Albanian Biker Jacket

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Niko Bellic donning the Albanian biker jacket in Grand Theft Auto IV.

The Albanian biker jacket is an unlockable article of clothing in Grand Theft Auto IV for protagonist Niko Bellic.


The Albanian biker jacket is an upper body clothing piece that consists of a zipped-up black and white jacket with an Albanian gang emblem at the back. The jacket shares an identical clothing model as the top of the Claude outfit in GTA IV.

The Albanian biker jacket is prominently featured in "I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots and Your Motorcycle", a mission from Gerald McReary, after Gerald had an Albanian goon killed and had his clothes given to the player as a disguise to frame the Albanian in the killing of Frankie Garone, a capo for the Ancelottis, and sow discord between the Albanians and the Ancelottis. Upon completion of the mission, the jacket is made available in the player's wardrobe.

Like other clothing in the game, changing into the jacket will not clear the player's wanted level in any way. Wearing the jacket in areas with Russian gang presence, such as Hove Beach, will also prompt rival gang members to attack the player, with or without provocation, making it one of two clothes in the game (alongside the hospital scrubs) that has any influence in gameplay (outside comments from girlfriends and friends).