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This is the Grand Theft Wiki wishlist for Grand Theft Auto V - the next Grand Theft Auto game after GTA IV.

Please do not repeat or respond to other people's suggestions. Also, no silly/stupid/idiotic/explicit/racist suggestions either.

Please note this is not an official Rockstar Games website, although we know they do sometimes read these wishlists.

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Suggestions for GTA 5

For previous suggestions, see archive1, archive2, archive3, archive4, archive5, archive6, archive7, archive8, archive9, archive10, archive11, archive12.

Make it a lot more "criminalised"

  • Instead of just walking into a gun store to buy weapons, you have to make connections with arms dealers across the world and wait on the weapon(s) to be smuggled to the city, which would take any number of in-game days or hours.
  • The ability to mug people or loot their bodies. Eg. threatening them at gunpoint to hand over their wallet, or stealing their wallet once their dead.
  • Crime scenes are alot more sophisticated. Instead of killing someone in cold blood and an ambulance arrives, a CSI team should arrive and tape the area off for a few in-game hours or days. On the scene of a big police shootout, there should be news helicopters broadcasting it and ambulances should try and reach the scene.
  • Shop robberies and bank heists. After a robbery or heist, the shop or bank should close for a set time period and then re-open, but with say a police squad scouting it and less cash in the safe or till.
  • More serious injuries. Instead of getting shot and being to fully walk and sprint around like in previous games, the character should limp and clutch his wounds and his movement will be slower/strained. He has to go to the hospital or private doctor to get fixed up.
  • Multiplayer should be more RPG-based. Have the features listed above in multiplayer, allowing players to work together, form criminal gangs and feel less obliged to shoot at another player except for in deathmatch-styled modes. Face.
GTA San Andreas Stories
  • Before making GTA5, I feel that Rock Star North should back up a step into the GTA3 era again and create the long-wanted GTA San Andreas Stories. "The Introduction" in the PS2 special edition of GTA San Andreas was not enough to tell us how Brian died, what kind of people Brian and Beverly were, and why C.R.A.S.H. was picking on the Johnsons in particular. The protagonist in San Andreas Stories should be none other than Brian. I also think that, for the first time in a GTA game, the story should shift from one protagonist to another. The game should start out with Brian as the Protagonist, and then the protagonicy should be shifted to Sweet in the events of Brian's death and CJ's exile. Sweet should kill Big Devil and Little Devil for betraying the Grove just as Carl revenges on Ryder and Smoke for their betrayal. Officer Pendelbury should also be a member of C.R.A.S.H. and Hernandez a cop who gives a couple missions. There should also be the oppurtunity to rob houses again, have the character customization for Brian like on CJ in San Andreas, and have Hot Coffee returned for another round. That is all I have to say. I hope you take into consideration what I took the time to write.GrandTheftAuto1996
  • I feel that's a great idea, however, how can we play if Brian's dead. Unless you are thinking of setting the story before Brian died, that would be fantastic! They could twist the story up a little so we learn more about the unknown. Rockstar should use the map of San Andreas (with a bit more) again though with the new RAGE engine! Imagine that. I feel Vice City would come next though, then San Andreas. San Andreas was unboubtedly my favourite GTA. Montario 19:11, 19 January 2011 (UTC)
  • I have been a gta fan from the start.... I will be very happy to see my opinions have been taken in consideration...
  • there are more than 1 suggestion so i will suggest them in points..
**The first and the most important suggestion is that plz dont neglect pc users...the last game gta 4 required very high grade system to run it.. SO plz gta 5 should be in evry1's reach....
**The driving system of npc's should be made more realistic especially the taxi driver..
**There should be some mission where the other person drives and we shoot..(there were none of this kind in gta 4)  Prohvet1Prohvet1
  • Dear GrandTheftWiki,I was really trying to say this to get this idea off of my mind, i know all of the ROCKSTAR and GTA player will surely love this, all the people and I wud LOVE to have a new GTA SAN ANDREAS be created.I hope you guys read this, i really miss SAN ANDREAS and i hope you guys would make one for ps3,Xbox 360, please! that game was such a HUGE hit when i was younger! i loved it! i couldn't stop playing it! i have to say the truth, i bet most of the people would enjoy another san andreas to bring back some gaming memories, i hope you read this and make it happen, THANK YOU Phantom 831
  • That's a great idea - although imo, the protagonist shouldn't change, you should play as Sweet the whole game. And since Sweet told CJ "Little devil's buried over there, and BIG devil's buried over there" not saying anything about how they betrayed gsf, I don't think they should be bad guys , they could, however, play big roles in san andreas stories, and become loved characters and then die. GabZonY
  • Having gta V set in London is a great idea, although i think R* should keep parodizing cities and locations and monuments and such, just like liberty city = New york, Las venturas = Las Vegas and so on, so if the next gta game should be set in London, they should call London something else then London. GabZonY
  • Ok, so heres my idea. Be able to hijack planes. Like board the plane and be able to walk around it (with passengers on it) and like walk up to the pilot and kill him. Or even, like, when your driving,be able to leave the controls and walk around LOL. Autopilot would be cool though. Make this the same for buses and trains. Also, not a cinematic view on them. Be able to move around them.
  • Be able to fly to Carcer City, Anywhere City, Vice City, Liberty City and San Andreas
  • Don't be a previous character, they've all had their time. RockyRob
  • Be able to get haircuts, and have to take care of yourself like in GTA San Andreas (Fat, Muscle etc).
  • Hot Coffee mode
  • Bring back Vigilante, Paramedic, Fire Fighter, Taxi and Garbage Missions.
  • Better Cheats (Like San Andreas)
  • LONG Story
  • Be able to form gangs like in San Andreas.
  • REALLY funny Easter Eggs. RockyRob
  • Still be able to save cheats on your phone again, but for gods sake, do not make you hang up the phone if you get shot, punched or get into a car. Explosions and Falling I can understand

  • I think they should have different weather conditions. Snowing, Tornadoes, Really Strong Winds (Hurricanes), Lightning that actually hits things. And also some natural hazards would be cool. Like: Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis etc... Khan1998stevewhite


Instead of an entirely metro and building full enviroment. The next GTA game should feature more natural surroundings in certain areas of the map. Like GTA san andreas had towering citys and small towns, but also had a huge desert and country side's.

GTA V = Grand Theft Auto: Los Santos

  • For GTA V, they should have it based in Los Santos, not the whole state of San Andreas but just Los Santos and call it Grand Theft Auto: Los Santos. Number 1 because it opens up other oppurtunites for other games, (eg. GTA: San Fierro or GTA: Las Venturas) in the future. It would also be great if they connected the previous GTA:SA game with the new GTA:LS (or whatever it will be) game and have some continuity. Eg. Have the protagonist the grown-up son of Kendl Johnson and Cesar Vialpando who is the new leader of the Varrios Los Aztecas. Keep the original GTA:SA gangs but also add new ones. And keep many of the same characters, an older Cesar and Kendl as parents and and older CJ and Sweet, who have passed on the leadership of Grove Street Families to their sons. The game should also include the freedom of customising cars and the player like in GTA:SA. HookeyRox
  • I think it'd be very funny if, on the in-game televesion, there were a couple spoofs of reality shows like Jersey Shore or Teen Mom, something like that would be hilarious. I'd also like if they toned down on the realism a bit, I know that's R*'s aim, but I find the game less enjoyable that way MGMTGTA 06:00, 30 January 2011 (UTC)
  • be able to enter in game competitions and win new cars/money, etc Sharpie14
  • To be compatible with different operating systems e.g. Windows, Macintosh, PS3, XBox etc. KRTeddy

My Suggestions

  • The next location should either be: Vice City, re-modeled. The State of San Andreas (bigger and better), or a new fresh start. I would definitely like Chicago, maybe Seattle, or possibly a foreign country. I would definitely like it in Mexico City, or maybe Vancouver. But if the series is going foreign, keep it in North America. Else it wouldn't be GTA. The Bay Area (SF, Oakland, San Jose) would also be nice.
  • A major improvement would be gas stations. Gas stations need a use. GTA fans have been asking for a Gas meter to be added for years now yet you have ignored us all.
  • Maybe, just maybe, an Asian protagonist. GTA have done every ethnicity but not Asian. Maybe a Native American.
  • Buy houses!
  • I think a major improvement would be the number of people in one area. For example, in Downtown it should be filled with businessmen and women, while in Residential areas, it should almost be a ghost town, with the exception of a few people taking a stroll, a guy mowing his lawn or even some kids playing in the area.
  • It makes no sense that when you call 911 paramedics do not see the patient.
  • Vigilante needs to be improved. Normally cops don't kill criminals. The nightstick should be re-introduced, but only as a defense weapon. There should be more crimes to stop, like car-jackings to drunks to simply a speeder on the highway. If it's a speeder, we should give a ticket, while if its a drunk, we cuff them and send them to the slammer.

