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This is the Grand Theft Wiki wishlist for Grand Theft Auto V - the next Grand Theft Auto game after GTA IV.

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Suggestions for GTA 5

For previous suggestions, see archive1, archive2, archive3, archive4, archive5, archive6, archive7, archive8, archive9, archive10, archive11, archive12.


  • One major talking point about Grand Theft Auto 5 is its realism. Some users wish for a very realistic game while others wish for a over-the-top game. In order to appeal to myself and these two parties, this is what Grand Theft Auto 5 should do: add a six level realism slide-bar that works something like this:
  • Level 1:GTA 1 Era realism
  • Level 2:GTA 2 Realism
  • Level 3:GTA III Era realism
  • level 4:GTA IV Era realism
  • Level 5:Pre 9/11 real world realism
  • Level 6:Post 9/11 real world realism.

This bar is located in the pause menu under the "Realism" option. The bar is a slide bar, allowing the player to slide the bar to the level of realism they wish to play in. However, in order to encourage people to play high level realism, make the rewards for high level realism higher than the low level realism rewards. Also, put the multiplayer activities under six different categories of realism to appeal everybody and to make it less confusing to find the ideal multiplayer activity.

However, if the above idea of realism is too complicated to put into the video game, then Rockstar should create two different versions of Grand Theft Auto 5: Realistic and Over-The Top. MrLanceVanceDance

My Other Ideas

  • Keep the existing subway system and include a working bus system to help get around the city.
  • Reintroduce the ability to fly planes to different locations.
  • Include a ferry service.
  • Keep key GTA Vice City assets, hotels and attractions like the WK Chariot Horel, Malibu Club, Printworks.
  • Make the police arrest everybody who commits a crime, not just the player.
  • The ability to pick up anything to throw at people, use as a shield and/or use as a weapon.
  • Include a large scale gang war, large scale shootout and/or large scale riot in the game's storyline.
  • Keep and use the GTA IV Era search Radius.
  • Make it so that you can only obtain a wanted level if you commit crimes in sight of police.
  • Set the game in Vice City, recreated so it resembles Miami more, just like what was done to Liberty City, or set the game in Miami.


San Andreas REBORN!

  • Liberty City appeared in 6 games,Vice City appeared in 2 games, at least San Andreas should have more then 1!, i think you know San Andreas is problably better than Liberty City, GTA SA itself is better than IV, uh What are you thinking?! What we fans are waiting for is a really High Polygon San Andreas!, trust me, it will be a really huge success! GTA IV even removed some San Andreas features that is really awesome, IV was made after SA, so go ahead and replay San Andreas, don't be shamed because SA is just a 2004 game with low graphics and stuff! GTAIndonesia
  • Make the cars more realistic, MORE CARS than before, drift, Racing and Fancy cars. Melrpm
  • Let us choice from Cops, Civilians or Criminals. Melrpm

girlfriend options

Please add more girlfriend options than gta 4 ever did

vadimt's ideas

i would like to see rockstar expand the ingame media options . the media in gta iv was good but the game should have more!!

here are some ideas on how to do so:

-add more radio content more songs,show,news,stations ext.

-add more internet options and content such as the ability to meet new people,play videos,even do simple but fun minigames like the arcades in SA

-add more TV content:more shows,news sections and like in IV put in promos for new shows as the story goes but unlike GTA IV,actually air them on TV

-add more mobile phone content like the ability to log on the internet using a phone,minigame,and even prank calls

(not media related ideas)

-have the ability to costumise my character if not in body size,then at least tattoos or different haircuts

put more attention to social groups such as rappers,stonners,rock fans.and so on.........

these were some basic ideas to what i think should be in gta v

continue exist the brown Streak rail system in San Andreas

Soundtrack: There should be alot of West Coast Rap...Old and New artists like: Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Dr.Dre, the Game, WC, Mack 10, Nate Dogg, xzibit, Warren G, Cypress Hill etc. There should be 2 Rap radio, 2 R&B and then other genres And when we are not in the car we could use Ipod's.

Vehicules: There is no game without a Lowrider, and it should have all the jumps. Then other cars like Lambourghini, ferrari, jaguar, hummer. Other vehicules like tanks, planes etc.

Weather & other: of course sun, storms, fog but also tornadoes, snow etc. then it would be cool if there were tsunami.

Characters: I'm thinking of samuel l jackson, chris tucker, ice cube, snoop dogg, xzibit, eddy murphy, al pacino,robert de niro, jim carrey, mike tyson, ro jones jr. or so playin' the characters. There should be gangs like, ballas, grove street, crips, blood, asas, italian, polish, cubains, chinese. mafias Soldiers, Marines. Animals: In the water i hope there will be sharks, daulphins, octopus On land: crocodiles, snakes, monkeys. In the streets homeless cats and dogs pets: dogs, cats, birds, turtles

Activities: Smoking weed,cigars, basketball, boxing, soccer, eating, drinking, rappin, crib walk, gangsta walk If holidays were there too, christmas, halloween etc.

Then some extras like myths: UFO's, Jason Voorhees, BigFoot, Mothman, Predators, lock ness.

Clothes: more bandana choses, alot more clothes, caps, shirts, jackets, pants. and that we can choose our colors.

There so much more that could make this a perfect game.

My GTA 5 Must-have's

  • It's obvious that Los Santos will be redesigned and be much larger in V, like Liberty City in IV. I want GTA 5 to have more buildings that you could go into. All GTA's seem to have a lack of that. There should also be the ability to buy homes/businesses. GTA Vice City Stories had that ability to buy businesses to expand your gang's empire. I think many of the unique vehicles from GTA San Andreas will be returning. From that trailer, you could see that airplanes and jet-skis will be returning. There should be more mission opportunities from random people for money. Some of these missions could also have a slight effect on the story. It could be a "every action has a different outcome" type of thing. Zachmt97 (talk)
  • Multiplayer: FREE MODE! I would really expect to play with my friends and get on a plane and take a ride with themFischer manu (talk)
  • Replace this text with your suggestion, but leave the asterisk/star and the wavy tildas Ahmadgta (talk)

- I want every activities from GTA IV to be returned on GTA V, along with a new and lots of activities. - Random Encounters is back on GTA V - Since i heard this is going to take place in Los Santos, i want John Morisson to be included in the game in a main role as one of the protagonist best friends. - If the opening of GTA IV was set on a ship, i want the opening to be set on a plane. - I want the characters of GTA III era and GTA IV era to be returned - I want the every characters to be voiced by a huge ensemble cast, like Eminem, Dave Batista, Eddie Murphy, and many more. - The RETURN OF PLANES. - Lots of cars, trains, jets, planes, motorcycles, boats, helicopter and train. - The ability to rob a shop in GTA Vice City is back in GTA V - Like RDR, iwan the character can walk inside the train.

  • Turn signals and emergency lights Cokenmentos (talk)
    • return the chainsaw
    • an "inside vehicle" first person camera
    • first person camera on foot
    • attachments to guns such as suppressors
    • improved police, pedestrian, and traffic a.i

put in the turn signal and the brake lights without going directly into reverse. Also it is annoying when ur stopped at a stoplight and the cars behind you keep blasting your horn and pretending ur not on the road.

