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{{Gripe}}Overall, the AI traffic behave more sensibly and predictably than in GTA SA (in San Andreas the traffic cars drove as if they were on rails, wouldn't indicate turns before making them, and would 'snap' around corners unnaturally leaving you no way to predict their turn before you hit them.), but they make constant erratic lane changes on the bridges and often rear end or scrape against your car at the traffic lights. It's really annoying to get your car trashed by careless AI drivers in easily preventable collisions. And don't use the "everyone in GTA is crazy so they're bad drivers" rebuttal, because in this particular case, if the player wants chaos, they can create it themselves. The rest of us like to keep our cars intact kthx.
{{Gripe}}Overall, the AI traffic behave more sensibly and predictably than in GTA SA (in San Andreas the traffic cars drove as if they were on rails, wouldn't indicate turns before making them, and would 'snap' around corners unnaturally leaving you no way to predict their turn before you hit them.), but they make constant erratic lane changes on the bridges and often rear end or scrape against your car at the traffic lights. It's really annoying to get your car trashed by careless AI drivers in easily preventable collisions. And don't use the "everyone in GTA is crazy so they're bad drivers" rebuttal, because in this particular case, if the player wants chaos, they can create it themselves. The rest of us like to keep our cars intact kthx.
:{{Rebut}}IIRC, this is the only GTA III-era game that included illuminated turn signals for AI drivers.  GTA:SA deleted the reverse lights for some unknown reason, and GTA III and Vice City used some early lighting algorithm that displayed lights in boundary boxes, instead of the lighting schemes in SA and IV.  Rockstar did a good job with programming the AI, because most of these events are random and unpredictable, just like in real life.  Also, it helps to avoid collisions if one drives simply and not follow the usual GTA Driving playbook, but that's not gonna happen, is it?
{{Gripe}}Just a minor nitpick: you can't change the station on any of the in-game radios (like the ones in your safehouses). This isn't that important, but it'd be nice to be able to do it if you want.
{{Gripe}}Just a minor nitpick: you can't change the station on any of the in-game radios (like the ones in your safehouses). This isn't that important, but it'd be nice to be able to do it if you want.

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Gripe RebutYou don't get to select foods to eat at Burger Shot or at Cluckin' Bell. And both of the burgers looks exactly the same. No difference about it. A dissapointing realism. You don't even get to try and eat the Heart Stopper to see Niko get a heart attack.

RebutI don't think Niko really cares for what he consumes, since the food in Liberty City is probably a damn sight better than the chow he ate in the Army and on the merchant vessels he served on. An assortment of food items at a single restaurant had no tangible benefit in GTA:SA, so I'm sure Rockstar learned from their mistakes and kept it simple.

Gripe RebutThe Francis International Airport has a glitch and inside the building, there are'nt any luggages, cafés conveyor belts, seats... nothing. It's not realistic, unfortunately.

Rebut It's a glitch! You were not supposed to get inside in the first place!

Gripe RebutPoor Ammu-nation is gone? Somehow I dont think all the gun shops in New York are dank little underground shops. Not to mention how I miss the Ammu-nation themesong!

RebutIt's explained in-game that both the purchase and vending of arms are illegal in Liberty City, so all weapons and ammo have to be purchased illegally (dank, underground shops.)

Gripe RebutFire engines don't respond to flaming vehicles, or anything for that matter.

Rebut Yes they do (some of the time) plus you can call them if you really want.

RebutNo they don't. Even if the firefighter saw flaming vehicles, they don't even bother putting it out. Another bad realism by R*.

RebutThe fire eventually goes out at least doesn't it?

RebutYes, which is fine, but it is the fact that R* had previously put in GTA fire engines that put out fires, and now that feature is taken out in IV. Obviously it wasn't hard to program, so why leave it out now? Sure, you could set a vehicle on fire, grab an engine and put it out yourself, but the bottom line is R* nixed a feature, whether it was "worth it or not" misses the whole point of realism.

RebutActually, when there's a fire, I call the fire department but by the time they get there, the fire's already out, so they just leave. The fire in San Andreas went out slowly and the fire department came quicker. Thus, them having to put out the fire.

RebutVery untrue. I called 911 to call the FDLC and when they arrive (the cars are still burning) they see the fire, yet does'nt make any effort to put it out. Just another failed attempt of realism by R*.

Gripe RebutBuses do not drive around the city as in previous GTAs.

RebutYou can go to Star Junction or the Broker Bus Depot if you want one. It would be easier to steal one than to get it off the street. And it does not affect gameplay.
Rebut They do drive around. They just don't stop or have passengers.

Gripe RebutAlderney looks almost nothing like New Jersey.

RebutThere is no New Jersey in GTA4.

Rebut Alderney is based off of NJ. Thats like Algonquin being based off Manhattan but not having any similar landmarks. Why base it off of something when its not going to look like it?

RebutEmpire Statue Building? "Statue of Happiness"?

Rebut I didn't say Algonquin didn't have any real life landmarks. I was just using it as an example. You were saying there was no NJ in GTA4 but then what I meant was if theres no NJ or NY then why does Algonquin look so much like Manhattan if there is no Manhattan in GTA 4.

Rebut No, wait, i think the person who rebutted was right. Alderney doesn't have to look like NJ because none of the islands had to look like the place they were based off. Algonquin looks so much like Manhattan because Rockstar north wanted it to look like Manhattan. Alderney looks the way it does because thats the way Rockstar north wanted it to look. Based off of does not mean copied.

Gripe RebutTime doesn't progress in the city; seasons don't change, construction sites don't wrap up and finish and no new buildings are built. I doubt NYC's construction sites work forever and never complete their task. Another hit on realism.

RebutIf the map changed, the game, and by extension, the gameplay, would change. This is, obviously, unwanted.

Gripe RebutMaybe so, but at least the construction sites on the roads could disappear. Seasons changing would be nice, and new buildings being built would also be a cool feature.

RebutThis is something not yet possible in gaming without third party mods.

RebutUntrue. Seasons changing and construction sites disappearing over time are things that could have been simply added to the game engine. Dont post things if you have no idea about what your talking about.

RebutIf Rockstar didn't add it, its not possible to add on to the game engine.

Rebut"If Rockstar didn't add it, its not possible to add on to the game engine."


