A Starlet in Vinewood

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A Starlet in Vinewood
Game GTA V
Protagonist Franklin Clinton
Objective Kill or spare Peter Dreyfuss.
Target Peter Dreyfuss
Location Vinewood Hills, Los Santos
Unlocked by Collecting the 50 letter scraps.
Achievements A Mystery, Solved
Solid Gold, Baby! (can be part of)
Deaths Peter Dreyfuss (optional)

A Starlet in Vinewood is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V for Franklin Clinton in Vinewood Hills, Los Santos. The mission becomes available after collecting all 50 letter scraps.


Franklin Clinton, having collected all 50 letter scraps and discovering that Peter Dreyfuss had killed Leonora Johnson after putting the scraps together, goes to his house in Vinewood Hills. Franklin enters the property and attempts to confront Dreyfuss who initially mistakes him for at first a fan and second a script writer. Franklin eventually shows Dreyfuss a picture of Leonora on his phone and Dreyfuss, who had suggested Franklin give him a blowjob, calls for security saying that Franklin is attempting to rape him. When security does not appear and his attempts to bribe Franklin prove unsuccessful, he runs away saying that as he is famous the rules do not apply to him. He leaves and can be spared or killed by Franklin, although the player must kill Dreyfuss for gold medal completion.

Note: on approaching Dreyfuss' house, Franklin may be diverted by an unrelated random event involving rescuing a young woman being kidnapped by members of The Lost Brotherhood bike gang and taking her home (while fending off more attacks by the Lost). The event is triggered if Franklin approaches from the east and he must complete this side-mission (and survive) before returning to Dreyfuss' house again (the question mark disappears once the event begins).


When Franklin pulls up to the house a vehicle will be parked across its driveway. Jacking this vehicle and driving it around the corner will result in Dreyfuss making a run for it on foot, eliminating the need or a car chase and making for a relatively easy kill. The PS3 version has a glitch, however, that may make Franklin's vehicle vanish after the cutscene. If Dreyfuss gets into his vehicle, a car chase will ensue on the winding roads, possibly with the added distraction of a wanted level.

It is possible to kill Dreyfuss from a distance without triggering the cut scene (such as with a sniper rifle) but the mission isn't triggered and therefore the player doesn't get the credit or achievement.

Secondary objective

Objective Description
Cut! Kill Peter Dreyfuss.


Peter Dreyfuss: Love yourself.

Franklin Clinton: Hey, you Peter Dreyfuss? I said are you Peter Dreyfuss?

Peter Dreyfuss: Who are you? You want an autograph? No offense, but I'm not reading any screenplays.

Franklin Clinton: Huh?

Peter Dreyfuss: I mean... you're from the hood. Right? You don't wanna pick up the guns 'cause like, if you pick up the guns everybody dies. It's tragedy. Pathos. Tedium. I'm bored. Unless, y'know, you're here to copulate?

Franklin Clinton: I'm here to what?

Peter Dreyfuss: People, they wanna consume me, they always have. To touch the them, y'know, so to speak. And who's to hold that against? I don't. So what time is it? I got a few minutes before my colonic, y'know, if you... wanna suck me off. I wouldn't mind.

Franklin Clinton: Motherfucker, do I look like I'm here to suck you off?

Peter Dreyfuss: I don't know what you're here for, chum. You're like some barely credible deus ex machina sent here by random chance. In order to challenge my impending divinity.

Franklin Clinton: Man, I don't know what the fuck you just said but guess what? I'm here for this, chum.

Peter Dreyfuss: Hey, what's this about?

Franklin Clinton: Do you know her?

Peter Dreyfuss: Security!

Franklin Clinton: What's her name?

Peter Dreyfuss: Security! This guy is trying to rape me!

Franklin Clinton: Leonora Johnson.

Peter Dreyfuss: It's not what you think.

Franklin Clinton: The one whose parents you fucked over after you killed her just because you could.

Peter Dreyfuss: How much you want? How much money you want?

Franklin Clinton: I got enough motherfucking money, homie.

Peter Dreyfuss: I'm famous. Fuck you! I can do whatever I want. Thos are the rules, civilian!

(Peter Dreyfuss starts running away from Franklin)

Peter Dreyfuss: Get away from me! I'm an artist. I'm not bound by the petty laws of the masses. Please. I've got too much left to give.

(If Franklin sabotages Dreyfuss' car)

Peter Dreyfuss: Oh, shit! My tires are blown!

(If Franklin has moved Dreyfuss' car)

Peter Dreyfuss: Where the hell is my car?

(If Dreyfuss starts to drive away)

Franklin Clinton: I'll paint you all over the streets, motherfucker!

Note: Clinton and Dreyfuss exchange other dialogue if an extended chase ensues.

(If Franklin kills Peter Dreyfuss)

Franklin Clinton: Say hello to Leonora, motherfucker.

Video walkthrough

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