  • Replace this text with your suggestion, but leave the asterisk/star and the wavy tildas VantageDBS94 (talk)

What I Want In Grand Theft Auto V

  • If you go in the police station not get 2 stars right away

Animals such as pets, stray's, & other animals around the map Not alway's running in to the same looking pedestrians time after time sitting down Change of weather like snow able to talk to pedestrians Picking stuff up More radio broadcast other then the same ones repeating More weapons to choose from Being able to go to more places to eat other then fast food restaurantsNimxis (talk)

Stuff That should be in GTA 5

Realistic interstate highways

  • Actual freeways. What is termed as a freeway in GTA is a 4 lane road, 2 lanes in each direction. What I want is a much more realistic freeway that has acceleration/decceleration lanes, roads wider then 4 lanes (Look at I-10, it's widest point is in Houston, TX. It reaches a width of 26 lanes.), more realistic freeway junctions (I'd like to see you guys include the East L.A. Interchange.), and speed limit signs. Dancorp (talk)

My Wants for Grand Theft Auto V

  • Headlights, tailights and turn signals have a "fade" when they turn off. Ujellybro? (talk)
  • Cars spawn less commonly in groups. I hate it when I see a bunch of the same cars together Ujellybro? (talk)
  • Vehicle shops. Buy any car that you want. After a certain mission or 100% completion, all the cars can be free/or have a huge discount. Ujellybro? (talk)
  • Make it realistic and without scary things, like bigfoot GTA (San Andreas) or ratman, but please and real animals and children, also can you guys at rockstar add more realism not over-the-top action there can be some over-the-top things into the missions but just keep it fun real and GTA style. Painkill (talk)
  • Make it realistic and without scary things, like bigfoot GTA (San Andreas) or ratman, but please and real animals and children, also can you guys at rockstar add more realism not over-the-top action there can be some over-the-top things into the missions but just keep it fun real and GTA style. Painkill (talk)

I don't wanna have to wait half the game for the good weapons. I wanna be able to simultaneously carry my Desert Eagle .357, Franchi SPAZ 12, IMI-Uzi, MP5, M60, M4, PSG1, Flamethrower, RPGL-7, M72 Law, Molotovs, M18s, M67s, and Remote-Control Explosives! Bring back Sweet, CJ, Families gangstress Bettina Barber, and Families gangstress Denise Robinson! Make them my friends! Sweet should be married to Bettina! CJ should be married Denise! I assume Kendl Johnson's married to Aztecas leader Cesar Vialpando! Include dialogue confirming Cesar, Kendl, CJ, and Denise went to Liberty City to kill Claude Speede for killing Catalina Villasenor in 2001! Make them my friends! Bring back the Ballas, Vagos, and drug dealers so I can dump on them! Including dialouge refering to Liberty City as Brocklyn, Kings, Brix, Manhaddan, and Stantson Island bordered by the Garden State of New Guernsey (the way it was in the very first game)! Lemme jump, climb, target people for fist fights, perform stealth kills, box, use martial arts, kickbox, automatically and manually aim my weapons at will, simultaneouly carry 2 mircosubmchineguns, strafe, roll to dodge gunfire, take cover, ride bikes, ride motorbikes better than even CJ with the maximum skill level, perform the good old-fashioned drive-by shooting, manually aim while driving, drive better than even CJ with the maximum skill level, last longer against the cops than even CJ with the health maximum at its highest and the weapon skill at its maximum! Basically lemme do everything CJ and Niko can do! Don't make me have to run away for the cops just to keep from getting busted! Let me fight them off with my fists before I take on the whole force with my guns! Bring back the HUD from San Andreas! Ditch the flashing area and automatically terminate my wanted level when the cops can't see me! Bring back Playback FM, Rose, K-DST, Bounce FM, Radio X, Radio Los Santos, Radio X, Master Sounds, and WCTR! Introduce LSPR! Bring back Lazlow Jones, Marice Chavez, Jeremy Robar, Fernando Martinez, Christy McIntyre, and Reid Tucker! Bring back the Gambettis, Pavanos, Lupisellas, Messinas, and Ancelottis or at least mention them! Mention the Leones, Forellis, and Sindaccos! No internet missions! Bring back the 100 hidden packages! Gimme 1 steady girlfriend in the storyline and some optional girlfriends to use for unlocking game items then killing them while staying true to the main squeeze! Confirm the Sunrise Boulevard Families and Temple Drive Families were wiped out for good but the Grove Street Families have been doing their thing since Sweet and CJ came home for good in 1992! Include dialogue acknowledging the Los Santos Riots in 1992 regarding LSPD Officers Frank Tenpenny, Eddie Pulaski, Ralph Pendlebury, and Diego Hernandez!

Remain loyal to Los Santo's original neighborhood names! Bring back every neighborhood from the original rendition! Make it 100% geographically accurate to its real-life counterpart! Show children and animals in CUTSCENES ONLY!!!

Transportation Ideas

  • Transport - Have a fully functioning subway and BUS system that can be used as a real alternative to the car, (In GTA 4, public transport was better, but still unsuitable if for example you did not want to drive a car) - Also make it realistic, so in the densely populated areas there is a fully functioning subway network and plenty of buses that you can catch that go throughout the whole map, So for example 1 central bus station in downtown los santos where the majority of buses call at, In the less densely populated areas of Los Santos for instance the suburbs there should still be a fully funtioning bus network but no subway, and If there are small countryside towns such as Dillimore and Bluberry from GTA SA, there should be a bus there every couple of (Ingame) hours, so that you have to wait at a stop for a while, but In central Los Santos there could be buses every few (Ingame) Minutes so there would be know need to check times, just turn up and go, ALSO to make it easier for people who do not want to drive there could be something in the pause menu like "Map" but called "Transport Map" that shows a route map for the different Bus and Subway Maps, ALSO not only should there be the Bus and Subway for more densely populated areas and shorter routes, but If you were going to travel from somewhere in the south of the map OR say central Los Santos, and wanted to go to a countryside town, Subways would not be available and the Bus would take a long time, SO a proper train line (Brown Streak Railroad) should be available (But only for longer journeys - Max 10-15 Stations on Map) also it should be like the subway system in GTA 4 where your bank balance altomatically gets debitted after a joourney.
  • Cars - Bring back the Huntley Sport (I loved that car) more car variety, GTA 4 got close, but I would still appreciate more car variety especially commercial vehicles as there was not many different commercial vehicles, Make it so if you stop at a red light cars behind you DONT shunt you, it was really annoying to try and be a law abiding citizen in GTA yet get people overtaking you to then stop 5 metres in front of you because you had stopped at a red light,
  • Planes - Bring back aeroplanes and also make it so there is some small island community far off the map so the only way to get there is to either get a plane ticket / Fly a plane,
  • Traffic - Make the number of cars variable, so in a small country road you might only see a car very rarely, but in the center of the city there might be constant congestion and you might be stuck waiting for a traffic light to change more than once as not all traffic gets to go on one traffic light cycle, Also make it so it is actually quicker to use public transport in the more congested areas, to give people a reason to take a subway or bus, Police - Have police involved in car chases and sometimes have a emergency vehicle pull up behind you flashing its lights (Telling you to get out of the way) BUT make it so traffic does not crash into you except very rarely, when there is actually going to be a collision.
  • Tyres - Make it so sometimes VERY VERY occasionely, I mean like once a REAL LIFE Month, a car that you are drivings tyre burst causing you to lose control and crash, make it a random event but make it so rare that it might only happen to someone a couple of times in there whole lifetime of owning the game. GuyB (talk)


  • to be able to attach trucks to trailers *since no one has mentioned about the rigs in gta*
  • diffrent types of rigs such as frightliner mack ect. and diffrent types of trailers*
  • to be able to join a biker gang! like the lost mc or angels of death in gta iv and more clothes choices too*
  • diffrent types of busses like a double decker bus that would be realy cool to see and diffrent types of cars too*
  • to bye diffrent houses*
  • if theres cassinos in the game it would be nice to go in a gamble*
  • to play snooker as well as pool and tunr on light and water on inyour house and to oppriate the garage doors your self*
  • more girls to date online*
  • diffrent type of boats/fishing boats*
  • when driveing on dirt your car/truck will get dirty or dusty like upgrade the dirty cars*
  • to be able to fill your car up with faul and wiper acctivate when it rains*
  • bring back the country western radio station (k-rose)*

  • If the game is in Los Santos and the surrounding areas then they should have all of Red County with the towns, and add some more towns as well. The game should have a wide range of vehicles and I think there should be ferries like in Liberty City Stories and flights like in San Andreas. You should be able to hijack them as well and there should be a garage for aircraft and boats like in Saints Row 2/The Third. Also bring back the APC, Hunter and Buzzard. sharpie14 (talk)

More Ideas...