Kanzler31 06:23, 13 February 2011 (UTC)

  • Here is something that really annoyed me in GTA IV. Highway speeds. When you enter a highway, the speed is just like as if you were on a suburban road. That should be changed. When on a highway, motorists must change speed and go at least 60-70 MPH.
  • I don't know if this infringes copyright or anything, but I think GTA should have the Interstate sign on highway signs, just to add a little more detail, and may also help marking a specific location.
  • Speaking of small details, maybe add street signs with street names on them.
  • Convenience stores should serve a use. We should be able to buy beer (just as a little extra) or maybe snacks that will fill up a little health.
  • I don't know if anyone is fond of this, but maybe, just maybe, add a supermarket in the game were the person can buy food and put it in their refrigerator. I know, bad idea, but it might be helpful if you just don't feel like spending 8 dollars at a Burger Shot.
  • AIRPLANES! If there is going to be more than 1 city like in San Andreas, we should have access to planes!
  • Customization is something lacking. In GTA San Andreas, you had a variety of hairstyles and could even change the hair color (sort of) and had a full customization of clothes. This is the area Rockstar needs to improve. We should have colors of different clothes, and tattoos and barber shops with the ability to change hair color and style.

Kanzler31 19:25, 13 February 2011 (UTC)

  • Everyone seems to want GTA SAN ANDREAS except with the RAGE engine GTA IV had. I definitely want this too. One minor thing must be changed. I think the mission "Saint Mark's Bistro" should be changed to "Drusilla's Shootout" and instead of killing the forelli don, it should be killing an Ancelotti don and chasing him through the streets of Algonquin.

Kanzler31 19:34, 13 February 2011 (UTC)


  • Wow, I have a lot of ideas for GTA 5, so here goes.

-Add a "Realism" option in the Pause menu. This would change the game so...

    • Cops pursue you for minor infringements (ie. speeding, driving on the sidewalk/wrong side, causing accidents etc.)
    • You die easier (ie. armor gone in two pistol shots, health the same)
    • When hit in the head, character dies instantly.
    • Body armor is only deducted if hit in the chest.
    • When hit in the leg, player falls over and limps for a while after getting up.
    • When near death, player movement is reduced. Player clutches bullet wound and is only able to fire a sidearm one-handed.
    • Limited weapon/ammo supply. Player can only carry pistol/Micro-Uzi and small shotgun in their jacket and will have to find a holster to carry weapons such as Assualt rifles, but at the risk of a wanted level for carrying a weapon in public).

-Change the wanted level to accommodate 8 stars.

    • 1 Star: Acquired by hitting a police vehicle (plus the other stuff in realism mode). Police attempt to pull you over to fine you. You may drive away to increase to 2 stars, pull over, wait until the cop is out of his car then drive off (as in MC:LA; also increase to two stars) or pay the fine.
    • 2 Stars: Acquired by resisting arrest, carrying a weapon in public (realism), assaulting a ped, hit and run, fighting etc. Police try to arrest you and threaten you with tasers, pepper spray and nightsticks. You may still resist arrest (on foot and in vehicle).
    • 3 Stars: Acquired by assaulting an officer (melee), resisting arrest at 2 stars, or continuing to perform 2 star crimes. Police try to detain you with non-lethal weapons. Tasers and pepper spray restrict player movement, preventing you from resisting arrest.
    • 4 Stars: Acquired by pointing a firearm at a police officer, firing a weapon in public, murdering a civilian or commiting more crimes. Police Officers now shoot to kill. Police chopper follows, but no gunners. News Chopper also follows to record footage for you to watch on TV after the chase.
    • 5 Stars: Acquired by injuring/murdering a police officer. NOOSE now joins the chase. Helicopter has gunners on now.
    • 6 Stars: Acquired by committing more crimes. FIB join in. 2 helis now.
    • 7 Stars: Law Enforcement quit, and The National Guard try to kill you now.
    • 8 Stars: Civilians are evacuated from your general area, and the Army sends in a Tactical Air Strike on your location. Only acquired by committing multiple terrorist acts on landmarks.


-Melee Weapons:

    • Knife
    • Baseball Bat
    • Broken off pool cue (TLAD style)
    • Screwdriver
    • Meat Cleaver
    • Katana
    • CHAINSAW!!!
    • Brass Knuckles
    • Hammer
    • Golf Club
    • Nightstick
    • Machete


    • Glock 18
    • Desert Eagle
    • Beretta 92FS
    • Colt. 45
    • M9
    • H&K USP
    • Walther P99
    • Colt Python.357
    • 44 Automag
    • 44. Magnum
    • CZ-75 Full-Auto


    • Micro-Uzi
    • Uzi
    • SW MP-10
    • MP5
    • MP7
    • UMP


    • Ithaca Model 37 Stakeout
    • Remington 870
    • SPAS-12
    • Sawn-Off Shotgun
    • AA-12
    • DAO-12 Streetsweeper
    • M3
    • Serbu Super Shorty

-Assualt Rifles:

    • AK-47
    • M4
    • M249 SAW
    • G36
    • AK-74
    • SCAR-L
    • FAL

-Sniper Rifles:

    • Remington 700
    • PSG1
    • DSR1
    • Barrett M82
    • M24

-Heavy Weapons:

    • GM-94 Grenade Launcher
    • HK69A1 Grenade Launcher
    • FGM-148 Javelin
    • RPG-7


    • Molotov Cocktail (can be made yourself, like in CW)
    • Grenade
    • Flashbang (temporarily stuns enemy)
    • Concussion Grenade (knocks enemy out of cover)
    • Semtex Greande (sticks to people, walls, vehicles etc. before exploding)
    • C4 (same as Semtex, but does not stick to people, and is manually detonated. Can place up to 6 at a time)

Hand to hand melee system should be simplified, similar to that of Mafia II. Context sensitive finishers when enemy is down to 1 blip. Should be able to pick up items (such as a plank of wood) during a fight to use. Also, incorporate stealth. Player can perform one hit stealth takedowns (like in 007: Blood Stone).

-If you murder a cop/civilian stealthily without anyone around, no wanted level is gained. You are able to drag bodies to hiding places.

-Have proper doors, instead of the flap ones in GTA IV. You press one button to open/close it normally, and another to kick it in.

-Able to pick the lock of a door/car.

-Improve parkour/free running skills. For example, the player can scramble up a wall for a short distance, and bounce off backward or propel upwards. The player should be able to jump further than the distance of an average sneeze. Something similar to Assassin's Creed would be good.

-Set in Vice City, Present Day. Set in the GTA IV Era Timeline, so include references appearances from Niko, Luis etc. But have a new protagonist.

-Don't make the cover system so slow. Half the time in GTA IV I was killed when Niko wouldn't move to the other side of my cover in time.

-Have a running bus schedule, so you can catch the bus/train/taxi. You should even be able to hire limos or go on a ferry cruise/heli tour.

-Access to some of the bars/nightclubs on Vice Beach.

-Able to customise your weapons. For example, extending magazines, adding suppressors for stealth kills, adding flashlights, adding sights for increased accuracy, personal weapon camos.

-When a car's gastank is shot, it explodes instantly.

-MINIGAMES! Dancing, drinking shots, golf, bowling, darts!

-Include girlfriends/friends with special abilities like in GTA 4, but don't make them call so often (NIKO, MY COUSIN! LET'S GO BOWLING!)

-Keep the television. Include news programs updated as the story progresses, and also shows heli footage from your most recent police chase.

-Include a variety of radio stations. Also, have Independence FM for the PS3 and 360.

-Include Video Editor on consoles, even if it has to be toned down.

-Cut down a bit on the swearing. Not every single person says "fuck" every three seconds.

-Add mild gore, such as clearly visible gunshot wounds. Be able to turn this on/off.

-Use the face recognition technology that is being used for L.A. Noire, at least for the cutscenes.

-When in cover, be able to grab someone leaning on the other side for an insta-kill.

-Add a "Zombie Rush" type multiplayer mode.

-Add a RDR style honor bar. When evil, you get discounts at stores, and peds don't report minor crimes. When good, cops let you off for minor crimes.

