You'll Always Be The King Of This Town

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You'll Always Be The King Of This Town is the name of the first trailer of the second downloable content of Grand Theft Auto IV, The Ballad of Gay Tony. The trailer was released on September 1st, eight months after the release of The Lost and Damned. For the trailer see here.

The second trailer, There's Always a Girl, is aimed towards Episodes from Liberty City instead of just The Ballad of Gay Tony, it includes The Lost and Damned.


Time Analysis
0:00-0:04 "Rockstar"
0:07 "Rockstar Games Presents"
0:09 Luis Fernando Lopez hanging on to a subway train
0:10-0:11 "A Rockstar North Production"
0:13 Luis in a Bullet, blowing up a subway train
0:14-0:15 "The Ballad of Gay Tony"
0:16-0:17 Luis meeting Armando Torres
0:18-0:19 Luis monitoring a nightclub
0:22-023 Luis meeting with his boss, Anthony Prince


0:30-0:33 Luis racing Mori Kibbutz
0:36-0:38 Luis firing an AA-12
0:39 Luis piloting the Buzzard and attacking a yacht
0:41-0:42 Luis again piloting the Buzzard and attacking a ground target
0:43 Luis talking to his mother
0:44-0:47 Luis fighting in an underground fighting club
0:48-0:49 Luis driving a Caddy on a golf course
0:50-0:52 A subway carriage being airlifted by the Skyhook with Luis hanging on
0:55-0:56 Rodislav Bulgarin talking to Luis
0:59 Annihilator blowing up
1:01 A constuction site crane collapsing
1:02 A Comet being followed by police
1:03-1:04 Luis firing a P-90
1:05-1:06 Luis climbing the Rotterdam Tower


Luis skydiving out of a helicopter
1:09-1:10 Niko Bellic making a deal with Anthony Prince and Luis

End Credits


Time Dialogue
0:15-0:19 Armando Torres: It's nice to see you Mr. Big Shot! Captain Downtown!
0:21-0:24 Luis: What's wrong, T?
Tony: I've done a deal with the wrong devil man.
0:24-0:32 Tony: I'm the only man in the history of this town with the hottest gay and straight clubs at the same time, and I'm about to lose everything!
0:33-0:35 Bulgarin: Welcome! Welcome to the party!
0:37-0:40 Yusuf Amir: Things went a bit crazy and uh...I somehow lost my pants.
0:42-0:51 Ms. Lopez: Take your life more seriously baby. Don't be like your father.
Luis: Ma Mami, Por Favor (Translation: Mom please) I know I made mistakes but things are better now, I mean how many times we gotta go over this?
0:51-0:55 Bulgarin: Money doesn't dance, the money doesn't dance my friend.
1:08-1:12 Luis: Gay Tony, you'll always be the king of this town. You are this town.