  • Make it so that weather has an impact on gameplay, for realism purposes (eg. cars slip on the roads on a rainy day, etc).

Also include the following:

  • Make it so that if you gain a three star wanted level or higher, a news van and a news helicopter will follow you and report on your actions.
  • A sports channel (eg. a paradoy of Fox Sports) on the TV, where you can watch sports on.
  • The ability to enter stadiums to watch sports (eg. an American Football game)
  • The ability to visit and watch band concerts (eg. a Love Fist concert).
  • The ability to pick locks to locked cars (to avoid triggering the alarm) and buildings (if their doors are locked)
  • Bring back the robbery side missions.
  • If you murder a cop/civilian stealthily without anyone around, no wanted level is gained. You are able to drag bodies to hiding places.
  • Bring back the helitours, and introduce the ability to hire limos to take you to places, but at the cost of about $600
  • Accessable nightclubs, casinoes, resturants, cafes and stripclubs.
  • The ability to customise your weapons. For example, extending magazines, adding suppressors for stealth kills, adding flashlights, adding sights for increased accuracy, personal weapon camos.
  • When a car's gastank is shot, it explodes instantly.
  • Keep the television. Include news programs updated as the story progresses, and also shows heli footage from your most recent police chase.
  • Cut down on the sexual references. I find nothing wrong with swearing, but sexual references, damn.
  • Add some Soldier of Fortune style gore!
  • Use the Max Payne bullet time thingy.
  • The ability to use people as human shields.
  • Instead of parking spaces, bring back garages on better safehouses. For the top of the range ones, include a helipad and dock to store helis and boats.
  • Destructible environments, to an extent. For example, if you fire a RPG at a building, a chunk is taken out (if it is accessible, you can access it through the hole). People inside are evacuated and construction workers are called in. The building is fixed a few in-game days later.
  • Make windows destructable. No office or apartment window is bulletproof in real life.
  • Bring back interactive fast food outlets, vending machines, and portable food vendors (eg. Hot Dog Van).
  • Bring back assets.

MrLanceVanceDance (talk)

My updates.

  • Gritty, realistic storyline featuring a protagonist who shares the complexity and psychological wounds as Niko Bellic AlexDeLargeisHere (talk)
  • Create a 'Vinewood Public Radio' that is hosted by Maurice Chavez AlexDeLargeisHere (talk)
  • Provide the game with the dark and mysterious atmosphere of GTA III and GTA IV as opposed to the vibrancy of Vice City and San AndreasAlexDeLargeisHere (talk)
  • Provide the game with originality and freshness; an essential aspect of any great Grand Theft Auto game AlexDeLargeisHere (talk)


  • Have two different ways of entering and exiting vehicles. One is you press the enter/exit key or button, a way someone enters the vehicle normally and has no rush. Same as exiting. Has up to a few different animations. The other is you tap the enter/exit key twice. That will make your protagonist enter the vehicle in a hurry, and so does the exit.Originalusername (talk|edits) 19:07, 8 May 2012 (UTC)
  • Indicator options and headlight control.Originalusername (talk|edits) 19:07, 8 May 2012 (UTC)
  • When someone is shot, allow blood to drip or ooze out of the wound.Originalusername (talk|edits) 19:07, 8 May 2012 (UTC)
  • When one moves the body, don't let the blood continue to pool around the spot, let it stop and continue the blood to pool at the new spot the body is at.Originalusername (talk|edits) 19:07, 8 May 2012 (UTC)
  • Speedometer.Originalusername (talk|edits) 19:07, 8 May 2012 (UTC)

My Ideas for GTA V

  • Honestly, I think it would be a great idea if there were destructible buildings, similar to those in Red Faction: Guerrilla, with the same gameplay mechanics taking place if one building is destroyed (such as the building being rebuilt over time, or even a completely new structure being built in its place). And I would also love to have more features from single player implemented into multiplayer, such as buying food to regain health, the ability to rob stores, etc. It would also be great if there was a wanted system that would be a combination of the wanted system of GTA IV, with a search radius and stars, and that of Red Dead Redemption, with a bounty system implemented if the player escapes the chase, where if the player is recognized as a criminal by a pedestrian, (which is not too common, to keep the system easy for the player), the pedestrian will inform the police, and a new search radius is formed in the players general area,if one is not already established. I would love for bicycles to be returned to the series. I would also like a stat system, albeit much simpler than the one used in GTA:SA, with the hunger and heart attack, mechanics removed, and muscle, fat, and sex appeal stats removed, to maintain the characters general, easily recognized physique. It would also be great if the player could dual wield weapons like in Max Payne. And one last thing, BRING BACK VEHICLE MOD SHOPS!!! Tsag13 (talk|edits)
  • Keep the friendship activities,add more sports,tunuing,buy Furniture Electronics and others for house Hyundaifan (talk|edits)

My wants for GTA 5

These are my wants for GTA 5:

  • Animals. I really want dogs and other stuff in the game, like in the trailer! Please add these. I don't mind if they are killable.
  • Return the Chainsaw and the Rhino. The funnest thing after 100% completion was killing people with the Chainsaw and destroying cars with the Rhino. Like in the rhino, instead of it blowing up cars, why not crush them?
  • Have the internet! I don't know if it's been confirmed yet or not but PLEASE return the internet from Grand Theft Auto IV to GTA V.
  • Let us be able to fly from a city to another! That's something I've always wanted in a GTA game. How about we buy a ticket, board a plane to somewhere and wait, say 2 game hours (2 minutes?) if there are other cities. That would be awesome!
  • What i want in gta v is to have all of the features and myths of the original San Andreas but still have the modern day feel to it and please dont add see through people i mean at least add a heart brain maybe some guts to make it intresting and when playing multiplayer please add the robbery in the trailer but do it with friends. Don't make it so that you have to drive every mission (which i find very annoying). Furthermore im kind of tired of going to the airport and gaining a wanted level just because i want to go to hit jumps or get helicopters. Just please Rockstar please give it that Grand Theft Auto classic feel to

It but with more customizable items. Thanx for reading. FAZEBOI23

My GTA V Wishlist (also on Blogger)

  • Okay, I know that most fans of R* are looking forward to the release of Grand Theft Auto 5 and would want new things added into the game, here's my wishlist and if you want, leave your own wishlist in the comments. If anyone knows Sam or Dan Houser's Email account(s), leave it in the comments as well.

Plot: Set GTA V in San Andreas, 2015, where the protagonist, Samuel Buffer, age 22, flies to San Andreas to start a new life and to seek revenge on the people who killed his family on his 18th birthday. He meets his uncle, Daniel Buffer, 52, a member of the Russian mafia, who brings him to the Mafia mansion but is assassinated after Sam does some errands for him, Sam kills the assassin and takes the role of his uncle after his death and swears revenge. From here on out, R* will have to come up with the plot.