-Instead of parking spaces, bring back garages on better safehouses. For the top of the range ones, include a helipad and dock to store helis and boats.

-Be able to buy properties again.

-Destructible environments, to an extent. For example, if you fire and RPG at a building, and chunk is taken out (if it is accessible, you can access it through the hole). People inside are evacuated and construction workers are called in. The building is fixed a few in-game days later.

-Not every office building window is bullet-proof, like in GTA IV.

Well, I guess that's all I have. Thanks for reading! Gherkin8088

new weps and story

  • Have 10 weapon slots,

slot 1(unarmed): fist, brass knuckles slot 2(melee): bat, axe, shovel, sledgehammer, knife, shortsword, sword, crowbar slot 3(handguns): glock .22, deagle .357, colt python, USP tatical, suppressed M1911 slot 4(shotguns):Ithaca stakeout, remington 11-87, lupara, aa12 (full auto), streetsweeper(semi auto) slot 5(SMGs):micro uzi, uzi, mp10, p90(not suppressed), mp5a3(suppressed) slot 6(assault rifles): ak47, ak101, m4(GTA IV style), hk416, m16(suppressed) slot 7(sniper rifles): psg-1, remington 700, awp, dsr-1, dragunov(suppressed) slot 8(grenade/rocket launchers): rpg7 RL, smaw RL, hk69a1 GL, m97 GL, m37 GL slot 9(machine guns): m60, mg3, m249, bren slot 10(thrown): m26 frag, molotolv cocktail, TBOGT's sticky bombs, smoke bombs

  • Also have 2 special slots, the first for medikits, second for parachutes or a flame retardent vest
  • Set around 2010, in SA have a young man who just joined a gang to seek revenge on his father's killer to be the protaganist Teokaijie

sorry 4 above post :p

  • okay so maybe if you can fly to vice/liberty city sounds like a good idea and sorry about my previous post for being sloppy

have the protaganist able to sleep (to save game and have sex)and after some nights before u get, like , the climax mission, he will dream about the good times with his father and wake up and you are informed by a friend as he comes into the room and they disscuss on thier plan

  • also have sex in bed (if u tried havin sex in a car, it's tough right?)
  • have the abillity to call and enroll in any emergency job (paramedic, cop, SWAT and army) and have bonuses (better yet, u can enroll in all @ same time)
*paramedic: more medikits and faster healing and bulletproof ambulance
*cop: police issue weapons spawn in safehouse, 
*SWAT: SWAT weps in safehouse and more armour
*army: army standard weps in safehouse and army/SWAT/cop vechicles parked in army base usableTeokaijie

Oops missed out this

  • oh and fire department: fireproof vest in safehouse and bulletproof firetruck that shoot flame instead of water Teokaijie

More suggestions

  • It definitely made no sense to remove firefighters coming to fires. Re-add this.
  • Odd jobs should be improved. For police, I already explained it (see my other posts). For firefighter, we should be able to put out real fires (AKA go into houses, etc). Paramedic should involve reviving a victim (like in Saints Row 2).
  • Injuries should vary from weapon used. For example, if you beat a person up, it should take a long time. While if a pistol is used, 2 shots should do it normally. One should not give up fighting if shot in the arm or maybe the leg. 2 shots in the chest should down someone, while a headshot should be mostly fatal, although sometimes the enemy might survive.
  • This is more of a minor issue, but if you can fix it, it would be ok. Paramedics NEVER leave a dead body at the scene. At least design the paramedics to pull the body into the ambulance. Kanzler31 04:23, 22 February 2011 (UTC)

Go back to San Andreas!

  • I thought that San Andreas was the biggest place of the entire series and I want to see it in a GTA IV era rendition of it, so would it hurt to go back to the State of San Andreas? Plus, I miss being able to mod cars and fly Planes. Plus I want to see what has happened to CJ in the last 16 years, sinc e GTA IV takes place in 2008...Simdriverx
  • Here's a reccomended Weapon List for GTA 5:


- Fists - Brass Knuckles


- Baseball Bat - Knife - Chainsaw - Katana - Hammer - Meat Cleaver - Pool Cue


- Pistol - Silenced Pistol - Desert Eagle - Automatic 9mm


- Normal Pump Shotgun - Combat Shotgun - Sawn Off Shotgun - SPAS 12 - SPAS 15 - AA-12 (With Standard and Explosive Rounds)


- Micro Uzi - Micro SMG - MP5 (SMG) - MP10 (GTA IV VERSION OF SMG) - P90 (Assault SMG)Lauslim1 - Kriss S.V.D

Assault Rifle

- AK47 - M16 - M4A1 - AK SOPMOD - M4

Sniper Rifle

- Sniper Rifle - PSG 1 - Dragunov


- RPG - Heat Seeking RPG - Minigun - Flamethrower - Grenade Launcher


- Molotov - Flashbang - Grenade - Remote Grenade


- Fire Extingusher - Night Vision Googles - Thermal Googles

Some realism ideas for GTA V

  • Okay, I think there should be the option to go to different cities (which would be almost all the cities already in the series) via several different ways. You could fly as a passenger on a plane, take a ferry (depending on which city) or whatever way that is realistic. I also think that the story should begin in one city then as you progress through the game, the story takes you to a different city (for ex, you start in Vice then are taken to San Fierro for a bit then Los Santos, etc - something like that) but, but... you have the option to return to whatever city you have previously unlocked anytime you want. Perhaps this may be too difficult to construct... maybe just a return to San Andreas, with a lot more detail of course. I think the detail level should be crazy good, using the facial recognition technology from LA Noire if possible. I want to see a more living city!!! with a rideable transit system (buses, cable cars I mean) plus subways, monorails, taxis, etc of course. The taxi system could use some improvements, with a taxi not just plowing in to a parked car so you can get in lol! Also, a dynamic weather system with more intense rainfall, snow if applicable, hail, winds, etc. The wanted level system should be tweaked up, the cops should be able to arrest you and show it (like in Midnight Club or NFS). Also, a cop just doesn't start shooting at you because you run away from them, there should be more detail put in to each wanted level star! I really agree with more destructible environments but cars don't blow up so easily, if at all when shot. I think it should take much longer to blow up a car when shooting at it. I think you should be able to lock on the wheels of the car if you're shooting at it or the driver directly. Someone mentioned the ability for the police to pull you over and issue a ticket or the like for a mild infraction, I really agree, there should be more detail put in to this game if possible. Hopefully there is a software / engine that can handle all this fine-tuned detail though, or we may be looking at a fairly similar GTA (In terms of the detail, or the size of the cities I mean). Elmario

New city old story

  • Do it in Paris or Malaysia or India or Singapore or China or Russia or Japan or whatever city that hasn't been used before. Detail on what happened to Brian and Beverly. Jmbond007

Please bring back san andreas

the next gta should be in san andreas and shoud bring back the ghost car glith and the cities should be Las Vegas NV San Fransisco CA and Fargo ND


the character shgtaould be niko bellic or carl johnson and should be in karachi or NY and have the never wanted cheat and bigfoot or animals in the forest

Following in Cars

I think Rockstar should rework the "Following in car" parts in the game. I mean, casually driving behind a car seems a lot less suspicious than leaving this huge two-car gap between you and the target you're following. MGMTGTA 03:23, 16 March 2011 (UTC)

Interior Access and Criminal Possibilities; also, Speedometers

My personal preference is that it be set in Liberty City.

As GuildKnight has previously suggested, I'd like full access to every building. Considering the huge amount of space GTA IV takes up (PC-wise, at least), and not wanting to add unnecessarily to this, I don't care if a lot of similar buildings, such as apartment complexes, repeat textures, furniture, layout, etc., or even if the interiors are designed randomly, similar to how vehicles spawn. Entering certain buildings, such as homes and individual apartments inside apartment complexes, should of course have the possibility of attracting police attention, as well as have defense mechanisms: home alarms, for example, or armed and particularly aggressive occupants. However, to give incentive for increased risk, they should also have possibilities: cash thefts, for example, or even the ability to perform non-mission kidnappings in wealthy areas.

I'd also like a speedometer to be added, though as I'm unsure if GTA IV contains this feature, this may be a redundant wish. vonPreußentalk

  • I was GTA 5 would be on a WII and also on the other systems as well as a PS2 or XBOX Rborunda98

Radio Station Expletive Blocker

  • I don't know if this is a good suggestion but I would quite like to see a blocker for some of the innapropiette ad's since quite a lot in my opinion are almost unlistenable because of the inapropietteness! BBPB57
  • No set storyline, just a biginning and an end the rest is created by us the players as we fight for survival and for turf. Base the game around a bunch of gang leaders (the player choses which leader) who fight to the bitter end in a free for all turf battle with the end of the game and the start of the game the only similarity between every players game (you choose a player and fight till you are the last one left). Tapebreak

Come up with something new!

