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Clean Getaway
Game: Grand Theft Auto IV
For: Vladimir Glebov

The following is a walkthrough for the mission "Clean Getaway" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Go to the train station.

Go to the Hove Beach station and wait for the train to arrive. Enter it so it takes you to East Island City.

Find the car.

Go to the Blista Compact, which is being cleaned by Jimmy and his friend. Niko confronts them both.

Get on the car.

The game instructs you to use a "stunt punch" on Jimmy, which will beat him up with just one punch. You can do so, or just avoid him and get on the car.

Take the car to the car wash.

Now you have to take the car to Vlad's lockup. Jimmy's friend will grab the car but, if you speed off, he will just hang on it while you're driving until you smash him up with something. On the way, Vlad calls you and tells you to take the car to a car wash, so you have to go there instead. Stop the car at the car wash and wait until it's clean.

Take the car to Vlad's lockup.

Once the car is clean, take it to Vlad's lockup. When you park the car inside the garage, you will complete the mission.