Protagonist: Name: Samuel Joseph Buffer

                    Age: 25
                    Gender: Male
                    Height: 1.6m
                    Weight: 50kg
                    Nationality: American
                    Details: Has connections to Russian Mafia via uncle, highly skilled at using weapons and strong. Practitioner of Parkour. Hair and eyes are both brown.

Weapons & Combat: I think GTA V should have quite a number of weapons. Here's my list (names in brackets are generic names and a * means the weapon is used by law enforcement. a + means the weapon is classic) [All weapons have realistic ranges]: Unarmed: Fists, Healing items, Improvised Weapons

Melee: Knife [based off the Buck-184 Buckmaster], Machete, Fire Axe, Nightstick*, Baseball Bat, Sledgehammer.

Handguns: Glock 17* (Light Pistol), Desert Eagle .357 (Combat Pistol), Glock 18* (Automatic Pistol) [Full Auto], AMT AutoMag .44 (Heavy Pistol).

Shotguns: Mossenberg 500* (Pump Shotgun), Remington 11-87* (Combat Shotgun), Stevens Model 311D (Sawn-off Shotgun), AA-12* (Auto Shotgun) [Full Auto].

Sub-machine Guns: Micro-Uzi (Micro SMG) [32 round mag], Uzi (SMG), MP10* (Combat SMG) [No stock], FN P90* (Assault SMG) [No Silencer].

Assault Rifles: AK-47 (Assault Rifle) [40 rounds], M4A1* (Carbine Rifle) [without carry handle like in GTA IV], FN-SCAR-L* (Combat Rifle), M249E2 SAW* (Light Machine Gun).

Sniper Rifles: Remington 700 (Sniper Rifle) [10 round mag], PSG-1 (Combat Sniper), DSR-1 (Advanced Sniper), SIG 552 Scoped* (Automatic Sniper).

Heavy Weapons: RPG-7+ (RPG), Brugger & Thomet GL-06 (Grenade Launcher), M60E2 (Advanced Machine Gun) [150 rounds, after thats gone, weapon is discarded]

Thrown: M26 Frag* (Grenade), Molotov Cocktail, Tear Gas Grenade* [Produces a cloud of tear gas which will make anyone in it cough and lose health, for players, they will just lose health. Effects are removed when the Gas Mask is equipped], Sticky Bomb [GTA TBoGT Style].

Others: Gas Mask* [Removes the Tear Gas's effects on the wearer], NV Goggles* [Allows the wearer to see in the dark], Tactical Vest* [Doubles the wearer's armour], Parachute [GTA TBoGT Style]

You can hide in the shadows and become invisible to NPCs unless they are wearing the NV Goggles, also happens the other way around for other players. The melee system is similar to the GTA IV one but with some differences, you can execute opponents with the knife like in GTA SA.

Sniper Rifles can be used without using the scope. Tapping the 'aim' button will not utilize the scope, holding the 'aim' button for 1 second then releasing it will bring up the scope.

Weapon models will move while reloading (Magazine can be seen taken away and put back, cocking handle, shotgun shells can be seen loaded into gun etc.) / cocking (Bolt or pump moves while cocking)/ firing (all pistols' cocking slide move when firing). Correct reloading animations (hand goes to bolt, not to an invisible one). Shells are ejected from the correct spot (Assault SMG: Under the handgrip. Sawn-off: Not ejected)

You can pick up Improvised Weapons with different types plus they can be holstered: Thrown: The same as GTA IV and can distract people. Melee: Kinda like Bully, use weapon for a while until it breaks. There are a few categories: Short and Blunt (Mallet, Hammer, Wrench, Lead Pipe etc.) , Short and Sharp, (Chisel, Razor Blade, Scalpel, Syringe, Glass Shard etc.), Long and Blunt (Cricket Bat, Shovel, Pole, Golf Club, Umbrella, Broom, Rake, Mop, Walking Stick, Tree Branch etc.), Long and Sharp (Pickaxe, Icepick, Hatchet, Dovetail Saw, Hacksaw, Bonesaw etc.) and tools (Only 2, Crowbar: Opens locked doors and the Pliers: Cuts through wire mesh like fences.). Shields: These function as shields to protect you and can be thrown as a ranged weapon or put down to move it. These include: Pedestrians, wooden boards, trash can, crate, propane tanks, gas cans etc. You can only use one handed weapons while holding a certain shields, others need 2 hands to hold so you cannot use a weapon. Firearms: Some of them aren't even lethal weapons but have longer range than the other Improvised Weapons. There are only a few: Fire Extinguisher, Nailgun and a Paintball Pistol (RAP226), all of which cannot be used by zombies.

Sam knows Parkour and has higher jumps and can traverse over obstacles faster than Niko, Johnny and Luis. He also receives minor damage when falling from 10 feet to 15 feet, past that, he starts losing major health. He can also go prone or crawl under obstacles or through vents respectively. Sam can also do uppercuts, high kicks, roundhouse kicks and sucker punches at will.

One can execute opponents with any weapon like Manhunt 2.

Police: Instead of the 6-star system, have an 8-star system: Caused by a minor offence like hurting someone, a officer will demand a fine of $50 from you. If you don't or can't pay, it will escalate into a 2-star wanted level. In multiplayer, the player has to bribe the cops with $50. Same as GTA IV (1-star) just with an extra offence, pickpocketing and the cops will beat you with nightsticks. Same as GTA IV (2-star). From here on out, a News Maverick will film you. Same as GTA IV (3-star) . Cops bring Carbine Rifles and Combat SMGs along. LMGs are used in helicopters. Same as GTA IV (4-star) . SWAT helicopters come in. Same as GTA IV (5-star). Agents start flying from the skies with parachutes. Same as GTA IV (6-star) . APC is used by SWAT. Homeland Security comes along with automatic weapons, Rhinos and Hunters. Wanted system follows GTA IV's 'radius system'.

Bring back the Good Citizen Bonus.

Just SAPD officers will do. No need for LV/LS/SF and so on.

When one gets arrested, his/her will be jailed for a number of game days, one can serve his/her sentence or breakout. Breakouts involve 3 steps: Escape cell: Kill a guard or anything to get out. Collection: Get to the evidence room and take your stuff. Extraction: Call SHIELD or the Mafia, get extracted via helicopter and get delivered to your (nearest) safehouse.

Vehicles: Keep all vehicles from GTA IV & EFLC including the multiplayer vehicles including the Skylift (with a usable magnet), Police Stinger, Police Buffalo, APC (which can crush vehicles) and Brickade (can seat 4 people and used by millitary).

Add in the Jetski, Dodo, (Sea) Sparrow, Hunter, Rhino but with some changes, Dodo's variant has twin machine guns on it's wings (Fighter), Hunter keeps the ability to auto aim but with crosshairs, the Rhino is based off the M1 Abrams with machine guns and a cannon and crushes vehicles, not blow them up.

Also add in a SWAT chopper, it's basically a Maverick with a heavy machine gun and rockets and can seat 4 people.

Bring back the Hellenbach GT and V8 Ghost.

Sam can open the back of vehicles and take stuff from them, civilian cars can have random stuff, food (for health), drugs or money, Branded vans or trucks can have their products in them, Sam can also go into the back of the vehicle for cover, Police vehicles can have armour, first aid (for health), weapons and ammo, Ambulances can have, first aid kits and adrenaline.

Some vehicles have interiors which can be explored (Train, Bus, Coach etc.)

Helicopters and boats can be saved at certain safehouses.

