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The UFO myth appeared quite early in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and though it is not so popular at the moment, there still are people looking for it.


It is believed that the myth originated when Area 69 was discovered. The player is only granted "legal" access to Area 69 in one mission, where the player has to find and steal a Jetpack.

However, there is no evidence of any aliens or flying saucers in the game. The only known UFO is the fake one on a pole outside the Lil' Probe Inn. The Inn has started multiple speculations about possible areas where UFOs can be seen. If the player goes down the back behind the counter they will see a small room with a radio transmitter, computer and a map on the wall with 11 dots on it. Four dots are believed to be the pins, as they are located in the 4 corners of the map, where nothing significant is located, while the other seven look like they are marks on the map. The same map is located at Mike Toreno's ranch, which made people believe that he is somehow connected with the aliens. Nothing suspicious has been found regarding the map, it is believed that it is there only for decorative purposes and to create the atmosphere. It could be an included easter egg by Rockstar Games, as it is a possible Beta map, evidenced by the massive differences in land forms. There are some pictures on the walls in the bar itself - some feature locations within San Andreas with a UFO seen in the sky, while others are real-life pictures (e.g. one has got Orthodox church domes on it - suggesting that the picture was taken in the real-life city of Moscow).

A news segment on the radio station WCTR mentions that residents of Bone County area have reported seeing lights over the desert. According to WCTR, the government blames water supply.

The Truth, the hippy Carl meets later in the game, also speaks about "Them... Who can't control our minds" and "Snake-headed aliens who run oil business". As an oil refinery is located near Area 69, it is believed that there is a higher possibility of spotting the UFO in that vicinity, as opposed to anywhere else in San Andreas.

During the mission Black Project various lines of dialogue can be heard over a P.A. system, once the player has broke into the interior. The only two alien-related messages are; "could the owner of the alien culture in the diagnostics lab please kindly remove it", and "personnel found stealing alien technology will not be invited on the next staff night out".

The only appearance of the aliens is in the mission Green Goo, and inside of the game files. Internal files reveal the name of the TXD is greengoo.TXD. And the textures are named alien_liquid, alien_glass, and alien_cont2. Also in the mission "Stoaway" it is belived that the goverment agents are Aliens.

Central Intelligence Agency

During the mission Stowaway the player is instructed to bomb an Andromada plane being used to drop explosives into the middle east. While on board the plane the crew will utter strange phrases whilst attacking the player. Some of the phrases are "you evolved from shrews", "this endangers everything", "carbon based buffoon", "idiotic mammal", "this doesn't concern you", and "the great day will come". These agents may not actually be the CIA, but are suggested to be. They don black suits with black ties, and black sunglasses. Their design is like that of the agents in the Men in Black series. Internal files reveal they are in fact modeled after them. Their model locations are bmymib and wmomib in gta3.img. They appear first in the mission Interdiction. It should also be noted they also have ownership of a Huntley, Bobcat and a Maverick which are also completely black. Some fans of the Matrix series have used these models as agents in mods, as they almost perfectly fit the bill.


Certain pedestrians are speculated to be related to aliens. These include two pedestrians that players have nicknamed "Mr. Hat" and "Mr. Trenchcoat", DNMOLC1, who is suspected to be an alien by many players, and the Paranoid Cowboy, who often speaks about being abducted and/or probed by aliens.


DNMOLC1 is the model name given to this pedestrian in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. This pedestrian is classified as an old male Native American and a local to the desert area. He wears a Native American-style brown and red bandanna around his head and an Indian-style necklace and speaks with a Native American accent. He can be found almost anywhere in Bone County, walking around outside or in interiors and driving vehicles. Fans believe that this pedestrian is a alien disguised as an old Native American man. At first he may come off as a delusional old American Indian man saying "we must take care of Mother Earth" and talking about spirits to himself. But the first hints he gives off as being an alien impersonating an Indian is by saying "you're a genius civilization" to himself. When the player bumps into him stuff like "is this mating?", "I come in peace", and other remarks. When provoked into fighting you he says "I do not wish to hurt you", "I will throw with my right?", "I will spill your fluids", and other things that an ordinary human wouldn't say. You can also tell by the odd and rare conversations he has with other pedestrians where he can say "You are poised for extinction". They seem, however, completely oblivious to the fact that he is an alien. He is one of the few pedestrians that will not comment on Carl Johnson's appearance. His purpose on this planet is unknown. Some possibilities are that he is here to study our ways as humans or perhaps he is studying us in order to report back to his superiors for them to plan an invasion of Earth. Another possibility is that he is running from the law of his own race and is disguised as a human so his race can't find him. Not much is known about the alleged "Disguised Alien". One notable thing about him is that any place you find him will be near Area 69. This is a little suspicious.

