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|state = [[Alderney]]
|state = [[Alderney]]
[[File:DSC_0012.jpg|thumb|A street in Berchem]]
'''Berchem''' is an affluent, primarily residential city in [[Alderney]].
'''Berchem''' is an affluent, primarily residential city in [[Alderney]].

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Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto IV, The Lost and Damned
State: Alderney

Berchem is an affluent, primarily residential city in Alderney.

Berchem stretches from south-western Alderney City down through western Alderney until it merges with the Acter district. The major thoroughfare through Berchem is Vitullo Avenue, which adjoins Koresh Square in Alderney City, and travels south through Berchem's residential locales terminating at the intersection with Hardtack Avenue at the Acter boundaries. The areas of Berchem nearby Alderney City share the bustling atmosphere and urban make-up of this neighbouring district. Further south, affluent apartment buildings reside above classy stores along the busy thoroughfare of Vitullo Avenue. Berchem is one of Liberty City's wealthier locations.

Both Alderney's TW@ Internet Café and Fire Station are located in the Berchem district along Vitullo Avenue.

In real life, Berchem is North Bergen.

Public Transport

Berchem is connected to the Plumbers Skyway by a freeway entrance along Aspdin Drive.