One can use assault rifles and shotguns from cars if s/he is a passenger

Health & Armour: Pretty much the same as GTA IV but with some differences: Health Total Health: double that of GTA IV, shown as a bar roughly 10 cm long at the bottom left of the screen Food and Drink will make you gain 50% of your total health except meals Adrenaline will slow time down and allow you to dodge bullets First aid kit will heal you fully Sam can also keep healing items, one first-aid kit, 5 Adrenaline pill bottles and one food or drink item. Saving the game (Sleeping) will regenerate all health. Armour Total Armour: same as GTA IV but represented as a bar roughly 5 cm long above the health bar Kevlar Vests will refill your armour SiC Vests double your total armour The player can choose to eat a meal or a takeaway at restaurants. A meal will give the player full health.

When one is 'Wasted', s/he will be sent to the nearest hospital and can keep his/her weapons. World: San Andreas should be slightly smaller, 35 square km but with all the notable areas (desert, forest etc).

Sam also uses a phone for communication and other stuff like in GTA IV.

Saving the game is the same as GTA IV, by sleeping.

Have some references to other GTA games and Manhunt (2).

There should be a 'Realisim' mode where damage is more realistic. One can replay missions after the storyline like in TBoGT. Parts of the world can be destroyed like weak brick walls, weak doors, air vent covers, glass and so on.

There should be an offshore dock that plays some part in the story.

Keep the casinos and nightclubs from LC and SA.

Bring back diving.

Parts of the world will leak toxic gas like in the sewers.

There are safehouses in certain areas so you can save certain vehicles like boats (near docks) and helicopters (with helipads).

Flying Rats are replaced with targets with bullseyes

Small trees (1-2m tall) can be destroyed

Sam can deal drugs like in GTA CW but with only 3 drugs: Coke (Cocaine): Low Cost, Low Risk Brown (Heroin): Medium Cost, Medium Risk Weed (Cannabis): High Cost, High Risk Risk is the chance that an undesirable event will happen (eg. Cop sting, Fake Drugs, Hostile Dealers and so on). Sam can keep the drugs that he currently has in every safehouse

There are a total of 8 safehouses, one in each area (Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas, Red County, Flint County, Bone County, Whetstone and Tierra Robada, not in any order). Each safehouse has a safe to keep drugs and some cash in.

The 1st,2nd and 4th safehouses are average while the 3rd has a helipad, 5th, near the docks, 6th, on an offshore dock, 7th a warehouse (so you can keep more cars, store guns and drugs that you currently have) and the 8th, a mansion with a helipad, dock and warehouse next to it (in order of availability).

Sam can buy 'Empire Buildings' like in GTA VCS. Each building has 3 upgrades: Small Business: Low Income. Medium Venture: Medium Income High Roller: High Income

SHIELD Security: More or less a new feature in the game, a security company that can be hired by the player to defend their Buildings. SHIELD is armed with a large array of weapons to defend their targets

Weapons: Melee: Nightstick, Sledgehammer Handguns: Combat Pistol, Auto Pistol Shotguns: Pump Shotgun, Auto Shotgun SMGs: SMG, Assault SMG Assault Rifles: Assault Rifle, Carbine Rifle, LMG

Guards can be hired to guard Empire Buildings or the player.

Bodyguard role: 2 SHIELD agents will use pistols, shotguns and assault rifles and follow the player, shooting any attackers.

Empire Defenders (all weapons stated are random): 2 SHIELD agents will use melee and pistols. 4 SHIELD agents will use shotguns and SMGs. 6 SHIELD agents will use LMGs and a HMG is on the balcony of your building. Vehicles: SHIELD Sentinel: Heavily armoured Sentinel (Bullet/Explosion/Fire proof, includes glass and tyres) SHIELD Maverick: Heavily armoured Maverick (Same as Sentinel, has mounted minigun) SHIELD Speeder: Heavily armoured Speeder (Same as Sentinel, better handling than most boats)

Music: Have a station dedicated to rap and put in some Eminem, Dr Dre, Ice Cube and 50 Cent.

Cheats: Cheats are entered via phone like GTA IV but more are generic. Here's my list, CbT stands for Can be Toggled, (B) means that achievements will be blocked, the number in the [brackets] is the number to dial for the cheat:

Infinite Health & Armour (CbT) (B) [INF-555-HEAL]: Self-explanatory. Some achievements will be deactivated while cheat is active.

Infinite Ammo (CbT) (B) [GUN-555-AMMO]: Self-explanatory. You still need to reload, though. Again, achievements will be blocked if cheat is active.

Give Weapon Set [GUN-555-????]: Gives a set of weapons to the player.

Wanted up [COP-555-0150]

Wanted down (B) [COP-555-0100]

Spawn Parachute [FLY-555-PARA]

Spawn Gas Mask [GAS-555-SPWN]

Spawn NV Goggles [NTE-555-SPWN]

Spawn Cars: [CAR-555-????]

Spawn Motorbikes: [MBK-555-????]

Spawn Bicycle: [BIK-555-????]

Spawn Boat: [WET-555-????]

Spawn Attack Helicopter [FLY-555-????]

Friend Related [BFF-555-????]

Customize Vehicle [CAR-555-CUST]: Customize vehicle before spawning.

Custom weapon set [GUN-555-CUST]: Customize your weapon set and the weapons in it.

Graphics: Use the RAGE engine again and this time, have chunkier headshots like in Manhunt 2. People can be decapitated and their heads can be used as thrown weapons.

Multiplayer: Put in a zombie mode DLC

Okay, now to the point. First, the story (note: both single player and multiplayer should technically have the same storyline, to keep things simple for the programmers): The survivor/s (Both single player and multiplayer: The player's own multiplayer character) wake up in an apartment in the eastern side of SA, they find some weapons and armour before encountering a zombie. They find a group of more survivors including: Keith, a young field medic. Tony, a veteran chef. Martin, an old man who runs a 24/7 store and Luke, a middle-aged, zombie-hating, gun-touting, trigger-happy redneck. The players have to survive in SA and complete missions for the other characters and finally escape via army helicopter to an offshore dock. Multiplayer mode should also allow a versus mode where players can play as zombies as well.

Now, onto added weapons, again, (brackets) indicate alt names while [brackets] indicate comments Healing Items: Project H.E.A.L [Heals patient at 1 HP per second] Improvised Weapons: Fire Extinguisher [puts out hazardous fires] Melee: Chainsaw [what can I say, no zombie game ain't complete without this] Heavy Weapons: GAU-17 Man-portable (Minigun) [500 rounds of pure destruction] Thrown: Zombie Bait [Kinda like the Zombie Bait in Red Dead's Undead Nightmare, just in a vial, not bottle] Now, for the zombies, all zombies are actually infected. Thus, they can climb ladders and even walls. Normal: Your standard zombie, runs after survivors and claws/bites them, can climb ladders and walls. Can throw it's head for some damage if it cannot reach survivors. Starts with 100 HP. Bulimic: A fat zombie, cannot climb but can unleash a stream of vomit onto the survivors, explodes on death. Vomit will damage survivors and explosion is similar to a grenade. Starts with 50 HP. Jumper: A short strong zombie which can leap long distances. He will knock down survivors and claw them while they are downed, like pushing some ped down and stabbing him to death in GTA IV. Starts with 150 HP. Titan: A massive zombie, standing at 3 meters tall and with arms 6 inches thick, this guy will kill survivors in a few hits. Starts with 500 HP.

Survivors will need to loot bodies, dumpsters, abandoned cars and crates for weapons, ammo, healing items and cash to buy from the 24/7 shop or add to their levels.

Put an 'Cheat' mode which can be toggled by the host, if it is on, all players can use cheats which are already installed in the phone but achievements and ranked money cannot be earned.

