Citizens United Negating Technology

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Logo of CUNTFLAPS in GTA Liberty City Stories.

Citizens United Negating Technology for Life and People's Safety, also abbreviated as CUNTFLAPS, is a Liberty City-based organization first featured in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


CUNTFLAPS's primary objective is to deter the use of the Internet (flat out asking to "keep off the Internet"), and is most visible through advertisements, with billboards advising people to remove the "balls" of their computer mouse, as well as radio advertising for certain radio stations (i.e. Lips 106) that exaggerates the dangers of the Internet; these advertising include claims that 9 out of 10 children are preyed upon by perverts, sickos, pedophiles, and "society at large", as well as the possibility of youngsters acquiring dangerous skills from the Internet, like the production of mace or the construction of nuclear bombs. CUNTFLAPS even goes on to accuse the Internet of breaking families apart, when the very ad that shows one such family was really splitting up due to a domestic dispute between husband and wife.

CUNTFLAPS' existence in the game is likely a reaction to overprotective watchdogs that accuse video games, television and the Internet of influencing young minds to perform violent or perverse acts. In addition, the inclusion of CUNTFLAPS was more significant after Rockstar North was embroiled in the Hot Coffee controversy a few months before GTA Liberty City Stories was released, which saw lawmakers and critics lashing out at the developer and pressuring for the tightening of video game classification. The mention of one "Jack" in a CUNTFLAPS advertising, who appears to be a pedophile that arranges through the Internet to personally meet a young boy, is also a likely jab at Jack Thompson, a prominently vocal critic of the GTA series.


  • Citizens United Negating Technology is referenced again in a Weazel News report in Grand Theft Auto IV, pushing to have blocked as it is accused of influencing visitors to become homosexuals and giving woman unhealthy expectations of the size of a man's penis.

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