Rebut"If they didn't do it it can't be done"? bullshit! They didn't have real planes at night just fling, flashing lights they could have made people fly if they wanted but they didn't

Rebut(I made the above post F.Y.I) I do agree however that making new buildings would be too hard to add and would take away the sweet shootouts in the construction sites
RebutAdding new buildings to the game, changing seasons, and disappearing construction zones are all considered dynamic events, which would be on-going as long as the game is played. This means that R* would have to create simulated events that would execute in-game... forever. This is not possible now and probably won't be possible ever.

RebutNot really, they could just coincide certain events to story arc completion, they do it with the bridges being open so why not have a building being constructed all through the story and having it finish when it's over? They also have a "Days Passed" counter so they could easily have a change in season every 90 days or so.

Rebut The seasons can't change because the events of GTA IV takes place specifically in "late fall" of 2008.

Gripe RebutThere is not ONE piece of short-sleeved clothing in LC. Everything is long sleeved.

RebutWould you wear many short sleeved shirts in the middle of autumn?

RebutAs a matter of fact. Yes. I would.

RebutIt doesn't effect gameplay

Rebut It does affect realism

RebutRight, because I wanted to look pretty for the Russians that I'm about to put a bullet into.
RebutNo need to be a smart-ass, it may not affect gameplay, but it does affect the player's sense of control over the game - his gripe is legit in my opinion.

Gripe RebutHelicopters can't be saved at any of the safehouses, nor are there helipads to land them on.

RebutHow many NYC apartment complexes have landing pads?

Rebut Brucie's does, you should be able to buy sweet places like his

RebutIt's been said before and I'm saying it again: GTA IV isn't The Sims. It's not a real-life simulation game, it's a crime and third-person shooter game.
RebutI don't know what version of The Sims you've played, but you can't buy helicopters, helipads etc in those games. And the emphasis on going on virtual dates/going places with virtual friends makes GTA IV 'not being The Sims' debatable.
RebutI don't know what you're talking about, I save Mavericks all the time at my safe houses, just land them on the parking space.

Gripe RebutMaybe its just me, but going near Happiness Island causes the game to noticeably lag on the island shoreline and near the docks, making boats a useless mode of transport.

RebutHave fun with your games glitch, because I don't have it.
RebutGraphic lag occurs randomly throughout the game, perhaps your problem happening consistently near Happiness Island is a coincidence.

Gripe RebutDespite New York City being a center for shipping and cruise lines, no cruise ships or cargo ships leave or go near Liberty City, which detracts from the realism and makes the city feel isolated.

RebutThey leave. They just get replaced by identical ships when you look away.

Gripe RebutNo, they don't leave, I've stood at the docks and watched. No ship ever leaves or enters the docks.


RebutSince when do the ships just leave and then come back within a single day and just few seconds? It's unrealistic.

RebutImagine how hard that would have been, and Rockstar doesn't have time to work on a feature that will go majorly unnoticed.

RebutThat's the point of realism. leave, then come back for several days.

RebutAnd this goal was unachievable in GTA4 due to the more important things. Not everything is realistic. The main gameplay is the main new improved realism system.

Gripe RebutEven though Rockstar touted the game to have more interiors than SA, there are in fact less, as most of them are accessible for only one mission.

RebutStill counts. You still access them, don't you?

RebutOnce you have completed the missions inside the bldings, it will no longer be accessible. Even though Goldberg's building is accessible, the doors, however, won't let you get in after murdering Tom Goldberg.

RebutThey could have been closed due to the murder, and no one is allowed inside.
RebutThere are many interiors to be found in GTA4. You just need to look for them. I counted at least 6 different enterable structures in Schottler alone; happy hunting.

Gripe RebutThere aren't as many different clothing styles and options as there used to be, especially in San Andreas and theres very few "silly" options like mad hats and such.

RebutAt least there are some! Compare GTA IV to its predecessors, except San Andreas, in terms of customizing your pro/antagonist. Also, GTA isn't exactly a 'silly' game.

RebutActually GTA was always a silly and unrealistic series, and that was what made it fun. Flying airplanes despite having no training, wielding miniguns, surviving car crashes...that was the best part of GTA, and GTA IV just removes all that. Its a bold step, but I guarantee GTA IV would be a lot more fun if the police were a lot stupider, unrealistic weapons were brought back and the physics were toned down a lot.

RebutThat would be a step backwards.
RebutRight, and by GTA VII, we can fight the dinosaurs with sticks and stones! Awesome!

RebutYes,that would be awesome.I would love to Hijack a dinosaur,get in a knife fight with a stick and I would also love the dinosaurs to be purple.It'd be great!They could call it Grand theft Auto Extinction or GTA VII:Ugh city or Rock city.I think your thinking!

RebutYou realize he's being sarcastic right?

RebutCompletely. But my opinions still stand. Especially the thing about purple dinosaurs. After all, there isn't enough purple in GTA. Nor, dinosaurs for that matter.

RebutGTA IV is set in 2008. The dinosaurs were wiped out 65 million years ago. God, didn't you learn that in first grade for Christ's sake? Also, I'm sure most players don't even like purple. By the way, you put spaces between commas and periods.

RebutSo? What's your point?

RebutMy point is that you won't see dinosaurs in GTA IV because they were wiped out 65 million years ago.

RebutI think I get it now.MAYBE.I'm still on the fritz.

Gripe RebutThe Coney Island Theme Park is unusable, and there are no theme parks elsewhere in the city.

RebutHow many adults go to carnivals to ride kiddy rides, when there are no children.

RebutMaybe not children, but surely adults should ride in it and see the crashes. May not add realism, but adds fun, mostly.

RebutAnd what point would this serve in the main game? None. Its a waste of Rockstar's time.

RebutWell, maybe adults wouldn't go on the kiddy rides, but I'm sure Niko would like to go on the Screamer (Liberty City's version of The Cyclone) and maybe go play mini-golf with his girlfriend.

Gripe RebutThe airplanes at Francis International Airport are stuck in an eternal taxiing loop: they never take off, and no planes ever land, which detracts heavily from the purported realism of the game. They're invincible also, which is annoying and detracts even more from realism. There.


RebutBut it's way unrealistic, because I found out that I waited for hours fr planes to take off, but they don't. They just drive around ways, never take off. Planes don't even land either, so what's the point of realism, even though it's a game?

RebutThis is probably an inside joke at Rockstar.

RebutDoesn't matter whether it is an inside joke. The main point is that planes does'nt even take off or land. Just a worst effort by R*.

Gripe RebutThe airport in GTA IV is unrealistic. Only Boeing 747s? I very highly doubt a major airport like JFK, which Francis International in-game is based off, is only serviced by 747s.