I, for one, do not think that Rockstar games should take the series back to a game like San Andreas. Moving it to the location, sure, making it an exact copy, no. It's not that I don't think that GTA:SA was good, that game was great. But I don't want to play the same game multiple times. I would like it if a realistic weapon holstering system was added as an option, not mandatory. Such a system would mean holding only two small guns(smgs, pistols) and a melee weapon in a jacket, one large weapon(launchers, assault rifles, sniper rifles, MGs, shotguns, etc.) in a holster on your back, and one hip holster for a pistol. And openly worn weapons would attract police attention also. As far as weapons, I would like an optional mode where guns are realistic and accurately priced. Instead of buying an M4, you'd get an AR-15. It wouldn't be so cheap either. Apart from the options to make the game harder and more realistic, I would also like a standard GTA mode as they have always had, too. Guns would include: Melee Weapons Wooden Bat Aluminum Bat Lead Pipe Pocket Knife Standard Knife Hunting Knife Combat Knife Bowie Knife Chainsaw(won't fit in jacket) Axe(won't fit in jacket) Brass knuckles (fists will have one permanent weapon slot, all other melee weapons go in a single weapon slot. players could also bash with guns by pressing circle/b while locking on, meaning you can't reload while locking on unless you empty the magazine)

Pistols .357 revolver .44 trigger cocking revolver Glock Glock 18 Desert Eagle Colt M1911 USP .45

Sub Machine Guns Mac 11 MP5 MP5 Silenced Uzi P90 P90 Silenced UMP 45 Steyr TMP

Assault Rifles AR-15 M16A4 M4 Carbine FAL M14 AK-47 SCAR-H AUG FAMAS Galil Rifle (all assault rifles would have semi-auto, full auto, or 3 shot burst settings with the exception of the M14)

Sniper Rifles M40A3 M21 Scoped M14 Scoped Walther 2000 PSG1 Dragunov

Shotguns SPAS-12 M1014 Double Barrel Shotgun Lever Action Shotgun W1200 Auto 12 AA-12

Heavy Weapons Barrett M82 50 Caliber Sniper Rifle M249 SAW Machine Gun(with or without exploding rounds) Minigun(with or without exploding rounds) M60 Machine Gun(with our without exploding rounds) RPG Standard Grenade Launcher Pump Action Grenade Launcher AA-12 Explosive Ammo (heavy weapons would cost considerably more money and have less ammo capacity, in both modes listed)

One last thing I suggest is removing player weapons when the die(wasted!). Think about it, people, what would the ambulance staff do if they found an arsenal on you? This suggestion is for both modes. -EvanderCole7737 EvanderCole7737

Need good physics and gameplay!

  • If there is going to be a GTA 5, i think San Andreas should be the location. There has only been one there. Also, like when the first San Andreas came out, it needs to have greater graphics and gameplay than the ones before it. More car control. perhaps a steering wheel capability (like on PS2). Syren345
  • I suggest that the location for GTA V is Hong Kong or maybe the Philippines. JMP\
  • Create more uses for the gas stations. Add the fuel meter whenever riding vehicles and maybe in airplanes too if there will be. JMP
  • GTA V needs:

Planes Returning Cars from GTA IV, TLAD, & TBOGT with addition of a whole new slue of vehicles Ability to buy houses Great Radio Stations, like the ones in Vice City. McKinnon Young

First Response Mod - but it comes with the game?

  • I think it would be a great idea if either they included a mode almost identical to the 'first response mod' in the game or they had it as a downloadable add-on from Xbox live or PS3 online. The first response mod is so awesome! (the one where you can work as cop and choose various police cars and officers and even tweak the sirens making them more realistic). I think that it should be made standard in the next GTA. Besides, if Rockstar would have it as a downloadable option, then they could totally squeeze out that last bit of profit from everyone on the game! Elmario


  • Well for starters, GTA San Andreas Storys would be MEGA about the story of brian or such.I would love to see san andreas with the RAGE engine and all super detailed, i mean off road wiv RAGE would be a hoot.

WEAPONS what the hell happened to the fun weapons like chainsaw,dildo, flame thrower, minigun-with the right names too like desert eagle instead of 'combat pistol'. it would be cool too if u could buy stuff for the guns like silencers- oh yes, skills should come back just coz of dual wealding. Ammunation too is way better than stupid black market shops.

The map should be clear again too, the last one was pretty see through

Although im not a cheater on the story lines (bad karma) if i get a little bored i will use the fun cheats and not save after, there are no fun cheats anymore though

A REALLY hard mythological beast to see should be there, lol

Clothes, haircuts, tattoos, buying houses - of course we do, everyone misses those!

keep it up with the funny shit too, love that stuff R*!Raggi Boy

  • Be able to fly across GTA's most popular towns. Dodo2011

My latest idea

  • OK, here's an idea... I think GTA 5 should have a form of the game (DLC, perhaps) that takes place in an "apocalyptic" setting - like, a zombie attack, alien invasion, werewolf curse, etc. Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare is a good point to cite. Sgt. S.S. 21:36, 1 May 2011 (BST)

Long Story and kids.

  • I think it should be a long story. You can only complete the story in 3 days.
  • There should be some kids too. And there would be Roman and Mallorie with their baby.
  • New protagonist ,but it should be a person who knows Roman as a friend.


* I think you should like, make the vehicles and weopons more realistic. Also please let us know what happened to characters like tonni,CJ,Kendle,Sweet,and the truth. Just to name a few.~~--Gtgreat 21:37, 11 May 2011 (BST)tyler
  • 1. The Infernus should be based on:

Front, mirrors, Sides, and roof (including engine cover and up): Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4. Back: Pagani Huayra. It should also have scissor doors like in the GTA IV era. 2. allow the editing of guns and cars. For cars: Front, side, and rear bumpers, neon, widebody conversion, nitrous, window tint, rims, chrome body colors, chrome trim colors, chrome rim colors, guns (ex. chain guns), doors (ex. scissor doors), spoilers, headlights and tailights, decals and vinyls, roofscoops, hoods, trunks, engine upgrades, tires, hydraulics, ride height, rim and tire size, steering wheel, seats, interior neon, ect. For guns: scopes, carrying handles, stocks, barrels, mags, gas tubes, gas blocks, handguards, grips, ect. 3. New weapons (all should be the best in its class; can be customized higher than other weapons) Golden AK-47 (Assault Rifle; dual mag, explosive ammo), Golden Minigun (Heavy; dual mag, explosive ammo), Golden Dragunov (Sniper Rifle; dual mag, explosive ammo), Golden Desert Eagle (Pistol; dual mag, explosive ammo), Semtex Grenades (Grenade; Sticky), Golden M1014 (Full-Auto Shotgun; dual mag, explosive ammo), Golden Sword (Melee; OHKO), Golden Brass Knuckes (Replaces the fist; 25% more damage when punching, kicking, ect. --Infernus Master

Dude, where's my car?

  • I want to use my vehicles during the game, but I can't, for fear that on this mission, I'm going to be required to ditch my car to drive some dump truck. I suggest being able to designate a vehicle or two that doesn't disappear until you exit the game, if you want it to remain longer, you'd be required to leave it at your safe house. Note if you don't lock your vehicle (hold exit vehicle button), it could still be stolen. Supertrinko

Interiors, Interaction and Post game extras

  • Procedurally generated building interiors. Most building insides will be similar, but not exactly the same. Procedural generation allows for a low file size. Wouldn't stop you customising certain buildings.
  • Something to do with all the money we're usually left over with. Perhaps being able to buy an apartment building, upgrade it, purchase extra staff (a valet that can take your car to a parking space, a chauffeur etc...), receive income etc... Buy gun stores that sell at a discount, food places that can be upgraded to become a restaurant. Pretty much own a neighbourhood. Really become a businessman, like Roman would have wanted.
  • Interactivity between DLC characters (Love the DLC characters, keep going with that). Example for GTA IV, Niko parks a car in a car park, allow the other characters to take it, and vice versa. Supertrinko

my suggeston

Make it in chicago.

