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Young Maylay, Born Chris Bellard, is an American voice actor and West Coast rapper. He is most recognizable from his performance as Carl "CJ" Johnson in the 2004 video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Young Maylay's album "San Andreas: The Original Mix Tape", inspired by his role in the game, was released on July 5 2005.


Chris "Young Maylay" Bellard was born on the West Coast and raised in Los Angeles.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Young Maylay's popularity skyrocketed in 2004 when he was announced to voice the lead character Carl "CJ" Johnson in the award-winning franchise, Grand Theft Auto. The story is told that he was on the phone talking to DJ Pooh for a regular conversation. Pooh, at the time, was writing for Rockstar Games. Rockstar officials were actually listening in to the conversation and asked that he come in and audition for CJ.


Maylay has been featured on many mixtapes across the West Coast which include Kila Tay's Thug Thisle, Rodney o and Joe Cooley's Summer Heat, DJ Warrior's Coast Control, King T's Boss Up, Gangtsa Granny's Underground Mix, JR EWNG: League Of His Own, Problem's Round 2, DJ Crazy Toones' CT Experience and Jazzy D's Unsigned Hype.

The San Andreas Mixtape - Young Maylay's first album and it was released July 5th, 2005. it was made for purchase over his official site and it has had numerous sales promotions for it. These included a free autographed youngmaylaynet sticker, at customers request, a signed copy of the CD, and for the first 50 orders, they recieved a personalized MP3 recording of their favourite CJ quote from San Andreas. The mixtape was based heavily on the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and the character he portrayed in it.

Coast Guard - Young Maylay is currently recording tracks for this up-and-coming mixtape which is set to be out early 2007.

Young Maylay also featured in the hard hitting, controversial music video for 'What will it be' by Deeyah. This lady dubbed the Muslim Madonna Madonna together with Young Maylay present tough lyrical content addressing taboo subjects across both the western and eastern worlds.

Maylaynium Muziq

Malaynium Muziq is Young Maylay's own independent record label based in Lancaster, California. The San Andreas Mixtape was released on this label.

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