RebutCheck again, there are private jets.

RebutAnd they all look exactly the same, even though they have different flags.

RebutPlanes aren't meant to be modified if they are carrying passengers, unless modifications were needed for the main purpose of the plane, and not adding useless junk onto it.

Gripe RebutThere are only 2 comedians in the comedy clubs, and their material is bland and unfunny.


RebutA -5 for realism for only 2 comedy shows. It should've have more shows and humor, but only 2 for a huge Liberty City? Now that's unrealistic.

RebutYes, I agree it would have been better to have more comedians, but there are much more than 2 comedy shows. Each comedian has around four shows each. And I thought they were really funny. Perestroika's shows are pretty funny too!

RebutTrue, but Ricky Gervais's and Katt Williams' material is unfunny and doesn't seem to fit. I walked into Split Sides (where Gervais performed) and walked out 15 seconds into his act on how horrible it was.

RebutThere is no way to have comedians that everyone would like. Stand-up comedians, any of them, are liked by some and hated by some. To me, at least, it seemed that their material fit very well with the type of humor that is always infused into GTA games.

RebutI have never seen comedians with such bad material though. I mean, GTA's focus, I though was to provide a Sand-box game with many funny features but this is just a down-step.

RebutThey your humor is low, because I found GTA4 hilarious.

Gripe RebutNo random games like the off track betting, Pogo the monkey or other arcade games save from Qub3d.

RebutNo, but the player can play pool or darts, or go bowling. New games for a new game.

RebutTrue, but I prefer arcade games. They're much better than doing bowling or darts.

RebutPlay QUB3D

RebutI'd rather play Duality, Go Go Space Monkey, and They Crawled from Uranus from GTA San Andreas, rather than just one arcade game that Rockstar Games totally ruined it.


RebutThe amount of "random games" was substantially reduced. This affects realism, in terms of the player being able to interact with the city and the longevity, with yet another 5 or 6 sources of amusement the game doesn't have.

RebutGTA4 wasn't made just so people can go play PacMan all day at a strip club.

RebutArcade games is intended to add realism and fun. I mean, there is an arcade room in Starlight District, but is inaccessible.

RebutIf you want to play arcade games, look elsewhere. Arcade games are not the target of realism, it is driving and combat and players, that is the realism in GTA, not useless arcade games.

Gripe RebutPlaying pool is realistic, but should have been able to make a friendly wager, between friends, nothing there to do that, as well as darts.

RebutWould you like to see your friend have a hundred dollars of betting money, then go and waste the money? I don't think so.

RebutMaybe not friends, but when not with friends, you can compete other competitor in the pool like in GTA: SA, I mean, R* has done this part before.

RebutGambling isn't in GTA4 because Niko doesn't have that kind of money to waste in the main story line.

Gripe RebutThere are only 3 unique Clothing stores in the game.


RebutIt should've have at least 50 clothing shops or more, but only 3 on a huge Liberty City? Badly affects realistic attempts.

RebutWell, mister, why don't you go program in all those clothing shops with individual outfits in each store? Can't? Then remember that this is a game. Have fun. Don't worry about realism. You can jump out of a helicopter from 1000 feet and live without a parachute.

RebutIrrelevant. While the helecopter thing MAY be true(which I doubt). R* truly did remove most of the costumization features of the game which made it so personal. The gameplay and effects have improved to an extent but, this is to be expected with the new hardware on the 360 and ps3. If there intentions were to make the game more realistic then they should have made more then 3 clothing stores on the WHOLE of NYC(Liberty City).

RebutClothing is only a feature, and not to be fully explored. Maybe in a future GTA game, this will be possible, but Rockstar fit everything they could into the game, and combining clothing from Modo, Russian Store, and Perseus can be great customization.

RebutThat's not enough. In San Andreas, they have about six clothing shops, and it had hundreds of clothing accessories to choose from, thus increasing sex appeal. But in GTA IV, there are only three, and all other clothes look exactly alike, no matter how new they are. Plus, it will be hard to date with your girlfriends and they will find out that your clothes are the same and that they demand that you change it. If R* would've bought all other stores from San Andreas, then it would total up to 9 clothing shops in a row, rather than stray away realism.

RebutYou guy's who gripe about clothing are girly. I'm sorry but what kind of guy likes shopping for clothes when he has an entire city to cause destruction in, race, fly helicopters, kill cops and go on multiplayer? I barely ever spent time in the clothing shops, even in San Andreas. All you need is a jacket, some jeans, and a pair of sneakers. It would be completely useless to have 100 articles of clothing that you'd never wear.
RebutIf you COULD buy any amount of clothing from Perseus, or Modo, or ZIP, or Bull Emic or Hinterland, do you really think Niko would care to purchase any of them in the first place? If anything, a larger choice of clothing would frustrate Niko, who already turns a jaundiced eye to the extravagance and materialism in Liberty City. Personally, I don't think Niko would ever "degrade" himself by purchasing all those flashy American clothes.

Gripe RebutGiven that a generic interior could be created, there's too few stores and the like to wander into compared to San Andreas (Cluckin' Bell outlets as just a facade with no way in).

RebutBut do you remember those loading times when you enter almost every interior buildings? GTA IV has non except for when you are on a mission where there would be a cutscene after you enter it.

RebutOnce again, this lacks realistic attempts to this game. In real life, you would have huge range of restaurants, clothing shops, comedy shows, bowling alleys, arcades, etc. The game, however, has few and makes no sense why.

RebutEverything got bought out by a few companies.

RebutBy who?

Gripe RebutThe trees are invincible.

RebutTrees are invincible in real life to everything but various saws. Makes perfect sense.

RebutThen how come small trees becomes invincible? There is no way that a small invincible tree can be THAT realistic, especially if you were driving a huge truck, then gets stopped by a small tree.

RebutThink of how deep the roots could be, and it would be near impossible to pull the roots out just by ramming your car into it. To take the tree out, you would have to dig it out, cut off as much as you can, then poison the roots.

RebutIf you've ever seen a tree, you know that they can be easily knocked down by a vehicle, or pulled out by a storm. Trees in real life are not invincible; I pull trees out with a cable and a pickup truck. The trees should not be invincible in GTA4, especially since you can easily knock down a 12" steel pole, fixed to the ground by a concrete block and 3 foot long rods. Even small trees in Saints Row could be destroyed.

Gripe RebutWell Stacked Pizza is missing.

RebutBut you can eat at restaurants and off the street.

