargo compartment bears the "Binco" company logo.
  • In The Lost and Damned the Prison Bus shares the front with Yankee.
  • The Yankee plays the following radio stations by default when entered:



  • Parked at Portland Docks.

GTA Liberty City Stories

  • Parked at Portland Docks, near the car park.
  • Spawns regularly around Portland and Stauton Island.

GTA Vice City Stories

  • Parked among containers near Phil Cassidy's Shooting Range in Viceport.
  • Parked near the northernmost empire businesses(There are two empire buildings in the north. The one mentioned here is the one in the west near dirtbike tracks).

GTA San Andreas


  • On rare occasions, it may be seen driving around during the mission Bleed Out.
  • The player drives it in the mission Harbouring a Grudge for Patrick McReary, although after the mission the player cannot get it, but the player can drive it to there garage and kill Packie and it will be there
  • The Yankee does spawn just north east of the old bridge in Tinderbox Avenue. It is parked just behind the blue covered boxes in Tudor. (if you do go there and it does not spawn go a small distance away from that location and return back). Also, there is another location where it spawns, it is just around the same building next to a steel support structure. However, if you want obtain this vehicle in Hardtack Avenue through the long black thin gates, it is difficult because you will have to go around the wall but you run the risk of losing this Yankee due to camera glitches, the best way to obtain this vehicle you will need a helicopter to land beside it but don't get too close.

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