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Yuka, the niece of Asuka Kasen, as depicted in Grand Theft Auto Advance.

Yuka is a character from the Grand Theft Auto series who makes a brief but vital appearance in Grand Theft Auto Advance. She is the young niece of Asuka Kasen, and could be the daughter of Kenji Kasen or Kazuki Kasen and Toshiko Kasen.

Mike kidnapped Yuka, on the orders of Cisco, so that the Colombian Cartel would be able to blackmail the Yakuza. However, Asuka employs Mike to rescue her niece, although she is unaware that Mike kidnapped her in the first place. This provides Mike with work from Asuka, but also could be the reason why Asuka Kasen leads Mike into an ambush of Mafia (most likely the Leone family) and Uptown Yardies gangsters. The kidnapping of Yuka could also be why Asuka was not trusting of Claude in Grand Theft Auto III.

Grand Theft Auto III follows the events of Grand Theft Auto Advance, yet Yuka does not appear. Asuka or Kenji may have sent Yuka into hiding or back to Japan, with the escalating violence between the Liberty City Yakuza, The Leones, the Uptown Yardies and the Colombian Cartel. The fate of Yuka is unknown, as she is not mentioned or seen in Grand Theft Auto III, the last game chronologically in terms of storylines.

Grand Theft Auto Advance Mission Appearances

  • School's Out
  • Kid's A Hero