RebutIn real life, you would have a range of restaurants, whereas in this game only has two. This game strays away realism from it's real life counterpart.

RebutBut Rock* spent more time improving the exterior, giving great sniping points, stunt jumps, etc plus you have no hunger meter like in GTA:SA which prevents you from passing out, losing money, or wasting time.

Gripe RebutMilitary base is completely gone.

RebutYes but i don't think there would be a military base in the middle of the city.
RebutThere's no military base in New York City, and Fort Dix is a good distance away from Jersey City.

RebutBut as you said this isn't new york city, San Andreas had the Military and it was based on Las Vegas, NV, San Francisco, CA, and Los Angeles,Ca

RebutIt also had a huge desert where there could be a military base, like there is.

Gripe RebutProLaps are seen at the Starlight District, but is no longer accessible. Didier Sachs may be seen at the same location, but is also inaccessible, including Binco.

RebutGTA4 isn't a fashion game.

RebutThough is'nt fashion, this has got to do with all of your 50k money, and adds realism.

RebutNiko isn't meant to have that much money in the main story line. Plus, the huge target in realism in GTA4 is main gameplay, not side missions.

Gripe RebutYou can't go underwater to see fishes, dolphins, turtles, even sharks.

RebutWould you want to swim under all that poisonous dirty water in NYC?

RebutIt looks ridiculous when Niko jumps 20 meters from a bridge only to land on the surface of the water.


RebutNot all waters are poisonous and dirty. Beaches and pools are nice and clean, but badly affects realism because how can a camera refuses to venture underwater.

RebutGoing underwater was just useless, as it was only feature in one mission in GTASA.

RebutBut there should be easter eggs lying underwater. That's worth the fun.

RebutEnjoy the lesser draw distance on land created by the new feature.

Gripe RebutThe two largest, widest straightaways in Algonquin are both under construction, leaving no place to really go fast.

RebutHighway, and why not use the straight just right in front of your safehouse in Algonquin. It's REALLY long and filled with cars and two jumps. Very entertaining and useful to train your driving skills.

RebutIt's not really safe to go really fast on straightaways. Traffics will change lanes quickly without even seeing you, making the Highways useless even more when confronted by slow moving traffics.

RebutThat's how it's always been, and how it is in real life. You always have careless drivers.
Rebutlearn to drive between lanes and weave through traffic and you will be able to go fast

Gripe RebutThe two widest ones going north-south on each side of Middle Park are the best to go fast, but they end with a construction site about halfway, which is annoying.

Rebut Welcome to a city modeled off of New York, one of the world's most unfriendly cities towards traffic.

RebutThe construction should progress and finish up, reopening the streets, but it doesn't. Another -1 for realism in GTA IV.

RebutBlame Liberty City's City Council.

Gripe RebutSome areas, like restaurants, aren't denoted on the radar, despite working and accessible, i.e. the Burger Shots in Beechwood City, Westdyke and Northwood.

RebutThey get added to the radar after you visit them.

RebutBut even when you have accessed inside the Laundromat stores, they don't get denoted.

RebutLaundromat stores are useless.

RebutNot while there are cash registers that's worth the steal.

RebutWhy would R* waste precious memory space just to add a location on the map where you could only steal a few bucks?

Gripe RebutAlderney doesn't have any food stores and barely any places of interest, making it a useless area to visit.

RebutStrip Club, stunt jumps, pigeons, random peds.

RebutIt's still a useless area to visit. Besides, there aren't any places of interest and there weren't any shows, bars, restaurants, or even bowling alleys.

Rebut There's a chopper for the taking by the tunnel entrance that's worth a visit.

RebutStill very useless to visit, even with the chopper. What's more important that it must feature all accessible buildings, yet strays away realism of all building interiors.


RebutNew Jersey has clothing shops, comedy shows, bowling alleys, even train stations. How come these are'nt in Alderney? Crappy realism I've ever seen.

RebutIt isn't 100% New Jersey, it is only model after. And if you want more variety in those activities, go out and do it for real, not in a video game.

Gripe RebutThe Bars is inaccessible because you have to be accompanied by a friend.

RebutWhere is the fun in getting drunk all by yourself?

Gripe RebutRockstar changed the name of the islands(i.e. Staunton and Portland's name are changed).

RebutTrue the names are changed, But no city would enjoy having it's name in a blow up, cop killing game. Since the September 11th terrorist attacks on New York it would be bad taste to have Niko a soviet immigrant cause hell and kill New York cops.

RebutBut in-reality, why would a city just change a whole lot of districts names with-in 7 years. It ruins the game a bit and it's history

RebutIt didn't change its name, it has always been that in Liberty City. It is BASED off of New York, it isn't actually New York. With names changed Rockstar can make it resemble NY, but also shake things up.

RebutHe's talking about the names of the original islands in GTA III. They were called Portland and Staughton and Shoreside Vale, then replaced with Broker/Dukes, Algonquin and Alderney City respectively with no explanation.

RebutThe old names were too similar to New York City, and no one wants an immigrant causing chaos in a nearish New York City after September 11th, 2001. Not to mention GTA4 era games are completely different from GTA3 era games, its a whole another universe, as explained by Rockstar.

Gripe RebutThe Alderney safehouse is crappy and run-down, a downgrade even though the Algonquin safehouses are luxurious and much bigger.

RebutIt's just a safehouse that is given to you by Ray, not particular a good one. Especially Ray is not THAT rich. Do you know how your big safehouses came from? Roman, that rich guy after escaping and even changed his taxi to cavalcades. Playboy X, rich and bling.
RebutAlderney is modeled off of New Jersey, so you can't expect much.

RebutBut Alderney has rich houses and lets you store cars in the garage. A -3 for having the last and crappy safehouse, instead of a rich and famous house.

RebutNiko is supposed to be low on money, and not be able to buy real estate because of where he needs to put his money towards.

RebutBut since Niko has 100 grand or more, why not purchase safehouses yourself?

RebutIn the main story line Niko isn't supposed to have all of that money.

RebutYes he does, he makes $250,000 from a bank job and another $250,000 at the end. That is atleast $500,000. Now say he isn't rich.

Gripe RebutPegorino's house had the potential to become your safehouse once he died. Once the game ends...nothing. It sits there, unoccupied, the garage fully functional. A -5 for realism R*.

RebutPegorino's wife still lives there, and she is innocent, so why kill an innocent old woman just for her house when she has been put through enough by her husband.
RebutIt's explained out-of-game that Pegorino's house gets bought by Kenny Petrovic, as evidenced by it's use in the Multiplayer missions, known as Deal Breaker.

