Yellow Bell Station

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Yellow Bell Station in Prickle Pine, Las Venturas.

Yellow Bell Station is a railway station in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


As part of the Brown Streak Railroad, Yellow Bell Station services Prickle Pine, on the northern part of Las Venturas, San Andreas. The station is a two-platform stop, although the station, like Cranberry Station, lacks proper connectivity between the platforms. In addition, each platform is well sheltered and serviced by two station buildings (One two storey building on the northern side, and another single storey building on the southern side); the building is also moderately lavish, with cast iron decors serving as a distinguishable feature. Its counterpart is Linden Station in the Linden Side district.

The station is likely to be named after the Yellow Bell Golf Course (or vice versa), as it located right next to the location; like the golf course, the name may be a play of "yellow belly" (coward). It is believed that in the beta-version this station was called Sunset station. A poster can be seen on the wall, suggesting that the player can buy takeaways on Sunset station. As there isn't a station with that name in final release, it probably refers to the Linden station, where the poster is.

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