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Bull in a China Shop
Niko throwing a brick to the shops windows
Game: Grand Theft Auto IV
For: Vladimir Glebov

The following is a walkthrough for the mission "Bull in a China Shop" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Go to the Chinese shop.

After the cutscene, hail the cab that shows up, enter it as a passanger and go to the Chinese shop at Cerveza Heights. When you get there, a cutscene will show the owner of the shop refusing to pay Niko Bellic, so he decides to scare him.

Find something to throw through the shop window.

Go to a small lot on a corner, one block away from the shop, where you will see some bricks. Grab one and go back to the shop.

Throw the object into the window.

Throw the brick to the window to break it. The owner will get out and pay Niko. Niko calls Vlad to inform him.

Go to Comrades Bar.

Now go back to Comrades Bar. If there are no cars or taxis around, you can take the train, from the Huntington St station not far from the shop and get out at the Hove Beach station, after which you can walk one block to the bar. When you get there, the mission will end.