Gripe RebutGrand Central Terminal isn't accessible, despite being in the game. A bad move, as its interior is large and would be interesting to explore.

RebutAnd its point to the already established main storyline would be what? A waste of time for Rockstar.
RebutPlus, if there's a new city in the episodic content, you probably will be able to take the train to the new city. Thus making Grand Central Terminal accessible.

Gripe RebutZIP clothing shop is gone.

RebutFor the last time, GTA4 ISN'T A FASHION GAME.

RebutBut this has something to do with spending a lot of money.

RebutNot really. There are other stores, new and better ones.

Gripe RebutIn a game where money is useless you would think you could use some of that 1,000,000 dollars you make to upgrade the crappy apartments, buy a garage in the alley, add internet, add a big screen tv, pay rent, etc.


RebutEspecially when the character's primary motivation is money.


RebutI know, right? I've made 50k and Roman's still whining about people coming after him for money. Why don't I have the option to just pay those people off?

RebutIt would break the story, mayhaps?

RebutBut what's the point in having missions that pay so well - the $250k bank heist is midway through the game yet they're still complaining about financial woes all the way to the end. It's easy to get $1mil+ by the game's end, but there's nothing to do with it. No real estate, no buyable vehicles, upgrades, anything. Unless you want around 15,000 hotdogs. Considering, as said above, money is the primary objective it's very silly.

Gripe RebutAlderney City has no darn train stations, I thought that New Jersey was full of sub-ways.

RebutIt is not EXACTLY ripped off from New Jersey or wherever it originated from.

RebutBut I mean in a highly congested city, at least I thought that there should be some sought of rail link to the industrial city.


RebutJersey City has MTA Metrorail, subways, elevated rail, the works. Why these aren't in Alderney?

RebutBecause you can drive, and not depend on Rockstar make ways for you to be more lazy. Take a cab, its faster.

Gripe RebutATM machines are completely useless and now way of using it. You can only check out balance and not take out money by either destroying it (which dispenses a lot of money) or even use fast cash to earn more cash.


RebutThe HUD even shows how much money you have, so yeah, whats the point of ATM machines?

RebutATM's are handy for making money. What you do is kill other people using the ATM's.

RebutBut what's the use of ATM machines? You can just simply check out balance and not take out money by making fast cash or even destroying it. It does nothing. No offense, but the ATM machines are a pointless feature to the GTA series.

RebutYou can get more money from people using it. That is there purpose. They are not useless.

RebutI don't think he said anything about killing people while they are using ATM machines are useless. He's talking about ATM machines when the player uses it. All it reads is "Current Balance: $$$$$". The ATM machines are, in fact, useless and unrealistic.

RebutI feel like I'm explaining division to a 3rd grader... When a pedestrian is using an ATM machine, killing them spawns more money than a pedestrian that ISN'T using an ATM machine. If they put that in the game and Niko wasn't able to use it, you wouldn't notice the increase in money spawn.

RebutI think we get that a pedestrian who used the ATM machine can spawn more money than a pedestrian who didn't. Everyone is trying to say it's useless because it only shows your current balance. When you pass a mission for example, your contact should make a deposit into your account and if you wanted that money, you'd go to an ATM machine and make a withdrawal. You could only carry around at maximum, lets say, $10,000 or so. It makes completely no sense that the player can carry around $500,000 at once or even more around city streets. The game should've been if you wanted money, you needed to go to an ATM machine, and withdraw a certain dollar amount.

Gripe RebutSevere weather conditions isn't featured (snow, blizzard, flash floods, tropical storm, etc.)


RebutEspecially since it was rumored the seasons would change in-game. Its always autumn in the game.

RebutThose were just rumors, and were never announced by Rocksstar.

RebutThe RAGE engine used by R* can handle graphics, physics, interiors, and more, except severe weather conditions? Gosh. The least R* can do is at least test it out.

RebutThe whole city would have to be reskinned if you wanted snow. Snow can't be added correctly unless you want a billion new objects placed on the map, and the map reskinned, because other wise it wouldn't be possible.
Rebut Anyway, why would there be a tropical storm in Liberty City? And snow isn't a severe weather condition.
Rebut "Snow isn't a severe weather condition"? You've never lived in a northern state. Yes, snow can be considered severe weather conditions. Blizzard warnings, state of emergencies, etc. It'd be too difficult to add artificial snow to all the buildings, and because the fishtailing wasn't bad enough with rain :)
Rebut No, i meant that snowing isn't a severe weather condition. A Blizzard or a snowstorm is severe but not normal, gental snowing. Anyway, the guy put normal snowing and blizzards in the same sentance as a sereve weather condition.

Gripe RebutConsidering how Rockstar Games put a lot of good well known songs on the radio in both GTA Vice City and San Andreas (as well as having the Scarface soundtrack in GTA III), I was surprised and disappointed to find out that GTA IV's soundtrack is mostly made up of unknown artists (granted, there are several big name artists but, hardly any compared to previous games) and completely fails to reflect popular music of the current decade, in my opinion. However, the parodies of the war on terror, internet, movies etc on the radio do reflect the decade well.

RebutListen to an ipod or MP3.

RebutI wish R* would let you add custom soundtracks into the game, much like listening to your own music in the car, yet detracts realism to the game because they somehow forgot to add this feature.

RebutXbox lets you do it.

Gripe RebutNo, it doesnt. I have the 360 version, and nowhere is the feature for custom soundtracks mentioned.

RebutThe original Grand Theft Auto, Grand Theft Auto 2, and Grand Theft Auto III all had mostly unknown artists, and that was something that I really enjoyed about all three of those games, getting to listen to music that I had never heard before.

RebutA bad move by R* games on how they did'nt let you add custom soundtracks on the PS3 version. Big mistake, R*.

RebutI am not familiar with the PS3's music player system, but the XBOX 360 has one, and that removes the need for user custom tracks.

RebutUnfortunately, the 360's music player system has to be paused manually during cutscenes, and during the time when characters talk during gameplay (if you want to hear what's being said of course) - whereas a 'custom soundtrack' feature fades music out during dialogue, and obviously stops playing when you get out of the car.

Gripe RebutThe radio talk shows loop too quickly, and there's less overall material than in previous GTAs. Almost as if it was unfinished.

RebutThen go make your own radio show and make 10000 shows to satisfy yourself.

