Blueberry Acres

Blueberry Acres is a large farm and surrounding area adjacent to the small town of Blueberry in Red County, San Andreas. It is also near the FleischBerg brewery and The Panopticon. The farm's actual name is EasterBoard Farm, and it provides a portion of two street races engaged in by the player during missions in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is also the location of two Unique Stunt Jumps. Blueberry Acres is also considered as one of the many places in Blueberry that is to do with the Epsilon Program because of the eerie blue lights that glow inside the barn houses at night, as well as on the rock hill and gap that leads up to The Panopticon.[1]

Blueberry Acres


Unique Stunt Jumps

  • Enter the farm by the factory-side entrance. Keep going forward, enter the warehouse and jump from the ramp. It will only count as unique if landed at least on top of the next warehouse.
  • Enter the farm by the factory-side entrance. After seeing a way division, slighty turn right. Enter the warehouse; at its end there's a ramp, jump from it.