"Mr. Hat" and "Mr. Trenchcoat"

"Mr. Hat" and "Mr. Trenchcoat" are two pedestrians that appear in the game, as the player never gets to find out their real names, fans have given them simple nicknames based on their appearance. "Mr. Hat" wears an eye-patch, a baseball cap, jeans and a blue shirt, while "Mr. Trenchcoat" wears a black cowboy hat, black trenchcoat, black boots and stars-and-stripes tie. They could be related to the aliens issue in some way. For example, most of the time they spawn near the Big Ear, the geyser or The Lil' Probe Inn - anywhere near the Fort Carson area. Some people claim that they have seen "Mr. Trenchcoat" chasing and talking to people asking them to join. It hasn't been proven that he does that, but a list of phrases that he uses often suggest that he was abducted by aliens at some point in his life:

- They are watching us!

- They know.

- You know they know.

- Get away from me!

- He's one of them!

- You're not gonna probe me again.

- You green blooded monster.

"Mr. Hat", however, doesn't say anything strange, but it was claimed many times that when killed, he spawns again almost immediately after the player has turned away. He is often seen speaking to "Mr. Trenchcoat". It was once claimed that the Sandking that spawns under the Big Ear belongs to Mr Trenchcoat. If the truck is parked there it is supposedly easier to find "Mr. Trenchcoat".

The Big Ear, which some people believe was built by the military forces to control the sky in case aliens invade, points exactly North. There were suggestions about it, but no clear conclusion has been made.

Paranoid Cowboy

The Paranoid Cowboy is a pedestrian found walking around The Big Ear, Fort Carson, inside The Big Spread Ranch, and inside the 24/7 food market. This pedestrian model can only spawn one at a time in each location, however. This pedestrian is very hard to miss. He wears brown cowboy boots, blue jeans, a blue and white checkered flannel shirt, black sunglasses, and a large cowboy hat. He also has a light brown beard and has a cigarette in his mouth. Apparently he has a look-alike, making it rather hard to identify him, the only difference is his voice, the Paranoid Cowboy speaks with no particular accent and his look-alike speaks with a heavy country accent (also shared with another pedestrian). There isn't much to tell about the Paranoid Cowboy other than beyond making comical remarks, he is jokingly paranoid of being abducted by aliens. This is apparent by the remarks he makes about Carl Johnson's appearance. He will say to CJ: "you won't abduct me, no you won't" and "boy, you sure make a good target for them." He is presumed to be talking about aliens when saying "them".

Flying Rods/Skyfishes

There is no proof of UFOs existence in the game, apart from some clues such as radio conversations, game scripts and pedestrian conversations. In the night red and yellow lights can be seen zooming through the sky. Though there are two models in the game named UFO_light02 and 03, but when extracted and viewed, these are just hanging roof lights with wide triangular shades.

Nevertheless, there is another object, which could have been placed by Rockstar themselves. It looks like a black meteor falling from the very top of the screen and disappears behind the horizon. They can usually be seen in the desert area or in Red County when facing the desert.

There are no ideas on what it could possibly be, neither is there anything that can somehow relate to it. The search is still going on, although many people are not familiar with it.

At one occasion a similar object was seen - it looked like an old hand-grenade and had a small exhaust fumes tail behind it; it moves very fast and it is impossible to trace where it came from or where it has landed.

It is not possible to follow the skyfish ( without using the "flying car cheat" ) because of it being extremely fast.

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