RebutI usually Rebut Gripes, but I'm griping on this. After playing the game for long enough, I'm tempted to just turn off the radio because of how fast it loops. Shows only last for < 10 mintues.

RebutThen listen to some music. Or if you have Xbox 360, then you can download custom songs via CD's.

Gripe RebutThe city is grossly under populated. Go to Star Junction at 9pm on a Friday Night and it is deserted. 5pm on a Friday, there is some traffic, but for what it is supposed to be it just falls short again. There are more peds behind the flats in Northwood than in Star Junction. The report that Rockstar modeled the traffic on NYC is pure garbage. Living breathing city....not even close.


RebutEspecially since Times Square is supposed to have hundreds of thousands of people and cars traveling through it at any given time. The game can handle more than 5 peds on screen, so why R* did what they did is a mystery.

RebutThere are buildings for those pedestrians to be in.

RebutIn which some buildings has few peds and it's randomly realistic.

RebutIf there were so many pedestrians at The Triangle, imagine running over all of them. Have fun with your lag.
RebutDue to the large environments, collision objects, models, dynamics, effects, and sound to load, and GTA IV already being a laggy game as it is, adding MORE models to load isn't possible with our current RAM technology.
RebutGrossly underpopulated? Are you serious? There are hundreds of people alone in Star Junction on a Friday night. Just wait around for a few minutes, there will be a hundred people soon. There's also a lot of traffic all over the city and in Star Junction. It does, like in real life, get annoying because you have to wait around in traffic, especially on the bridges and in the tunnels.

RebutThe generation of vehicles in the game just seems a bit sudden. One minute its desolate, the next its a gridlock. Generating vehicles seem to usually happen at the end of one of the 2 streets of Star Junction, meaning 5 lanes of traffic are trying to squeeze into 2. Whatever happened to "Don't Block The Box"?

Gripe RebutThe moving lights that appear on the streets at night while up in the air (probably to simulate traffic and save memory) are poorly plotted. They go in the wrong direction on the street, go diagonally and do weird things, making the feeling of a heavily populated city vanish.

RebutNot everything is perfect.
Rebutthe lights are supposed to be planes

RebutHe's talking about lights that show on streets while in the air. I agree, they should at least align with cars that are driving on the road.

Gripe RebutR* says that "you can finish the game without a single loading screen". It turns out that R* was lying, because there are loading times when accessing into missions or multiplayers.

RebutThat was an expectation Rockstar was hoping to have, but they were unsucessful, because not every planned feature is included.
RebutEsecially since R* tried very hard to make the game get no load times. Nobody's perfect. at least they tried, though.

Gripe RebutVery few (if any) fire escapes touch the ground. They can't even be reached by jumping.

RebutFire escapes have ladders that are deployed while you are escaping. If they were closer to the ground, it would be a security hazad.
Rebut Park a car next to them, or use nearby objects like dumpsters.

Gripe RebutThe flying rats(pigeons)were a really stupid idea, going around and killing 200 of them or even one, Rock Star should have made more missions, not something this stupid.I mean, who would really go and kill animals or birds in real life in new york or wherever, just lame

RebutA crazy Serb who is tired of his car getting shat on, perhaps?
RebutOn www.whattheydonotwantyoutoknow.com it gives the locations of birds with the bird flu which are points of the flying rats.
RebutMy question is if you thought that the Pigeons were a dumb idea what about the 100 tags, the 50 snapshots, the 50 horseshoes and the 50 oysters in SA which equals 250 collectables. who whould do that in real life.

Gripe RebutTV shows are a useless feature, because there is are only 2 channels and it's pointless how. Almost all other shows are repetitive and their humor is weak and unfunny, if it repeats.

RebutPerhaps TV shows are just something Rockstar is testing out for a future, more expanded feature...

Gripe RebutOnly 1 car commercial into the television while there are all other cars that needs to be broadcasted into the commercial, but it's a worthless commercial.

RebutIts still a commercial. Would you rather have "WACKY WAVING INFLATABLE ARMS WAVING TUBE MAN" commericals.

RebutTrue, but in real life, they have a wide range of car commercials. How come it has only one?

RebutWhy would you want to see a lot of different commercials?

Gripe RebutThe Las Venturas Poker Challenge is a pointless competition. No one knows who won, so it's a lame competition.

RebutIts for humor, and its Rockstar's little joke at real poker shows.

Gripe RebutAnother thing, It would have been nice to see some of the places from the previous games in liberty city, Sal's home, Joey's garage, saint marks bistro, so far i have not seen any of those places, run down or otherwise

RebutSalvatore's home is in GTA4, it is where you go for the final mission. All other places must have been bought out and replaced, or destroyed.

Gripe RebutNew York City is like the fashion capital of the U.S. How come there aren't any shopping malls or a larger variety of clothing shops?

RebutGTA isn't a shopping game.

RebutWell, it should've been a shopping game, because it has something to do by spending a large amount of money you have.

RebutDo you really think Niko would want to do that. In the main story line Niko isn't supposed to be rich.

Gripe RebutWhy does it only rain in Liberty City? Its in the northern part of the U.S. What happened to the snow?


RebutEspecially since NYC is known for heavy snowfall in the winter.

RebutGTA4 is set in autumn, and it would be incredibly hard to have snowfall. It hasn't been done in any GTA game because it is so hard.

RebutI live in NJ and it's autumn and we just had a snow storm on friday (12/19/08). Winter doesn't start until the 21st. NJ is a neighbor to NY


RebutNot true. GTA3: Liberty City Stories included snow, and was set in Autumn. It was done fairly well on the PSP, a portable console with little memory. There should be no technical excuse to exclude snowfall; I suspect we may see it in downloadable content, as a similar feature was done with 'Bully' (also by Rockstar).

RebutThe game storyline takes place in Autumn.

RebutAs he told before, GTA: LCS was also set place in Autumn and the snow was done by this PSP version, so there should be no dumb excuse to exclude snowfall in GTA 4, even though it takes place in Autumn.

RebutIt would be hard/impossible to make it snow with our current RAM and graphic technology.
RebutIt's incredibly simple actually, all they had to do was make the sky grey and replace raindrops with snowflakes - wouldn't affect game performance at all (the snow doesn't really HAVE to build up on the ground). Many games in the past are perfect examples of this.

Gripe Rebut Once you have a large amount of money, you cannot get wasted unless you want to lose at the most, 10 grand to the hospital. This is due in part to the hospital taking 10% of your total cash. In other GTA games, the most you would lose would be 200-300 dollars.

