Big Pointy Building

The Big Pointy Building is the tallest structure in San Fierro, San Andreas, and is situated at the south end of the city's Financial district, and stands at a height of 850 feet tall. The tiny roof at its pinnacle is accessible to the player, at which a parachute spawns in case the urge to leap off should arise. This point provides a 360 degree panoramic view of San Fierro, granting some choice shots to amateur photographers patient enough to wait for the fog to lift.

General view of the Big Pointy Building in GTA San Andreas, as viewed from Calton Heights.
One of the signs at the base of the Big Pointy Building.
A "No Basejumping" Sign at the foot of the Big Pointy Building.

This structure is meant to emulate San Francisco's Transamerica Pyramid, which sits at the north end of the city's financial district, and is San Francisco's tallest structure, and a well known part of the city's skyline.

According to the signs on the base of the building, the address of the building is 69 Hasselhoff Street.

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