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Assuming The Truth
Game GTA V
For Marnie Allen
Location Grapeseed
Fail Wasted
Reward None
Unlocks Chasing the Truth
Unlocked by Accepting the Truth

Assuming the Truth is a Stranger mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to Protagonist Michael De Santa by the infamous Epsilon Program. The location is Grapeseed.

When Michael arrives, he sees Marnie who says that his name is actually Zolag. She goes on telling him about the things she has done, she then goes on to speak about how some actors and musicians are members of the Epsilon Program. She then tells him that the "spirits" will contact him with details. The mission ends once Michael leaves the area.

Michael will then receive an email with a list of five cars he needs to deliver to a house on Hillcrest Ridge Access Rd in Vinewood Hills in order to unlock the next mission: