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Bleed Out
Niko confronting Dardan
Game: Grand Theft Auto IV
For: Roman Bellic
Weapon/s needed: Knife (provided) or Baseball Bat

The following is a walkthrough for the mission "Bleed Out" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


If you decide to do Roman's mission, then it is triggered when you aproach the Firefly Projects area. If you decide to do Michelle's mission, then, after finishing it, you will have to pick up Roman from the hospital, then wait for him to call you again.

  • Go to the basketball courts.

Go to the basketball courts, park the car and enter the courts. After the cutscene, you have to help Roman.

You have to beat up Bledar, who will be shaking his fists towards you. The game shows some tutorials about fist fighting. You can either start punching and kicking him or, quicker, using a knife or baseball bat.

Do the same to Kalem. When you finish, a cutscene will show how Dardan escapes in his car.

  • Chase Dardan.

Quickly enter Roman's Taxi with Roman. Dardan will speed off and, though his fast, if you evade the traffic and don't spin around, you will be able to keep up to him. He will lead you through the Hove Beach area until he enters the Broker Navy Yard. He will break through the barriers at the entrance. Do the same but slowly, so you don't spin for taking the sharp turn. Keep chasing him around East Hook and BOABO, evading the traffic, until he crashes at Twitchin' Sugar. He will run up some stais and hide in a small warehouse. Park the car, run up the stairs and find him.

  • Beat up Dardan.

Dardan has a knife. You can beat him up with either your fists, a knife or a baseball bat or, as the game explains, strip his knife out and use it. Alternatively, you can push him through the glass and throw him into the water.

  • Go back to the depot.

Enter the car with Roman and go to Roman's cab depot to end the mission.