If you kill ANYBODY it goes into the in game newspaper.

be able to get a real job, If you get a job you go to the jobs location and the game fast forwards 6 hours and you make a certain amount of money depending on the job and missing work for more than a week will get you fired. Once you are fired you cannot do that job again and you have to wait a couple of days before you can get a job Here would be the pay for each job: Lawyer: 1000 dollars a day Business man: 900 dollars a day politician: 800 dollars a day banker: 750 dollars a day teacher: 700 dollars a day policeman: 600 dollars a day (loses job if caught doing a crime and arrested) Top secret FBI Agent: 100 dollars for every criminal arrested and information given (loses job if caught doing a crime and arrested) Soldier:10000 dollars for every "tour". Tours would be 100 days and each day the player would have to fight in a battle. Upon returning from a tour the player would be given a 100 day break, after the break they would get a call to go back on another tour which if they refuse they will be discharged from the army.

If you are arrested you re-spawn in a prison and have to either escape, or get bailed out (which would require you to ask a freind who would visit you to bail you out) Allow player to move to different places. Have the player be able to join terrorist groups and gangs. Upon joining they would be given missions.

my suggeston

Make it in chicago.

If you kill ANYBODY it goes into the in game newspaper.

be able to get a real job, If you get a job you go to the jobs location and the game fast forwards 6 hours and you make a certain amount of money depending on the job and missing work for more than a week will get you fired. Once you are fired you cannot do that job again and you have to wait a couple of days before you can get a job Here would be the pay for each job: Lawyer: 1000 dollars a day Business man: 900 dollars a day politician: 800 dollars a day banker: 750 dollars a day teacher: 700 dollars a day policeman: 600 dollars a day (loses job if caught doing a crime and arrested) Top secret FBI Agent: 100 dollars for every criminal arrested and information given (loses job if caught doing a crime and arrested) Soldier:10000 dollars for every "tour". Tours would be 100 days and each day the player would have to fight in a battle. Upon returning from a tour the player would be given a 100 day break, after the break they would get a call to go back on another tour which if they refuse they will be discharged from the army.

If you are arrested you re-spawn in a prison and have to either escape, or get bailed out (which would require you to ask a freind who would visit you to bail you out) Allow player to move to different places. Have the player be able to join terrorist groups and gangs. Upon joining they would be given missions.


  • Customization I think that there should be more customization options.

- Cars: Choose what color paint you want whether it be solid, metallic, or pearlscent. You should be able to take your car to body shops where you can change body kits, rims, interior design, head/brake lights, glow lights, add spoilers, window tint color, chop the top...etc.

- Clothes/Accessories: Choose from hundreds of different articles of clothing according to your specific fashion style be it urban, classy, casual, etc. Hats, watches, glasses, rings, bracelets, piercings, wallet chains, etc.

- Furniture: Choose from hundreds of different homestyles including, but not limited to, couches, beds/ comforter sets, entertainment centers, rugs, kitchen tables, coffee tables, television sets, window styles, drapes, light fixtures, etc. Should be able to customize the outside of your safehouse or property as well.

- Weapons: Choose from hundreds of different sights, scopes, silencers, weapon camo, etc.

And thats all I really care about. Customization. Im sure the story will be great as usual.

Also I think that some immigrants should not know how to speak english and the player should be able to learn certain languages to be able to communicate with certain individuals therefore aquiring certain privliges with those certain people otherwise not available due to lack of communication. THERE. Klowdn9ne

Suggestions for GTA 5

  • I think GTA V should be set in San Andreas because there has only been one game in San Andreas and the rest have been set in either Liberty City or Vice City. If San Andreas is the setting of the next GTA, it should look exactly the same as it was in GTA: San Andreas. Every city/town, building and shop and street in the same spot but with updated graphics. Grove Street should still be in Los Santos, Las Venturas should still have The Four Dragons and Caligula's Casinos and the abandoned air-strip in Verdant Meadows should still be there. Mike Toreno's ranch, CJ's garage in San Fierro, Catalina's hideout, The Johnson House, Smoke's Crack Palace and even Jizzy B's Club should all still be there in their original places. NikoCjTonyTommyVicClaudeLuisJohnny

Los Santos

  • Thinking about it, I think the game's map should purely focus on the Los Angeles County and San Fernando Valley areas. The game takes place in May 2012 in the City of Los Santos. After the '92 Riots, corruption in the LSPD has been cleaned up and much of LS's notorious neighborhoods such as Ganton, Jefferson and Idlewood are slowly being improved. The GSF, Ballas, Vagos and Aztecas are all weakened, and their influence is a lot less. The African American Mafia decides to move to the city coming from LC and the South. Drew Thorne is the main character, leading the LS chapter of the gang. The gang sets up base in parts of Idlewood, Ganton, East Beach and Jefferson. They rival the Ballas and GSF.
  • The map should be HUGE like in L.A. Noire. West LS should be mainly beautiful suburbia, movie studios, beaches and hills. Central LS should feature commercial areas. East LS should have mainly ghettos with gangs with higher police patrol. San Gomez Valley (which is North of LS) should be mainly Suburbia and some movie studios. South LS should be mainly middle-class suburbia.
  • Neighborhoods:
West LS:
  Santa Maria (Santa Monica)
  Bradwood (Brentwood)
  Mulholland (Hollywood Hills)
  Vinewood (Hollywood)
  West Vinewood (West Hollywood)
  East Vinewood (East Hollywood)
  North Vinewood (North Hollywood)
  Pacific Palaces (Pacific Palisades)
  Carver City (Culver City)
  Marina del Columbus (Marina del Ray)
  Madera Heights (Ladera Heights)
  El Mariposa (El Segundo)
  Berkley Hills (Beverly Hills)
East LS:
  Ganton (Compton)
  Jefferson (Watts)
  Idlewood (Inglewood)
  El Corona (El Sereno)
  Bloomflower (Bellflower) 
  Samoan Gardens (Hawaiian Gardens)
  Babylon Gardens (Avalon Gardens)
  East Los Santos (East LA)
  Ferguson Heights (Boyle Heights)

North LS:

  San Gomez (San Fernando)
  Riverbank (Burbank)
  Sunshine Valley (Sun Valley)
  Missionary Hills (Mission Hills)
  Glendade (Glendale)

South LS:

 Terrance (Torrance)
 East Beach (Long Beach)
 Algonquin Beach (Manhattan Beach)
 Rojo Beach (Redondo Beach)

MrCombineSolider's Suggestions

1: More realistic police and law enforcement Tasers and pepper spray, bring back batons from Vice City and San Andreas. SWAT teams act smarter, use breaching tactics such as explosives, blowing doors off with shotguns and kicking doors down. FBI do not use assault rifles. Government "coats" usually use pistols and sub-machine guns. Maybe an FBI Tactical Team to aid in the fight. Add non-FBI government agents (CIA/NSA) that look like matrix agents, this is not for realism, but for an enemy that is truly a challenge. Add Riot Police, these would have shields that protect them and swing batons at you, they use gas and bean bag shotguns, may use pistols if need be. Military are very elite and professional, they would pour in endlessly and kill off any of your allies almost instantaneously. Maybe add some occasional black ops troops to really challenge you. Security guards do not have guns, they are only armed with batons and will not chase you out of their jurisdiction. Police helicopters do not have any mounted weapons. 2: Jobs (permanent) Take any job that you see NPCs fulfilling Police SWAT Army Riot Police FBI NSA Construction Firefighter Paramedic Black Ops Security Bank Varied Office Jobs (tasks vary depending on actual job) JOBS DO NOT TAKE OVER GAME, you can quit and progress the story or just carry out your place in the city. There are many other jobs that could be included but it would be pointless to continue 3: AI improvements Different NPCs behave appropriately Cops, Security Guards, Swat etc. have different personalities, all NPC types have a unique way of acting or fighting. NEW WANTED LEVELS: Wanted levels also build up on gangs and groups of hostile NPCs (terrorists, militia groups etc). 1 Star: Police threaten perpetrator with pepper spray, tasers and batons, attempt to arrest and reason with suspect, very easy to evade. 2 Stars: Police use cars and will actually fire tasers, use pepper spray and beat said perp down with batons, will occasionally threaten with guns, mild chasing tactics are used . 3 Stars: Officers fire guns at criminals and use aggressive driving and bring in a helicopter with police in them that open fire on targets. Riot Police show up in small units or large groups if the disturbances include rowdy crowds and rioters, they may appear to quarantine the area, the shields have melee and molotov resistance, resist a bit of gunfire (not too much, they'll buckle after significant punishment). Riot police will use batons to move you back. 4 Stars: SWAT come in and FBI "coats" begin to come in, lethal force is used on any people who obstruct the pursuit. Riot police will aim their pistols around shields (all federal and local forces will have sidearms, they will vary IE: cops/SWAT and FBI- Glock, Army- Beretta M92, NSA- Desert Eagle .50, Black Ops- Glock full auto). 5 Stars: FBI and FBI Tactical come in, it gets really tough, they try to use grenades on suspects. 6 Stars: NSA agents drive in, killing all suspected enemies and ordering around the FBI. 7 Stars: Military Regulars arrive on foot, reporting to military officers and NSA agents. 8 Stars: All military vehicles come into the fight (tanks, APCs, IFVs, helicopters and planes). 9 Stars: Black Ops join the fight, these soldiers are able to make short work of anything including your allies and you. END OF WANTED LEVELS

That's all I have to say, I really hope realistic Riot Police and Military make it in!