Put in a holdout mode where players are against the cops with a stockpile of weapons while on a cargo ship and docks, shipping in some drugs. A Skylift will pick up the containers and ship them off, at points in the game, a Maverick will fly and hover over the helipad at the docks, allowing 2 players to become gunners, a heavy machine gun is mounted on the ship which players can use for extra firepower. Cops will use all means necessary to kill players, they will be at a 6 to 8-star wanted level. Respawn time will be 10 seconds.

Keep everything else from GTA IV's multiplayer including the Rank system

Thats all I can think of right now. Leave your wishlists in the comment section below. I would personally playtest the game's beta if given the chance so please let R* know about this. Teokaijie (talk|edits)

My Humble Idea

  • Let the player hand pick his own crew members like in GTA SA and let them have a ranking and stats system.
  • Show how many kill each crew member earns, and based on that the member can earn ranks and perks like faster shooting rate etc.
  • For something more advanced, the player can swap players to play as any one of his recruited member and upgrade him at his own pace.Era (talk|edits)

--Era (talk|edits) 03:57, 6 September 2012 (UTC)ERa→

My want for gta v...

Ended. Roif456 (talk|edits)

What I wanted in GTA V

  • The weapons could have animations, like the ones in Black Ops or FarCry2 (just examples) SimKivi (talk|edits)

What i want

  • Most importantly bring back KDST with an extended soundtrack,and Tommy "The Nightmare" Smith
 But otherwise, you guys will probably know what you're doing  Derekthedodo (talk|edits)

Emailing and SMS

A Good feature is to being able to write you own emails to other people and have automated responses seem with smsing--SSJJ

Land Rover Discovery 4

Include it please, it's Fantastic off road and on ! Please for the millions of discovery fans Please, thank you -

My Ideas For GTA V

  • I Think we should have more ingame media options. Some of them.
    • Bring back TW@ internet cafes and have a in-game internet, but make it more interactive, let us be able to join social network sites and meet new people for example.
    • Bring back the ability to watch TV shows, add more channels like the a movie channel that plays random in-game movies, add a television show that explains the history of Los Santos, it could be called "A History of Los Santos" and make it based on Los Angeles's history.
    • Add more abilities to the mobile phone, eg. Have a video option which allows you to record in-game videos, download apps like on an Iphone, and order services (eg. Pizza deliver that sends pizza to the player's house).

Other Ideas

  • Have a working subway and bus system, have bus stops and make it so the player and NPCs can get into the bus as passengers like pedestrians in GTA 2, there should also be a terminal inside the bus that tells us where the player is going, like taxis in GTA IV.
  • Bring back the ability to date girlfriends like in GTA IV and GTA San Andreas.
  • Bring back interactive fast food outlets, street vendors, and vending machines. The fast food chains also could have an interactive drive-thru that both the player and NPCs can use.
  • The ability to move and hide dead NPC bodies so the player doesn't get a wanted level when murdering someone, you could give hide them in the truck of a car.
  • Destructible buildings, eg. After a few in-game days the game well crate a random fire on any building the player can go inside, people inside evacuate and a few minutes later, fireman along with paramedics arrive, the fireman well put out the fire while the paramedics well make sure everybody is not hurt. The building well then be closed due to smoke damage, then the building well re-open after a few in-game days.
  • The police should put wanted posters around Los Santos if the player escapes a one star wanted level, any pedestrian that reads it well now know who the player is and what he looks like and what clothes he wears, any pedestrian who sees the player after this well call the police to report that they have seen him, the only way to stop this is to change the player's clothing.
  • Add more actives to do with friends, (eg. Watch a sports game in a stadium, do drive-by shootings on enemy gangs, etc.).
  • There should be two new cheats also.

[CASH-555-????]: Gives the player more money, say somewhere around $100-$200. [TIME-555-????]: Advances the game one hour. Debolars (talk|edits)Jacob

More Ideas for GTA V

  • The ability to stay at hotels, for a fee of course, the fee depends how fancy the hotel is (eg. hotels like Gateway motel in GTA San Andreas should cost $5 while more upscale hotels should cost somewhere between $40 to $80).
  • ability to have parties at the player's houses, parties can be started via by calling a friend on the player's cell phone. A few suggestions for the types of parties the player can host, features, and what the player can do with them.
    • Dinner party - Player can choose what meal to serve at the party, or they can let there guests bring there foods, the player is also able to talk to the guests while eating.
    • Dance party - Player is able to choose what music to play and how loud it is, there should also be a noise meter like in the "Burglar" mission in GTA San Andreas, if thee meter gets all the way to the top, neighbors report the noise, when the police get there they shut down the party.
    • Pool party - All guests are in swimsuit and well randomly jump into the pool and swim there, there is also a barbecue near the end of the party (this party is unavailable if non of the player's houses has a swimming pool.
    • Housewarming party - (only available if the player gets a new house, expires after 7 in-game days)

The player is able to alter when the party starts, ends, and which friends to invite on the player's cell phone after calling one friend about the party, there well also be other guests, though these guests are non-storyline characters.

  • For muliplayer, a option which allows the host to allow cheats on the server or not, if cheats are on on a mode other then freedom modes, money and ranking well not be earned.
  • Bodyguard options: The player is able to fire bodyguards on the phone, they are armed with pistols, shotguns, and shields. They well fallow the player, getting into any car the player goes into, and attack any attacker, even police officers.
  • Realistic police punishments: eg. If the player commits a minor crime (eg. crashing into a police car, doing reckless driving) the police well give the player a fine, the fine can cost somewhere between $2500-$5000. If the player commits a serious crime (murdering someone, not paying the fine and running away) the police well do the good old try and arrest the player, if the player isn't arrested they well then try and kill they player, there are two level of that, level 1, 2, 3, and 4 . In level one the police well shoot the player with pistols, at level 2 the police well use machine guns, at level 3 NOOSE well start crashing the player, and at level 4 the FIB well crash the player.
  • Have a Zombie DLC make it have both a single-player and a muliplayer mode.

The plot for the single-player story: the survivors: Michael, Trevor, Franklin, and the player's mulitplayer character all wake up in a hotel in East Los Santos. They all grab weapons in the hotel room and go outside, they soon discover that Los Santos has been infected with a plague that turns most human beings and land animals who come in contact with it into zombies. The four then going and take shelter in a 24/7 after fighting there way though a crowd of zombies, they soon find out that somebody else as taken shelter in the 27/7. Bill, a middle-aged man who has some hunting experience, after they meet he tells the survivors that the reason why the plague has infected them is because they, including Bill, are carriers of the plague. Meaning that the plague is in there immune system but the virus isn't doing anything to them, due to this, they put danger to any non-infected person who isn't a carrier. He then tells the survivors that there is a care to stop the plague, there is a monster called "Randomia", a toll who controls how the plague moves, the symptoms of the plague, and who cannot become infected and instead, become carriers. Bill says that he lives somewhere deep in the mass grave in Bone County he says that if Romdomia is killed all the people infected, turn back into normal people can that the world turns back to the way it was in the past, the carriers of the plague become normal again, and everybody besides the carriers well have no idea what happened to them before the plague. So then the survivors get some more ammo for there guns and head off for there long dangerous quest to kill "Randomia", what happens after this is up to R*.

