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This is the official Grand Theft Wiki GTA IV Gripes list.

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Gripe RebutThere are no cheat codes in multiplayer.

RebutThis could be so gameplay is fair.
RebutThis could have just been R* encouraging less cheats.

RebutOkay, but what about vehicle cheats and weapon cheats?

RebutProbably R* just trying to make everyone have an equal amount of power and not having an advantage.
RebutCheats and cheaters are frowned upon in many multiplayer games, and I see no reason why Grand Theft Auto should be any different. I know I would be more than a little angry if I was fighting against a player who could not die.

RebutI can see that for example health cheats and armor cheats are unfair because if you shot someone, you couldn't kill them. I see that weapon cheats are unfair because someone could keep punching that in to the cell phone and could go around and kill other players. But how are vehicle cheats unfair? It would be nice to have vehicles that are normally found in single player to be found on multiplayer as well, like the Comet or the FIB Buffalo.

RebutProbably just R* leveling the playing field so you can't make a getaway that no one else is capable of.

Rebut Yeah but if the cheat codes was avaviable to EVERYONE (like they are) then cheats in multiplayer would still be fair.

RebutNot everyone would even use them. And if they were automatically placed in your phone in multiplayer,they wouldn't really be cheat codes.

Rebut If cheat codes were made avaviable to EVERYONE in multiplayer, but someone didn't use them for some reason, it would be their problem. After being OWNed a million times by the other cheat-code using players who spawn helicopters, Comets, RPGs, and health, they would finally wise up from all the @$$-whiping and use the cheat codes. I understand cheats not being avaiable in Ranked mode, but cheats in player and party mode for fun would have been a smart move. Plus it would extend the game lengths in multiplayer with the infinte health/armor cheats.


Rebut Personally, I would like to see them in free mode, but not in the competitive modes.

RebutMultiplayer is about showing YOUR SKILLS, cheats in any form takes away from that.

Rebut Yeah, and how do you know what multiplayer is about? Have you ever made a video game? Are you some big shot video game designer? It's a game. A GAME! A game that let's you buy loads of guns and stuff them all in your shirt. A game where you don't get arrested for walking around while carrying a shotgun. You can do whatever you want in a video game..Maybe to a hardcore gamer like you, multiplayer is about showing your skills and competing against other players.  There are two modes. One is ranked, where you compete with skills. The other is Free mode, where you just screw around. I believe free mode should be exactly what the title claims.

Gripe RebutWhy are cheat codes imputed into the cell phone(It's convenient but slightly annoying).

RebutI don't see how it's annoying. When you type it in, it is automatically saved on your phone. It's better than having to press buttons all the time.

RebutI guess you're right.Touche, my adversary


RebutI like the idea, but I only wish that Niko wouldn't move out of cover when you brought the phone up. Got me killed so many times, because he just walks into open range, and every time he gets shot he puts the phone away and has to start again.


RebutYes!!!I know! That's why I made that gripe! Thank you for agreeing.

Rebut Most of the time when that happens, I just click the control stick to duck, then pull out my phone and put in the cheat.

RebutI'm just saying it's dumb that you have to enter the phone and jump outta combat instead of staying behind cover and hitting a couple of buttons.But It's not a big deal.

Gripe Rebut They toke away all the good codes like the money cheat, infinite ammo, and infinite health.


RebutThat is very true.That's why I play Saints Row 2.Not to mention I have a PS3 so now I won't be able to play Chinatown Wars or Lost and Damned.

RebutRockstar made GTA IV as lesser of a cheat game. When you cheat, it shows you have NO TALENT!!!

Gripe RebutMaybe if you use them in missions but not when you are not doing missions.


RebutSimply not true. Cheat codes are fun! I have beat the game several times with no hud, no health indicator, and no auto-aim but I use cheat codes outside of missions. That doesn't mean I have "no talent". Though I agree that alot of good cheats were taken away. I miss floating cars and flying cars mainly. Also there are not enough vehicle spawning codes!

Gripe RebutNo more useful cheat codes like invulnerability.

RebutGTA IV is all about realism.Bare this in mind.

Rebut yeah, but realism is the WORST part of the game

RebutI hate realism as well but until a nice shiny mod is released, we just have to deal with it.
Rebut If you hate realism, you might as well play spongebob video games, Seriously. Realism is the best feature.

Gripe RebutR* didn't even include a cheat for some badass super weapon.

RebutThe game is meant to be more realistic. The smallest badass super weapon that there could be would probably be a nuclear warhead, which are kept under heavy guard by the government and are virtually impossible to obtain. And a cheat for one? There are no superweapons to obtain in the game in the first place!
RebutMod the game. That simple. Only if you have the PC version though. Shoot the nuke, then nuke NOOSE, FIB, and LCPD for five minutes and you get One Man Army. Double kill right there.

Gripe RebutThey took away funny car cheats like pink traffic and replaced it with cars like the comet

RebutHow often do you see all of the cars on the road magically change to pink?

Rebut How often do you see a car of your choice come up magically just by dialing random numbers into your cellphone? This is game, the cheats are not suppose to be realistic, infact, barely any of the cheats are realistic.