  • there could be a mission where the mission boss wants a missile so you have to disguise yourself and get it eg steal a navy uniform and board a battleship without anyone noticing. also you could bribe some of the real navy to help you

* Here are some suggestions for radio station genres

New Rock Classic Rock Hip-Hop/Rap Old School Rap Regge Spanish Radio Jazz Talk Radio News/Weather Radio


Car Controls

You Should Be able to connect a keyboard to your ps3 or xbox 360 so you can have more controls in the car. 1- 1st gear, 2- 2nd gear, 3- 3rd gear, 4- 4th gear, 5- 5th gear, 6- Neutral, Up arrow- Window up, Down arrow- Window Down, Shift Up- All Windows up, Shift Down- All Windows down, Enter- Turn Car On/Off, Z- Radio Left, X- Radio Right, C- Radio Off, A- Radio Volume Up, S- Radio Volume Down, D- Subwoffer On/Off (if Avalible), Q- Covertible roof Up (if Avalible), W- Convertible roof Down (if Avalible), Space- Show List of Controls, N- Headlights On/Off, M- Brights On/Off, Left Arrow- Left Blinker, Right Arrow- Right Blinker, Backspace- Lock/Unlock Doors,


I think GTA V should be more "ADVANCED" than other gta games and advance for futer games, if possible you can probaly have Liberty State other than Liberty city, the WHOLE state of San Andreas, The parady of florida not just vice city, more states like paradys of Texas, Pennsylvania, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oregan, Massachusets, Rhode Island, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, Alabama, Oaklahoma, Kansas, Tenasee, Lousiana, Hawii, Maine, Alaska, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Michagan, Delaware and places that are not states such as Washington D.C., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. You can also put in countrys like Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, France, Italy, Spain, England, Ireland, Scottland, Aulstraila, New Zealand, The Netherlands. Places you woudn't normaly see in GTA... OUTER SPACE, Murcury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus & Neptune. More features like more drug use like in saints row, filling a car with gas, using the bank and getting money out of a ATM, using a credit, more transportian options like water taxis, airplanes, buses, & trollies (san andreas location), more food venders selling different foods, having more resturants you can eat at, working on a car, buying cars, more clothes at the stores, having a parody of nasa and using a rocket. More tv shows and news tv shows, beeing able to watch more tv shows and not there commercials.

Minigames and car mod shop

  • I think GTA V should have some minigames like in San Andreas:

Lowrider Comp:

You have to score more points than the other drivers. You get points by doing the hydraulic moves/bounces in time with the beat. You can use any car you like, not just lowriders, but with lowriders you score more points.

Burnout Comp:

Grab a car and start the burnouts! See who's tyres can last the longest in this minigame. Players have to stop the bar in the highlighted area on the meter to make the tyres last longer. Bikes should be allowed too. Cars/bikes with better tyres have less chance of their tyres popping earlier.

Drag Races:

Drag races are pretty self explanatory. You get a car and bring it to the competition. You start on the drag strip and wait for the tree to light up, then go. Bikes should be allowed too.

Also, there should be the car mod shop brought back from San Andreas. More modifications would be nice such as engine, tyres, brakes, suspension and nitro. There should be more visual mods as well, such as more vinyls and bumpers. Hecamebak01

My wishes for GTA 5

  • GTA 5 should include ability of playing older GTA games on it's engine, like the Doom ReBorn allows us to play the classic DOOM on Doom 3's engine.(Sorry, I had no link, just Google the Doom ReBorn)
  • Before making GTA 5 Rockstar should port LC stories and VC stories to PC.
  • GTA 5 should have a Lite version for weaker PCs - not so good graphics, maybe few new features excluded, but mainly the same.
  • A Nintendo Wii release would be nice.
  • The game's city should be Anywhere city, maybe remodeled.

DJ Atoss - the same as Winme05 09:31, 28 June 2011 (BST)


my suggestion for gta 5

GTA V should be more open world like Saints Row like beeing able to buy cars, boats, and houses. You should be allowed to use drugs in the game too. You should be able to create your own protagonist. Instead of the pay and spray painting your car a random paint scheme it should be like saints row where you can do anything you want to the car. You should be able to give your character tattoos and piercings. You should use different kinds of weapons like in saints row. there should still be Liberty City, Alderny, the Vice City area, and the San Andreas and put London (GTA LONDON 1961 & 1969) but there should also be more like a parody of Albany, Syracuse, Philladelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburgh, Baltamore, Annapolis, Dover, Richmond, Charlotte, Charleston, Tampa, Jackonville, Atlanta, Orlando, Minneapollis, Austin, Houstin, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Milwaukee, Kansas City, Carcon City, Reno, Salt Lake City, Santa Fe, Anaheim, San Diego, Santa Cruze, Santa Clara, Oakland, Portland(Oregan), Seattle, Vancouver, Ontario, Toronto, Mexico City, Tokyo, Shanghai, Paris, Ireland, Scottland, & Italy. You should still be able to drive cars, boats & motorcycles, hail taxis, ride on trains, trams(san andreas), & subways, and fly helicopters but you should be able to ride on planes, cruises, yahts, & water taxis. When you press up on the D-PAD there should be an option if you want your wallet, your phone, your cigretts(if bout), your pack of gum(if bout), your passport(if needed), your lighter (if bout), your metro card, your credit card. You should be able to have a passport, a credit card, a debt card, and a gastaion card.

my suggestion for gta 5

GTA V should be more open world like Saints Row like beeing able to buy cars, boats, and houses. You should be allowed to use drugs in the game too. You should be able to create your own protagonist. Instead of the pay and spray painting your car a random paint scheme it should be like saints row where you can do anything you want to the car. You should be able to give your character tattoos and piercings. You should use different kinds of weapons like in saints row. there should still be Liberty City, Alderny, the Vice City area, and the San Andreas and put London (GTA LONDON 1961 & 1969) but there should also be more like a parody of Albany, Syracuse, Philladelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburgh, Baltamore, Annapolis, Dover, Richmond, Charlotte, Charleston, Tampa, Jackonville, Atlanta, Orlando, Minneapollis, Austin, Houstin, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Milwaukee, Kansas City, Carcon City, Reno, Salt Lake City, Santa Fe, Anaheim, San Diego, Santa Cruze, Santa Clara, Oakland, Portland(Oregan), Seattle, Vancouver, Ontario, Toronto, Mexico City, Tokyo, Shanghai, Paris, Ireland, Scottland, & Italy. You should still be able to drive cars, boats & motorcycles, hail taxis, ride on trains, trams(san andreas), & subways, and fly helicopters but you should be able to ride on planes, cruises, yahts, & water taxis. When you press up on the D-PAD there should be an option if you want your wallet, your phone, your cigretts(if bout), your pack of gum(if bout), your passport(if needed), your lighter (if bout), your metro card, your credit card. You should be able to have a passport, a credit card, a debt card, and a gastaion card.

