Bull in a China Shop

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Bull in a China Shop
Vladimir Glebov talking to Niko Bellic inside Comrades Bar

Vladimir Glebov talking to Niko Bellic inside Comrades Bar
For Vladimir Glebov
Location Hove Beach, Cerveza Heights
Fail Killing the shop owner.
Reward $50
Unlocks Hung Out to Dry
Unlocked by Easy Fare

Bull in a China Shop is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV given to protagonist Niko Bellic by Vladimir Glebov from Comrades Bar.


Niko enters Comrades Bar and talks to Vladimir Glebov. He tells Niko that there is a shop owner who owes protection money to him, and wants Niko to scare him. He offers him a baseball bat, but Niko says he has other ways to scare people.

Niko takes a taxi to the Chinese shop and, from outside, talks to the owner. The owner refuses to pay Vlad, so Niko decides to get a brick and smash the window with it. The owner gets out and gives the money to Niko. Niko calls Vlad to inform him, goes back to the bar and gives the money to Vlad.


The player gets $50. In addition, taxi rides are now available.


  • The mission's opening cutscene marks the introduction of two minor characters that may appear as random characters later in the storyline: Mel, who leaves the bar drunk, and Ivan Bytchkov, who is also seen leaving after ending a meeting with Vlad.
  • If you break the shop's window before going to the marker, the shop owner will have different dialogue