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*'''[[Bathtub Gin Still]]'''
*'''[[Bathtub Gin Still]]'''
*'''[[The PastMaster]]'''
*'''[[Chateau de Buf]]'''
*'''[[Crow|Crowfest '98]]'''
*'''[[Citizens United Negating Technology|Citizens United Negating Technology For Life And People's Safety]]'''
*'''[[Feel All Great Sports]]'''
*'''[[Liberty City's Finest]]'''
*'''[[Maibatsu]] [[Womb]]'''
*'''[[The Mainframe]]'''
*'''[[The Pilgrim's Pantry|Pilgrim's Pantry]]'''
*'''[[Go Go Space Monkey#Space Monkey 7|Space Monkey 7]]


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All the Radio Stations in GTA Liberty City Stories feature publicity breaks. Some advertised products are related to the game, while others link to segments in the radio shows or are just parodies of products of the time period.