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This is the official Grand Theft Wiki wishlist for the next GTA game after GTA IV.

Please do not repeat other people's suggestions, or say "that was a good idea". Also, no silly/stupid/idiotic/explicit/racist suggestions either.

How To Suggest

  1. Make sure your suggestion hasn't already been suggested
  2. Every different suggestion should have its own entry
  3. Start a new line with an asterisk (*), write your suggestion, then add your name with THREE tildes ( - ~~~)

Suggestions for GTA 5

  • Have it set in London - Gboyers talk
  • Bring back planes - Gboyers talk
  • More countryside on top of the larger cities - Gboyers talk
  • Finish every room of every building and make them all accessible. GuildKnightTalk2me
  • Have it wset in Manchester intead of the Portland El you could have thr metrolink Chip2007
  • Before riding on a train make the player by a ticket Chip2007
  • Have it set in Vice City or San Andreas to know CJ's or Tommy's fate. All other cities were already taken from other games not from the GTA series (e.g. London is already taken by The Getaway, Carcer City already took place in Manhunt - MetaCracken
  • Please for heaven's sake get rid of those oh so annoying indestructible smalls trees that line roads and other objects that you expect to be destructible but aren't. - NaT
  • Have it take place somewhere in the midwest, like Chicago. F5R8Pyro