RebutHospital bills went up, the cost of a hospital trip went up.

Gripe RebutNew York City is known for its vast amount of bridges yet Rockstar only created a handful. The Williamsburg, Queensborough, Whitestone Bridges, etc are all missing. How could they leave out some of NYC's most famous bridges? The majority of the bridges they did create were not even accurate. The Algonquin Bridge actually serves as the Queensborough Bridge but is modeled after the Manhattan Bridge. Also, there are little to no tunnels that connect any of the boroughs such as the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. Lastly, Rockstar extremely compressed NYC. It's just crazy how you can be in Times Square and then drive two blocks and then your in Chinatown or you start off in Red Hook and drive two blocks and your in Coney Island. If True Crime could authentically recreate Manhattan for PS2 Rockstar could have done a better job recreating NYC, especially with the amount of time used to create the game

Rebut There is no New York City in GTA4
RebutLiberty City is based very heavily on New York City, so in actuality there is a New York City in GTA4.

RebutThere is a New York City is GTA4? Where is it? Right next to Liberty City on the East Cost of the US? There is a perfectly logical amount of briges for the size of Liberty City, to add more would be rediculous.

RebutAs previously stated, there is no New York City in GTA4.

Gripe RebutThere are a vast array of shows, movies, and theaters throughout Liberty City that are promoted but are unavailable to the public.

RebutIt has always been that way in all of the GTA games.

RebutBadly affects realism.

Gripe RebutPedestrians never get out of their cabs once reaching their destinations, or even get in the cab and give the cab driver a destination, much like in GTA: VCS.

RebutPedestrians are there as place fillers, because not every taxi is available at one time.

Gripe RebutThe train system's completely whack. Only four lines, why not 6, two to alderney.

RebutBecause Alderney is much smaller in size, and was not built in compatibility.

RebutThat argument should then have meant that there should be no train service to Bohan.

RebutBohan has a lot of residential, so there must be a subway.

RebutSo does Alderney. They should've had a train similar to a PATH train to make it more realistic.

RebutThe NYC Subway does not service New Jersey, so it wouldn't make sense to have two more lines to Alderney. You can drive or take a cab or drive. It is faster than taking a train.

Gripe RebutThey should make the elevators work outside of missions, and have them in safehouses! (possibly select the floor to go to)

RebutA useless feature. What would you do on empty floors with nowhere to go.

RebutWell, they could use the elevators to go to the top floor, then go onto the roof and shoot people, and birds, down, and they could make some stuf on the upper floors

{RebutFly a helicopter instead.
Rebutonly safehouse on top floor is Playboy X's which has rooftop access

Gripe RebutThe SuperStar Cafe may be accessible, but you can't eat food to replenish your health.

RebutIt is only a reference to HardRock cafe, nothing else.

RebutWhatever. either way, R* is'nt doing anything good with realism

Gripe RebutOnce you have stored all of the cars Brucie wants, you can't buy vehicles like all other GTA games.

RebutJacking cars is easier.

RebutFinding sports cars is better than ordinary cars, and so is purchasing it.

RebutWell go find sport cars and jack 'em. Besides Niko has no care for what cars he get.

Gripe RebutThe Custom Soundtrack is'nt featured for unknown reasons, and it's nowehre to be found in both the Xbox 360 and PS3.

RebutIs that where you can play songs during gameplay? Well, most teenagers have a CD player of some sort.

RebutThe Custom Soundtrack was done throughout every GTA games in Xbox and PC, so they should'nt have excluded the Custom Soundtracks.


RebutOn the PSP too, which has much more limitations. Seems odd to leave it out given the massive leap in tech.


RebutThe lack of custom soundtrack feature is annoying. Why include it only on the PC and why not on the 30 and PS3. It's not THAT hard.

Gripe RebutThe flashing lights you see flying over liberty city at night look like planes from the ground, but if you go up in a heli they are just lights floating around the sky. If R* had already crated the plane models that are seen at the airport, then why didn't they just use them instead of the floating lights

RebutNo rebuttal is needed, as your Gripe is a giant run-on sentence that I refuse to try and comprehend.

Rebut I fixed the grammar.

Gripe Rebutyou can't purchase safehouses like in SA, even though there are so many buildings. i would like to have one in the middle and south of the first island and the north and south of the third, as well as some on the main part of the first island. 9 would be fine, 3 per island. also playboy's loft and the luxury suite are too close together, if there had to be so few safehouses they should be more evenly placed around the city.

Rebut Again, Niko is not supposed to have much money in the storyline, so you can't buy safehouses.

Gripe RebutOnly two tollboths in the whole of Liberty City? That's a bland excuse for realism. In real life, it had much tollbooths from NYC, like freeways and intersections. I highly doubt that NYC never had long freeways, intersections and a measly two tollbooths.

Rebut First of all, most bridges in NYC are FREE to cross. Only about 5 bridges and tunnels in NYC have tollbooths. And again it's just modeled after NYC. Plus it's really annoying having to stop and pay at the tollbooth.

Gripe Rebut How come there are no golf courses in Liberty City or Alderney? There are plenty of golf courses in NY and NJ, why not Liberty City? It also would've been very fun to have a golf minigame.


RebutThere is one in Algonquin, but yeah. Kinda sucks that you don't get to play golf, especially since R* doesn't even bother add it thus pulling away realism.


RebutThe place in Algonquin is called a driving range, a place where you practice golf. It's not an actual golf course. There are no actual golf courses in Algonquin or Manhattan but there are plenty on Long Island and New Jersey. It does suck that you can't play golf though. Especially when you had the Leaf Links Golf Club in Vice City and the Avispa Country Club in San Andreas that did have golf courses in the previous games

RebutI don't think Niko would be that good at golf anyway. The city's size is compressed, and Rockstar didn't have enough room for a golf course.

Gripe Rebut You can't fly to Vice City or San Andreas.

Rebut That's a whole lot of information to encode on a single Blu-Ray disc, don't you think?


Rebut If Rockstar had wanted the player to be able to go back to Vice City or San Andreas, then Rockstar would have had to update the textures, lighting, animations, weather dynamics, traffic patterns, and a whole battery of other upgrades and changes, because the Grand Theft Auto IV era is different than the Grand Theft Auto III era, and thus, Vice City or San Andreas could not exist as we know them.
Rebut But if they can't do that, they can at least keep the old graphics for nostalgic feeling.
RebutTechnically,they do exist. Vice City is mentioned by Roman during a text message. nd San Andreas exists because Niko mentions "sprawling gun shops all over San Andreas" in Do You Have Protection? if you fail it twice and listen to Dimitri talking about buying you a gun.But this would still take extensive time to fully design.It would take R* whole years to make all of that.