In General

  • Ok

1. Clothing/ safe houses like in GTASA 2. NO MORE FLYING THROUGH THE FRIKIN WINDSHIELD! 3. more car detail and more cars in general 4. bring back the Rhino 5. set it in Chicago or Philadelphia 6. airplanes... 7. car mods please! 8. keep the internet/ cell phone those were pretty sick thanks in advance for an amazing up coming GTA!!! Claudespeed

Weapons usage, Vehicles, Pedestrians & Law

  • You’ll have to assemble Sniper Rifles. AlmightyGameGuy
  • If you buy a gun, it should come in a case or bag. AlmightyGameGuy
  • You should be able to put accessories on your gun any time, like scopes & suppressors if it makes sense (suppressor can’t be put on a rocket launcher). AlmightyGameGuy
  • Pedestrians need to get better at driving. AlmightyGameGuy
  • Pedestrians should have their own schedule like in Red Dead Redemption. AlmightyGameGuy
  • Kills should be more realistic for the player and enemies. Most shots should be one hit kill. AlmightyGameGuy
  • In GTA 4, if the player crashes their car they will “fly” through the air and survive. The player should die if that happens GTA 5. AlmightyGameGuy
  • If the player bails out there car, they should most likely die since twisting and turning in all different directions (an easy way to snap the neck). AlmightyGameGuy
  • The player can only carry one pistol or revolver, one thrown weapon and one melee weapon. One shotgun or sub machine gun can be kept in the trunk of the player’s car. Other weapons can be kept in the safe house and used when necessary. AlmightyGameGuy
  • Rockstar should keep it realistic. NO ARMY VEHICLES OR ARMY PERIOD because the army won’t be sent to kill one man. AlmightyGameGuy
  • You need to follow the speed limit, red lights and the player needs gas for the car. AlmightyGameGuy
  • If the player is fighting the police, the player should be able to surrender any time. AlmightyGameGuy
  • The player should be able to ride planes as a passenger to different cities like Vice to Liberty. AlmightyGameGuy

--AlmightyGameGuy 20:13, 3 July 2011 (BST)

Melee Weapons

  • Melee Weapons:

1. Fist 2. Brass Knuckles 3. Police Baton 4. Metal Baseball Bat 5. Wooden Baseball Bat 6. Pocket Knife Barlow Style 7. Pocket Knife Camper Style 8. Crowbar 9. Tomahawk 10. Hammer 11. Fire Axe 12. Axe 13. Combat Knife 14. Trench Knife 15. Shiv (Shank) 16. Chainsaw 17. Machete 18. Cleaver

  • Only one of these can be carried.

--AlmightyGameGuy 20:20, 3 July 2011 (BST)

Thrown Weapons

  • Molotov Cocktail (can make yourself)
  • M84 Stun Grenade
  • M26 Grenade
  • Pipe Bomb (back from TLAD)
  • Satchel Charge (back from SA)
  • Tear Gas
  • M67 Grenade
  • MK3 Grenade

Only one of these can you have --AlmightyGameGuy 20:27, 3 July 2011 (BST)

Machine Guns & Revolvers

  • M240L Machine Gun
  • Machine Gun, 7.62 mm, M60
  • M249 Squad Automatic Weapon
  • Mk 48 Machine Gun


  • Charter Arms Bulldog Model 74421
  • Colt Anaconda
  • Colt Python
  • Colt Detective Special
  • Colt Single Action Army Revolver


  • Strip Clubs are really NUDE.
  • The player is able to action in their car or house.
  • Prostitutes are only saw at night.
  • The player can have Dirtier action in the safe house.
  • Some prostitutes carry knifes and Glocks (like in SA).

--AlmightyGameGuy 20:49, 3 July 2011 (BST)

new mode/location

Gtajesus For GTA 5 it should be in San Andreas but you can also visit Liberty city,Vice city,and maybe Carcer city.Also SA should be the same as it was in 1992 but has better graphics and the story takes place in 2010 18 years later (or somewhere around there).As for DLCs , a mutiplayer mode

or maybe even a alternate story one feature I would love to see a very realistic zombies mode. You play in three different story paths, free mode,and a survival mode to see how long you can survive for each round will get harder kinda like call of duty.For the first path You can play as the protagonist or as a Easter egg you can play as Niko, Johnny,or Luis from GTA IV.The second story you can be a member of any of the gangs such as one of the street gangs,Bikers,and even the Mafia.For The third path you can play as the police. You can be SAPD or VCPD and LCPD if vice and liberty city can be traveled to,the SWAT or NOOSE,the FIB,and the Army.Once you pick which path you can choose to play the story in San Andreas,Vice City, and in Liberty City(Note if you pick NOOSE in path 2 you can still go VC and SA since NOOSE likely operates country wide as a counter terrorism force).If you pick path 1 playing as a protagonist it should involve saving a loved one i.e Niko saving Mallorie and Roman Johnny saving Ashley, etc.Right now I'm not sure how the story for the other two paths will involve but if I think of something I'll post an update.

New City

The new GTA should be based in Vice City and the player should also be able to visit the two other cities: Liberty City & San Andreas. But I think San Andreas should be based off of the real life San Francisco like in Grand Theft Auto 1. Los Santos should still exist in the universe but the player is unable to go to. Las Venturas is based on Las Vegas, which is a totally different state. Las Venturas should be mentioned be unable to go to for the player. Also, Liberty City should be the same only with Alderney off because that’s based off New Jersey, a different state. Again, just a recap.

  • Vice City of the Florida state (yes Florida, not Vice state. Rockstar revealed that though in the GTA 3 era)
  • Liberty City of the Liberty state (yes Liberty, not New York)
  • San Andreas of the ??? state (California maybe)

Liberty City Update

As I said in my last suggestions (New City) Liberty City should be included in the new GTA 5. But what I forgot to say is the structure of Liberty City. Liberty City should only have its four boroughs: Algonquin (Manhattan), Bohan (Bronx), Broker (Brooklyn) & Dukes (Queens). Its “sister” Alderney should not be included and that’s where it gets complicated. This means that the Hickey Bridge needs to be removed and restructured like in Chinatown Wars and that the Booth Tunnel needs to be removed and restructured like in Chinatown Wars. There should also be some minor edits in Liberty City for GTA 5 like being able to go into EVERY store, clubs, wrecked clubhouse, etc.

--AlmightyGameGuy 03:36, 5 July 2011 (BST)

Vice City Update

These are my suggestions for GTA 5 IF it takes place in Vice City. Vice City should still be taking place in Miami with the feature to visit the two other cities: Liberty City (which should be the largest, not San Andreas) and San Andreas (based off of San Francisco). Vice City should be totally new and cleansed like in GTA IV with Liberty City. Vice City should not be totally accurate to Miami like in GTA 1 but free like in GTA IV with Liberty City but not to free like in the GTA 3 era.


San Andreas Update

WARNING Now I am about to tell my suggestions about San Andreas. I don’t want to insult people, mimic people or anger people I’m just saying my suggestions and trying to be extremely careful and sophisticated as possible.

A lot of people think GTA San Andreas was the best game ever. San Andreas was good in FUN, not GRAPHICS. Also, people like San Andreas because it’s BIG. In reality, New York City (Liberty City) is the biggest city in the US. Also, San Andreas is just really Los Santos and San Fierro.

San Andreas should be based off of San Francisco like in GTA 1. Again, it should not be totally like San Francisco (like in GTA 1) but a little bit free like in GTA IV with Liberty City. I also think Rockstar should abandon the whole GTA 3 era but leave Easter Eggs about how each protagonist died in each city.


  • Bikes should return each with a special ability, The Bikes should be 1. Ten-Speed (less chance of falling) 2. BMX (easier stunts and jumps) 3. Mountain Bike (better speed) Grandtheftrio27

Grand Theft Auto: Los Santos

  • The next location should be a bigger Los Santos with a lot of detail like liberty city in GTAIV. The Protaganist should be Malc from The Lost and Damned. It should take place in 1987 the year that Brian dies. He should be a member of the Grove street families and a good friend of CJ and the Johnsons. We should find out what happened to Brian and find out why Tenpenny Hates The Johnsons. Have a lot of coustomizations like hair, clothes and full car coustomization. The story should end with Malc and CJ moving To Liberty City (but you would still be in los santos when the game ends). You should have 5 safehouses: 1. on Grove St. (Free) 2. North LS (10,000) 3. Downtown Penthouse (100,000) 4. Beach House (50,000) 5. Mansion in the Hills (150,00). There Should Be 3 airports (each with a pensonal spot to park a plane, each spot 10,000 with 1 plane capacity): 1. Los Santos International 2. Based on Burbank Airport 3. Based On Long Beach Airport. There Should Be 2 Main Harbors (each with a purcaseable dock, 5,000): 1. Based on Marina Del Rey 2. Based on Long Beach Harbor (ocean docks in San Andreas). Car Coustomization, you should be able to make your car different than anyone esles car. You should be able to paint anyway you want and decals like nubers, letters, sprunk/burger shot logos and flames. You should be able to upgrade your engine from a V6 to a V10, add more hp, add nitros, add hydrolics. licence Plates Should be coustomizable like the letters and bacground, all basic licence plates should be like the california one, but replace CA to San Andreas. You should be able to name the car ex. from Comet to Comet SS or Comet Turbo or anything else. Everything about the cars should be coustomizable. You should also be able to coustomize Motorcycles, boats, planes and Helicopters. You Should Be Able to buy TVs and Computers For you safehouses online or in a store. Also be able to buy different cell phones online or in a store. Also you can buy a pool table, dart board and video games. Also you should have Friends: CJ, Sweet and other storyline friends. Activities Should be: Eating, Drinking, Darts, Pool, Show, Sports Game, Strip Club, Drive, Bowling, Night Club, Golf and Hang Out where your friend Follows You and Helps you (like Homies in San Andreas). Thats All For now please send feedback Grandtheftrio27

New Era

GTA 5 is automatically a new era and if GTA 3’s era wasn’t in GTA 4’s era then why should GTA 3’s era be in GTA 5?! Rockstar should abandon the GTA 3 era but still leave ironic and saddening easter eggs about them. If you don’t know the GTA 3 era, here you go.