Muliplayer: Some modes and suggests for muliplayer if there is a (P) near the mode that means that players are allowed to play as the infected side in that mode, modes; Survival - a traditional survival mode, the goal is to survive for as long as possible, One for all - it's every survivor for himself! Can you survive without your buddies? Zombie rush (P) - A crowd of zombies is blocking your gateway! so there's only one choice, rampage them! Gas rush (P) - You found a gateway car, only to discover that the car has no gas inside of it! You must find the gas tanks, but beware, they're waiting for you... Survival infection (P) - A variant of survival mode, only human players are collecting the infected now... Infected Race (P) - You and your friends decide to have a race for fun, little did you know that the infected were waiting for you...

Infected: Now, for the infected, the infected can climb ladders, but cannot open doors, thus they have to wait to break down the door. There are four zombies that are seen, the players are allowed to play as all of them in modes that allow the player to play as a infected.

-Common: A normal zombie, when seeing a survivor they attack on them by clawing them, can climb ladder, has a maximum health of 30 HP. -The Vomit healer: A overwight zombie, he can vomit on fellow infected to heal them, if used on survivors however it stuns them similar to a smoke grenade, making them unable to see, starts with 50 HP. -Controller: A short strong zombie, seems harmless at just a glance, though can jump onto survivors can 'control' them, making them move in any place, the only way to stop is by killing him, starts at 150 HP. -The Rhino: A huge, very strong zombie, can throw rocks and cars at survivors as well as pushing them. One hit can drain 40% of the survivor's health, starts at 600 HP, unlike the other infected the vomit healer cannot heal him.

More Ideas

  • Ability to search for Odd jobs (eg. moving the lawn at a house) for money, in case Rockstar declines the money cheat.
  • Ability to get food from a refrigerator like in Mafia 2 for free food.
  • Bring back Taxi rides, but bring the ability to hire a limbo that dose the same thing as taxis, though the trip costs $400 no matter how long it is. There should also be a bar, some strip dancers that the player can interact with, and a built-in interactive TV all inside the limbo.
  • Have interactive vehicle shops where the player can buy vehicles instead of having to steal them. The shops should also have a random "discount day" in which all vehicles in the shop are %40 or %60 off for the whole day, the player can be notified of these "discount days" by television, radio, or the shop's main page on the internet.
  • Interactive banks and more ATM options (eg. being able to withdraw or deposit money from them).
  • A radio app for the player mobile phone that allows the player to listen to the radio when not in a car.
  • Ability to pickpocket from pedestrians, if the pedestrian catches the player the pedestrian calls the police and the player gets a one star on there wanted level.
  • Realistic injure behaviors for the player and NPCs. eg. if the player or an NPC is shot in the knee they well be unable to walk and only be able to crawl, if the player or NPC is shot but not killed they well be unable to sprint and instead only walk slowly. When near death the player or NPC well breath heavily.
  • Ability to take a hooker home and have sex in bed, with the sex seances unseeen like in version two of GTA San Andreas withoit the "Hot Coffee Mod" to prevent controversy.
Debolars (talk|edits)Jacob

What Should be in GTA V

  • Cats, I mean, if dogs are going to be in GTA V we should also have cats!
  • Ability to crate and run your own casino, if Las Ventras is going to make a return.
  • Children and teenagers, make it so the player cannot aim a gun at them, and that gang members don't shot them.
  • Natural disasters (eg. Tsunamis, Hurricanes, Tornadoes) the game well crate one randomly, during the time there is a Weather Watch on the TV and radio that there may be a Natural disaster, a few in-game hours later another recording saying that there is a Weather warning, the bridges and airports are shut down but nothing if it is a hurricane, instead people well flee the city, and the disaster begins.
  • Ability to sit down at benches, I mean, if pedestrians can do the player should to!
  • Ability to enter police stations, if the player isn't wear the cop outfit they player earns a two star wanted level.
  • Ability to ride in commercial planes as a passenger and travel to different city like in GTA San Andreas, but make it more realistic. Instead of being in the cockpit of the plane be in the cabin part of the plane, have in-fight meals that flight attendants serve some options for food are; TV dinners, sandwich, and kids' meals, and have an in-flight video entertainment that the player can watch. Debolars (talk|edits)Jacob
  • allow the player to use the gas station like in Mafia II, wanted level at cars and clothes to force the player to change the car or the clothes JakeKendall95 (talk|edits)


  • realism is a huge topic when talking about GTA. Since GTA SA, we've all seen how Grand Theft Auto has evolved. I love San Andreas and I play it frequently. But there are some things I wanna see in the upcoming release of GTA 5:

- the ability to use a turn signal: do something like test drive unlimited 2 did with the D-pad - headlight functionality: more than just just high beam/low beam as in GTA 4, I wanna see see fog-lights option and parking light function - cop cars: everybody loves cop cars. I wanna see what NFS hot pursuit did in their 2010 release with the "warning flash" of the lights - I wanna see the ability to customize headlight color - have the ability to make any car a cop car in the game - realistic handling of the cars; please rid of the unrealistic extreme body roll as if these cars had no sway bars (most of us are anal about that) - a cockpit view? It'd be nice, you know. Something like Forza style or even TDU2 style - daytime running lights option as well would be nice - LED running lights too (something like Audi and Mercedes have) - BMW style halo ldaytime running lights - here's a huge that everyone will like: a manual shifting option is a must! - the ability to place police lights on non police vehicles and to paint police vehicles - a speedometer and tachometer - steering wheel compatibility I get that most of these were already suggested/wished for, but I want to elaborate more on what they should be specifically. I hope that in the final stretch before the big release date, Rockstar games looks over this page and does some final "retouching" if you will. I think I speak for everyone here when I say that we can only hope that Rockstar Games is reading and listening to us, their devoted fans.Appl3h4ck3r (talk|edits) 04:15, 18 July 2013 (BST)

My Ideas

  • Alright, so, here are my ideas for GTA V.
  • Better NPC Interaction Sometimes, random pedestrians aren't that realistic. I want their conversations to make sense, like, for example:

Random NPC: "Hey, dude, you hear about that one heist?" Random NPC 2: "Yeah man, I'm glad I use San Andreas First National." Random NPC: "So, how's the family, anyway?" etc. etc.

  • Other Criminals I remember, sometimes, in San Andreas, I parked my car outside Cluckin' Bell. When I came out, it was being driven away. I like that, it makes me feel like I'm not the one thief in the entire state. On the topic of cars, maybe sometimes your car can get towed and such. I heard about when you lose your car it goes to the impound. That's cool.
  • More Realistic Police I'd rather have it where it didn't feel like there's always a cop 10 feet away from me at all times. Make it so the cops are more evenly spread out and such. Like that one guy said, that you only get wanted when a cop sees you.
  • Truckin! Yep, I want truckin' back. I love driving tankers everywhere and stuff. 'Nuff said. Spiritcrusher77 (talk|edits)
  • Dubstep. No exposé of party-hard, drug addled Californian roughnecks would be complete without at least 20 minutes worth of dubstep. Kyleneu (talk|edits)
  • Firstly , I want more strip clubs to be accesible.
  • Secondly , I want police mod in game.
  • More over , it would be fine to download music for your phone.
  • Finally i would like to return the dating system as it was in GTA IV. Vassilis pyrgos (talk|edits)

My wishlist for gta 6:1.brand new phones 2.New music like:ICP,Twiztid,Slipknot,Dark Lotus,ect.3. Faygo soda(All flavors)4.more animals 5.martial arts.6. face paint.

please add the vehicle mod!!!!!!

  • hello there i was hoping you would consider adding swangas to the mod list for vehicles. swangas are rims that are from texas if you need pictures to see what they are you can visit it would really mean alot to me and the rest of houston if yall would add this to your game. thanks for your time. Htown713 (talk|edits)

add this car!!!!