Gripe RebutLiberty City is in the state of Liberty. It makes no sense for there to be an island in the middle of a state. This causes further confusion with Happiness Island. It doesn't add up.

RebutWell, Manhattan is its own island. Brooklyn and Queens are on Long Island. Staten Island (Yes, I know it's not in the game) is its own island. It's supposed to be set in one city and all GTA games have been cities set on remote islands.

RebutOkay, then explain Happiness Island. How does that make sense?

RebutHappiness Island is supposed to be based off Liberty Island, which is also its own island.

RebutUgh!That's not what I meant!How can there be an isle next to an island that isn't near water!?They only way to get to Liberty City is by boat,plane,Helicopter or the Cuban way!

RebutHuh? What are you talking about? What's the "Cuban way" to get to Liberty City? All cities in GTA have been remote islands. Happiness Island just happened to be there OK?

RebutThe cuban way is to swim to another country illegally via a floating door.Besides,let's say R* made Ohio into a level.Then It would be an island and if it was, there would be NO!!!! geographical connectivity.R* overuses islands is what I'm saying.I like GTA and Islands but they've been pushing it lately.And furthermore,If R* wasn't lazy and just gave you a never ending highway or the ability to go everywhere in the world,this gripe wouldn't exist.Islands are for LAZY designers!(No offense)

RebutAn endless highway? Sounds kinda useless. But anyway if you were able to go all over the world in a game, you'd have to do it on PC and you'd need to have a really big hard drive. Ever hear of World of Warcraft? That's the reason it's on PC. An Xbox 360's and a PS3's hard drive wouldn't be able to hold it. If you want to be able to go all over the world, your going to need a PC.

RebutNow,I get it.Thank you for the explanation.But I still hope for good geography in future games.

RebutYou're welcome. When GTA IV comes out for the PC, there may be mods which expand the land area.

Gripe RebutThe radio stations constantly reset for no apparent reason. If I hear "IT BEGAN ON THE STREETS OF SOUTH BOHAN...!" once more I'm going to scream. Also, the favorite/least favorite station stats are nearly always wrong.

RebutWell, maybe the game tells that you like that song. Either that, or it's laggy as hell. And the favorite/least favorite radio station is due to the fact that when you get into the car, you don't change the station to your favorite channel, most likely because you're caught up in something. By the way I'm not a big Beat 102.7 fan. LRR for life. (no offense)

Rebut Neither am I, but I was just using it as an example; there are certain stations that always have the same beginning - The Beat, Classics, Massive B and Electro Choc. Once you hear the start on one of those stations you can guarantee you'll hear it on the others, on the talk radio stations a programme will be starting and on the stations that have a random order of tracks there'll be bumper music announcing the DJ or station identity. So it's nothing to do with liking or disling a song, just all the stations resetting randomly. And the first thing I do when getting into a car is change the station strangely! In previous games I'd listen to most stations equally but in IV there's a lot of stations I would deem unlistenable.

Gripe RebutI understand the need for boundries, but it seems very unrealistic for a city based on New York to be simply 4 islands in the middle of the ocean.

RebutThis gripe has already been mentioned. The cities in GTA have always been on remote islands.

Gripe Rebut The cops were supposed to be more intelligent. They were meant to pull you up if your car was riddled with bullets or blood or serious damage & you were supposed to be questioned, not shot on sight.

RebutYou're gripe is in the wrong section. it should be under Police gripes. Move it there and I'll rebut your gripe.

Gripe RebutUsing the rear view while driving and then going back to the forward view will often result in cars appearing out of nowhere. Extremely annoying. There will be a clear street in front of you one minute, then you check the cops chasing you in the rear view, then suddenly slam into a car infront of you that wasn't there a second ago. Please don't rebut with something like "they just turned onto the street" because this happens on bridges as well.

RebutThose are the breaks of driving in Liberty City. Vehicles will spawn in the most inconvenient of places, you will have to adapt and think ahead for those kinds of contingencies.

Gripe RebutThe subway is clearly unfinished and isn't as useful as it could have been. The red/green line passes directly under Frankfort Low (you can hear it, and often it spawns a train in there rather than on the Low platform) and yet there's no third set of platforms at Frankfort. There are tunnels and tracks enabling trains to continue north from Easton to Manganese East, yet they always cross the bridge to Hove Beach. What's the point in the announcements of which line the train is following if only one line ever serves that station? In reality you'd need to check where each train was going rather than just getting on the first one to come into the station. Spare me any 'just use taxis' rebuttals, thanks.

RebutJust use taxis, thanks.  :)
RebutI'd rebut it, but it seems too complicated.

Gripe RebutOverall, the AI traffic behave more sensibly and predictably than in GTA SA (in San Andreas the traffic cars drove as if they were on rails, wouldn't indicate turns before making them, and would 'snap' around corners unnaturally leaving you no way to predict their turn before you hit them.), but they make constant erratic lane changes on the bridges and often rear end or scrape against your car at the traffic lights. It's really annoying to get your car trashed by careless AI drivers in easily preventable collisions. And don't use the "everyone in GTA is crazy so they're bad drivers" rebuttal, because in this particular case, if the player wants chaos, they can create it themselves. The rest of us like to keep our cars intact kthx.

RebutIIRC, this is the only GTA III-era game that included illuminated turn signals for AI drivers. GTA:SA deleted the reverse lights for some unknown reason, and GTA III and Vice City used some early lighting algorithm that displayed lights in boundary boxes, instead of the lighting schemes in SA and IV. Rockstar did a good job with programming the AI, because most of these events are random and unpredictable, just like in real life. Also, it helps to avoid collisions if one drives simply and not follow the usual GTA Driving playbook, but that's not gonna happen, is it?

Gripe RebutJust a minor nitpick: you can't change the station on any of the in-game radios (like the ones in your safehouses). This isn't that important, but it'd be nice to be able to do it if you want.

Gripe RebutWhenever you hail for a vacant taxi, it will almost always CRASH to the nearby curb / wall / lamppost for you (unless it is already at a stop, such as in front of a red traffic light or stuck in traffic jam). This is kind of silly...

Gripe RebutAll the phone numbers (besides ZiT!) make little to no use outside of missions.