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Cheats in GTA IV are activated by typing the cheat phone number into your mobile phone. After this has been done once, the cheat will be stored in your phone, and accessible from the "Cheats" menu there.

Be warned that entering some of these cheats in the game will disable certain achievements in the 360 version, so do so at your own risk. Accessing Secrets is different than cheats, and will not affect the status of your gameplay. There is no way to unblock the achievments unless you re-load your game and haven't saved after the cheat has been activated. --MalavikFurther warning is needed, after talking to rockstar games live certain cheats will affect the game drastically. Say the armor, health and ammo cheat could possible glitch the game and make things changes (in my case all the cars at the safe houses disappeared. Not to say that specific cheat will do that, but i have used unnumerable cheats hundreds of times without thougha and just recently i noticed my cars are gone. However if you use any of these cheats but still desire all the achievements, you can simply start a new game file and complete the first mission. Then there are no blocks on the achievments.

Cheat Phone number Achievment(s) Blocked
Weapon Batch 1 (baseball bat, Grenades, M4, MP5, Desert Eagle, Rocket Launcher and a semiautomatic Sniper rifle) (486)-555-0100 Cleaned the Mean Streets
Weapon Batch 2 (AK-47, Knife, Molotov Cocktail, 9mm, Rocket Launcher, Sniper rifle and Uzi) (486)-555-0150 Cleaned the Mean Streets
Full Health & Armor, Repair Vehicle (362)-555-0100 Cleaned the Mean Streets, Walk Free, Finish Him, One Man Army
Refill Health, Armor & Ammo, Repair Vehicle (482)-555-0100 Cleaned the Mean Streets
Randomly Change Weather & Time of Day (468)-555-0100. None
Zero Wanted Level (267)-555-0100 Walk Free, One Man Army
Add 1 Wanted Star (267)-555-0150 None
Fix Broken-down Vehicle, will not fix the body Any Phone Number None
Any time you're outside, bring up your cell phone and insert the following phone numbers to spawn the vehicles listed.
FIB Buffalo (Car) (227)-555-0100 None
Cognoscenti (Car) (227)-555-0142 None
Comet (Car) (227)-555-0175 None
Jetmax (Boat) (938)-555-0100 Walk Free*
Annihilator (Helicopter) (359)-555-0100 Walk Free, One Man Army
Super GT (Car) (227)-555-0168 None
NRG 900 (Motorcycle) (625)-555-0100 None
Sanchez (Dirtbike) (625)-555-0150 None
Turismo (Car) (227)-555-0147 None
  • Calling any other random number you find in the game from stores, posters, ect. will allow you to prank call that number.
  • Note that out-running cops who try to stop you skipping islands when you are in a spawned Jetmax will NOT give you the Walk Free achievment, but you can get it later on in the same save file after you are killed.
  • If you have completed all 30 of Stevie's Car theft missions, you can pawn any car you want for money like you did in his missions. If you pawn cars, you can make as much money as you want. The cars are worth about 1/3rd of what they were in his missions but you can do it over and over and over again.

Keep in mind that this table is presuming that the car is just spawned and has not taken any damage.

Vehicle Price
Cognoscenti $8,000
Comet $5,000
Super GT $10,500
NRG 900 $1,500
Sanchez $700
Turismo $10,500

The FIB Buffalo is the only unsellable spawn car. The Annihilator cannot fit in Stevie's garage and it is unlikely the Jetmax will either but it has not been proven.

Most cars have a low sell value, driving gently into a wall enough to scrape the pain will dramatically improve the value of certain cars, the SuperGT spawn and sold will get you $8,000, driving it slightly into the corner of the garage enough to ding it and then selling it will sell for the full retail value the $10,500 (i have had experiances where i have gotten 10,800.