Rebut  I see cars magically turn pink all the time when I'm high. Why is it that Jacob can do drugs, but niko can't? You know, you people really are starting to piss me off with this "realism" bull. It's a video game. It's never going to realistic even if you tried. That's why it's a game. If you want realism, why don't you go buy a gun, go to the bank and shoot up some cops? All the other kids are doing it these days. And don't tell me that Niko isn't a guy who likes pink cars. There IS no Niko. There is only you, the player. If the game really was focused on the storyline, GTA wouldn't be free roam, and you'd just do one mission after the other. But no, Rockstar added free roam so that the player could screw around, shoot up a restaurant, blow up a securicar. I have the time of my life when I go into Massionete 9 in BOGT, and shoot the place up. Why do you think Rockstar let us do that? Because they wan't us to have fun. Because it's a game. It's your own little fantasy world where you can do whatever you please, and THAT is what a video game is. If you want realism, go shoot up a school. Go blow up a building, and live the rest of your life as a screwed up mental child on death row, with all your friends and family hating you for what you did. That's what realism is. Realism is shooting up a school, and getting executed for it. You rob a bank, you get thrown in jail for 6 years. Don't tell me about this "realism" bull. Because that's all it is. Bull. If you wanna wind up like my uncle, and go to jail for 10 years for shooting a crowd of innocent people, please..Be my guest. As I said before, this is a video game. It's free-roam..The player can do whatever he/she wants. Tell me how often you see someone hanging off of a helicopter over the city. Tell me how often you're caught in a bank robbery like Luis Fernando Lopez was. And furthermore, tell me how a guy can carry a full arsenal of weapons under his shirt. If Rockstar want's to make he game realistic, then they're ruining the very definition of "Gaming". So good luck turning your game into Second Life. I'm going to go light myself on fire and see if I can come out physically unharmed.

Gripe RebutWish there was a cheat that included the health, armor and weapons batch with the AK and molotolvs, instead of the batch with the M4 and grenades. Just a personal wish, as I prefer the weapons tier 2.

RebutMake a mod or wait for R* to make a game that does have that cheat.

Gripe Rebut Yes. Realism is nice, and I'm glad it (GTA4) is so realistic, but sometimes its nice to just sit back and watch the city tear itself apart with AK 47's in a riot from a cheat code. And besides, how realistic is it that someone could carry around so many guns in unfillable pockets, or evade 2 Black Hawks and several thousand (it seems) officers in hundreds (it seems) of vehicles?


RebutThat is how true I can't even rebut that.

RebutAfter 9/11 there is no way R* is going to get away with those cheats. And as far as the insane things you can do and their realism, this is a video game, that will never change. That guarantees a certain level of ridiculouslness and unrealism.

RebutActually, even though every modern GTA has been released post-9/11, many of them still contained the riot cheat, so I can't see how that's an issue.

((Rebut))Ultraussie here, well, the thing about GTA3 era games is that they didnt realistically portray any American city. So would was unlikely that there would be any lawsuits because some dickbrain said "EEEY THATS A RIOT IN TIMES SQUARE LETS SUE R*". However, In GTAIV, there is a extremly realistic re-creation of New York City, called Liberty City. It even contains the Statue Of Liberty, the only difference immediatly apparent is that she's holding a coffe cup and pill instead of a torch. And if there were a portraytion of poeple blasting eachother apart with AK47's, with the scene being a New York landmark, there would be some controversy wouldnt there. GTA is the beacon for controversy, and like Rockstar has enough already... Think about it.

Gripe RebutTwo great cheats (agressive traffic and riot) is no longer there for no reason. This means you don't get to see people shoot each other or see traffics drive out of control, without stopping

Rebut This was likely left out for one of two reasons: To add to the "realism," or to save memory space. Likely the latter, as the riot in SA took up a huge amount of memory.

Gripe RebutSorry if you might hate me for this, but i would love a cheat code for the faggio, i just love scooters and you barely see the faggio driving :(.


Rebut I love the Faggio also. They should include a cheat code for it, expecially since the DLC "Lost And Damned" is about a motorcyclist. They did include new cheat codes for new motorcycles, but they are mostly harley davidson styled ones.

Gripe RebutThere are much less cheats than in other games. This is annoying because I was looking forward to messing around with cheats such as unlimited health massacring cops and peds.

Rebut If you want to mess around with cheat codes, play Saints Row 2 because it is a copy of other GTA III Era games.

Gripe RebutIf R* wants to be a cheap game publisher/developer, then they would'nt be so mentally retarded (sorry for being offensive) into adding very few cheats. I mean, they took away aggresive traffic cheat, or even riot cheat (and I don't mean peds with weapons), and they're both great, and I blame R* for not adding these unique cheats.

Rebut Is trying to play the game without cheats to much for you? They may have been good cheats to you, but to me it seems like all you bought the game for was to, shoot every freakin thing in the game. There is a story, trophies/achievments, pidgeons and heaps of other stuff to do. If you wanted a shoottokillfest buy saints row or halo.

Rebut How often do you see riots and mass outbreaks of road rage? There is plenty of opportunity to massacre cops and pedestrians without these cheats.

Well cheats are fun if you want to hav a unrealistic game

why not make a game full of cheats & one with seriousness

Gripe Rebut For Party Mode the host should have the ability to turn on cheats. For other modes, host should be able to create a vote and if it gets enough yes's from other players then you can use cheats in that mode too.

Gripe Rebut I would of really like fun cheats riot, agressive drivers, and peds have weapons plus infinite health. I think this would create allot of fun in the game after all cheats are not just about cheating allot of people who beat the game fairly like to relax and have fun with cheats as it can be really funny seeing an old granny fire an RPG at a bunch of cops. These should be cheats that are rewarded for you once you get a 100%. These may be unrealistic but remember allot cheats that are in this game are not realistic anyways and are still allot of fun I mean I don't use my phone to caue a ferrari to appear in front of me neither can I get rid of police that are chasing me in real life by dialing numbers on a mobile phone.