  • i was hoiping that yall could consider add a version of the chrysler 300, its one of my favorite cars and it would be rad if i could get it in the game. i know you have the buffalo but its not the same. Htown713 (talk|edits)

My GTA V Wishlist

I'm not 100% sure these haven't been said because the list is so long.

Diesel Conversions - Convert any car / truck to diesel for more power & the ability to 'roll coal'

Engine Swaps - Swap a racecar engine in a sedan to make a sleeper car or put some American V8 muscle in a ricer.

Manual Transmissions - I'm tired of offroading and having it shift and then start going back down the mountain.

Bring back some cars - Blista Compact, Vapid Uranus, Roman's Taxi

GTA IV Stuff - Add food stores & more buildings you can walk through, hotdog vendors, peanut stands, more vendors,Russian clothes

Weapons - Pipe wrench, fire extinguisher, flamethrower

Clothes - Green Casuals, Russian clothes like GTA IV, gas mask, ski mask

GTA Online - Tow truck, snow cars, forklists, animals, taser

Travel - Go to airport to travel to liberty city and north yankton

Preset Radio Station - You get into a car and it automatically changes to the channel you set.

NPC Drivers - Make them better drivers. Most stop in the middle of an intersection or act like they got their license off of a cereal box.

Bulletproof Windows - I'm tired of dying when i spent over 25k on 100% armor that doesn't do squat.


  • My suggestion is that the fighter jets in gta 5 online have eject option.When the player ejects himself from the jet a he should be sitting on the seat and a parachute should pop out to help him land safely Popcorn23 (talk|edits)

Ideal add ons

As good as GTAV is I've gotten bored of the narrow selections of military items and exotic things that are in the game. For this I've look around and talked with people and came up with the following most wanted items.

  • A Vtol *
  • A ACP WITH OPITION of minigun, 40mm grenade launcher, heavy machine gun, or 65mm anti armorer turret.*
  • A Attack heli with, 20mm cannon, 40mm grenade launcher, and multi lock on missiles.*
  • Military 4x4 truck with either, minigun, or anti armorer missile launcher.*
  • Heavily armoured Troop transport.*
  • A Large yacht that the players can buy and use as houses*
  • Multi person attack sub that hides the player and has 4front and back torpedo as a armament. *
  • heavily armed pt boat with torpedo and a 50 cal. on the front.*
  • Chinook Helicopter look a like.*
  • Stealth Fighter jet with 25mm machine gun, and 4 missile yield.*
  • 50. cal machine gun hand held*
  • Lamborghini inspired look a likes.*
  • Ferrari inspired look a likes.*
  • A car that can beat the adder in a race like the venom.*
  • A super car with semi off road capabilities.*
  • A Pack of classic car look a likes.*
  • A amphibious car*
  • v-22 osprey look a like*

These are the most wanted items so I hope you put in a least 50% of them.

Antique Vehicles

  • Could you guys please put more antique vehicles in the game??? like the model T Ford!!!! Would really appreciate it!!!

ZaneS147 (talk|edits)

Money Transactions

  • I think there should be a way to make transactions between players and maybe an auction house? Craigomate (talk|edits)

GTA V wishlist for future update

  • 1. Flight suit with deployable flaps/wings like from the movie How to train your dragon 2

2. A much more maneuverable and faster version of the jetpack. 3. Roller skates 4. Cheat codes from San Andreas 5. Zombie survival mode 6. Ability to steal people's clothes and maybe join up with the cops/fire dep/paramedics 7. A level cap on who can host the heists so people wont have trouble getting crew member and can actually feel more like a leader. 8. "add friend" and "invite to party" options in the phone contacts 9. Gyms, ability to develop muscles and learn fighting techniques like San Andreas 10. Realistic traffic, accidents occurring around the city, cars overtaking other cars and driving at different speeds, breaking signals, etc 11. Grapple equipment to climb and buildings and move from one rooftop to another and maybe dragging people behind your moving car 12. Flyboards 13. Turning indicators in vehicles 14. Riding horses in the desert 15. 3 player Co-op story mode 16. Damaging environment like trees and buildings and roads like when you crash an airplane into the building it damages it realistically for that session only. 17. Weaponizing objects like pens, stones, beer bottles, etc 18. Crawling and crouching 19. Dating, ability to have boyfriend(s)/girlfriend(s) 20. Realistic pedestrians, drug deals taking place in alleys, major crimes taking place around the city like serial killings and you hear about them on the radio and there's actually a serial killer, ability to better interacting options like stalking, mugging, kidnapping, having a conversation, using human sheilds and hostages to evade cops 21. More enterable buildings like malls, restaurants, shops, car showrooms, nightclubs 22. Realistic cops that dont try to kill you for the littlest things and give out tickets, yelling pull over, asking for license and registration (that we will have on us) 23. Better hand to hand combat with more finesse and technique 24. Better vehicle customizing options. 25. Climbing trees 26. An island 27. High end apartments with helipads accessible through the lift 28. Free resprays available in the apartment garage thorough the garage management option where there's a small room 29. Enhanced stealth, ability to hide in the dark, camouflage in bushes, maybe just show general location and not the gamertag above your head so you can blend in 30. better in-game chatting, ability to call other players, conference calling, radio frequencies maybe 31. Pedestrians having actually somewhere to go 32. Bring back the ninja sword 33. Enhanced free running and climbing and parkouring abilities with more finesse, 34. Better options for cops evading like changing cars, abandoning cars, equip clothing items from inventory like jackets, hats. 35. Kids! Seriously! Where are all the kids! 36. Dual wielding weapons 37. Get treated like a citizen. Shouldn't always be your fault. 38. GPS track moving objects 39. Enhanced realistic blood and gore effects not just a red spot. 40. Nitro cars 41. Big airplane that carries cars! (i just want to do the stunt from fast n furious 7) 42. Other players can listen the radio conversations during car chases 43. Variety of phones, freedom to choose. 44. Cops shouldn't always just know who committed the crime 45. Go karts, formula race cars 46. Nudity and sex 47. Starting a family? 48. Better soundtrack with new latest music NotnotRaj (talk|edits)

GTA 5 suggestions

Suggestions for the GTA 6 game: 1. Add customizable/DIY yatch. You can add or remove certain features to your yatch and it will tell you the cost of your yatch and then you buy it. 2. Add more than one time period(e.g. 1970s) to the game. As you progress through the game, the time period will change, giving you access to more things. e.g. 1960 and then once you do some missions 1970s, and then as you do more missions, 1980s. You can also 'time travel' between each period. 3. Ability to have unlimited buildings. 4. Have a whole country map with all of the cities from the whole GTA francise and some more. 5. Choose what the character can say in the cut scenes 6. Ability to rent things 7. Play other side of the law+play all kinds of different jobs (e.g. teacher, pilot) and get paid for doing the jobs. 8. Switches and key cards to get into certain places 9. Include GTA version of app store and the play store for the computer and phones. 10. Player generated website. No coding required. The poeple on the server in GTA 6 online(if they even have one) can then see your website. 11. More vehicles 12. Have all kinds of public transportation e.g. bus, plane, cruise etc.

Suggestion about gameplay

  • I would really love that GTA V became a kind of mix of The Sims 4 with Second Life. Explaining that: I'd love to customize my apartment, but not like the way it is, but really buying single furniture and placing wherever i want, taking care of our character needs, buing food, cook in our home, objects with cool interactions in our apartment so its interesting to bring friends and throw parties or just chill there. It would be really awesome to combine these gameplays with the actual content of the game, also making money without blowing up the whole map, like regular jobs to make money would be interesting too. Hope you guys think about it and make this even better, thanx! Mortax (talk|edits)