  • GTA 3
  • GTA Vice City
  • GTA San Andreas (most popular game in era)
  • GTA liberty City Stories
  • GTA Vice City Stories

All those games are TOTALLY different in the graphics, gameplay, etc. Rockstar will most likely do the same thing they did in GTA 4: NO GTA 3 ERA! GTA 5’s era should still involve GTA 4 era. Maybe Niko Bellic might make a cameo appearance, you never know? I just want the GTA 3 era out because it’s unrealistic! And plus the cities changed dramatically. AlmightyGameGuy

5 as in V and V as in VICE

This is my FIRST idea story for GTA 5.

The game should start off in 2008 with Liberty City making a cameo appearance like in the beginning of San Andreas. You are Albert Lawson, a member of the Angels of Death. Albert was accused of starting the war between the Lost and the Angels. Albert slept with a mother of a member of the Lost (that’s actually true in the LCPD database). It got so intense that you had to leave Liberty City and be stripped down of his ranks. Albert boarded a plane and headed to Vice City where Angels had chapters there. Albert then tries to gain his respect, fame and honour back but finds himself failing to do so and in fact losing respect, honour and fame. Albert is then the weakest member of the Angels and the VCPD now has an advantage. The VCPD then start to use Albert to help rat on other gangs starting wars and a city in chaos. Then the VCPD then ask Albert for one more thing... snitch on his gang! If Albert doesn’t, then he will be put in prison. If Albert does, he will get $50,000. Which will you choose?

Also San Andreas (San Francisco in my eyes because it’s not fare it gets a state. NYC is the biggest) will be featured and Liberty City.


Cheat Codes

Here is a list of must needed cheat codes (not all) that should be in the game.

  • Invincibility
  • Never wanted
  • Change weather
  • No handloading (reloading)
  • Infinite Ammo (you still have to reload)
  • Day
  • Night
  • $10,000
  • Change into random pedestrian/gang member/cop
  • Suicide
  • Recruit anybody to help you fight
  • Repair vehicle
  • Bring up a vehicle spawn menu
  • Unlock all outfits
  • Weapon set one
  • Weapon set two
  • Weapon set three
  • Raise wanted level by one
  • Unlock all houses


The Weapon System

All the weapons above are usable but cannot all be carried around because that would be unrealistic. Players can buy weapons and ammunition through many illegal gun shops throughout the city or buy it from a legal gunsmith. If the player buys big weapons, they will be kept in boxes, cases or bags and the player can take the weapon out whenever. The player can choose to carry one pistol or revolver, one thrown weapon and one melee weapon. All other weapons can be kept in safe houses or cars and used when necessary. But all weapons will not fit in one house or two. It will probably take more or at least five houses. If caught with a weapon in public, civilians will run or fast walk away in panic and police will arrest you. Dangerous weapons such as rocket launchers will cause major stress and the police might put you down immediately. One shotgun or/and sub machine gun can be kept in the trunk of the players car. Some weapons, like sniper rifles, have bags or cases to put them in some you won’t track any attention but you can’t get rid of these bags or cases unless you leave it at your car or home. Accessories (when bought) can be placed on a weapon any time if it makes sense (a suppressor can’t be put on a rocket launcher). Weapons can be shot legally at shooting ranges and quiet, lonesome, deserted area.

Weapons in GTA 5

These are the weapons that should be in GTA 5


  • United States Pistol, Caliber .45, M1911
  • Browning Hi-Power Mark III
  • Mark XIX Desert Eagle
  • Glock 22 Pistol
  • Uzi Pistol
  • .44 Auto Mag Pistol
  • Duel M1911


  • Charter Arms Bulldog Model 74421
  • Colt Anaconda
  • Colt Python
  • Colt Detective Special
  • Colt Single Action Army Revolver
  • Smith & Wesson Model 13

Sub Machine Guns

  • Heckler & Koch MP5A3
  • MP5K-PDW
  • Mark XIX Desert Eagle
  • Mini Uzi
  • Heckler & Koch MP5-N
  • Heckler & Koch MP5A3

Machine Guns

  • M240L Machine Gun
  • Machine Gun, 7.62 mm, M60
  • M249 Squad Automatic Weapon
  • Mk 48 Machine Gun


  • Franchi SPAS-12
  • Ithaca 37 Stakeout
  • Remington Model 870 Police
  • Mossberg 590

Assault Rifles

  • M16 Rifle
  • AK-47
  • M4A1 Carbine

Sniper Rifles

  • Ruger M77 Mark II
  • Remington Model 700
  • Heckler & Koch PSG1A1
  • Heckler & Koch MSG90


  • Molotov Cocktail
  • M84 Stun Grenade
  • M26 Grenade
  • Pipe Bomb
  • Satchel Charge
  • Tear Gas
  • M67 Grenade
  • MK3 Grenade
  • M26A1 Variant Grenade


  • Fist
  • Brass Knuckles
  • Police Baton
  • Metal Baseball Bat
  • Wooden Baseball Bat
  • Pocket Knife Barlow Style
  • Pocket Knife Camper Style
  • Crowbar
  • Tomahawk
  • Hammer
  • Fire Axe
  • Axe
  • Combat Knife
  • Trench Knife
  • Shiv (Shank)
  • Chainsaw
  • Machete
  • Cleaver


  • RPG-7V
  • US Army M2 Flamethrower
  • US Army M72 LAW Rocket Launcher
  • HK69A1 Grenade Launcher
  • M60 Machine Gun
  • M197 Tri-Barreled Gatling Gun


  • Suppressor
  • Bayonet
  • Aimpoint CompM4
  • M203 Grenade Launcher (attached to rifles)
  • Bipod
  • Various Scopes


The Cities

GTA 5 should be based in Vice City, Florida. The player should be able to drive to Cottonmouth and be able to ride planes as passengers to the two other major cities.

  • Los Santos, San Andreas.
  • Liberty City, Liberty State.

The player should also be able to go to the rest of the cities or the cities can make a cameo appearance.

  • Alderney & Carcer City (Camden), Alderney State.
  • London, England.
  • Manchester, UK.
  • Cottonmouth (Tampa), Florida.
  • Capital City (It might not exist but if does, Washington, D.C.)

Anywhere City & Bullworth should not be included because Anywhere City is a future city & Bullworth has kids.

PLZ give me feedback AlmightyGameGuy

  • GTA IV era w/ Niko Bellic but in San Andreas New weaps NO HOT COFFE (only because it would be rated AO) new weapons LONG story about the russians hunting Niko down or something. It could also be in Ireland w/ the McReary brothers. Also the Revenge storyline should be considerd cannon for two reasons

1. It follows Nikos Moral Code 2. Roman can appear in GTA5 (who liked Kate(( NO HOT COFFE W/ HER(((WTF)))))) Rmpcop1

GTA V: Stories of Los Santos

  • Again, I want the game to take place in Los Santos. I don't think we should include the whole state of San Andreas, which would be a big map IMO. I think that there should be 2 expansion packs: San Fierro Bay Area and Las Venturas County. The first game should be in LS, based off Los Angeles and Orange County.

Neighborhoods for LS: West LS:

  • Bradwood (Brentwood)
  • Vinewood (Hollywood)
  • North Vinewood (North Hollywood)
  • West Vinewood (West Hollywood)
  • East Vinewood (East Hollywood)
  • Santa Maria (Santa Monica)
  • Verona Beach (Venice Beach)
  • Pacific Palaces (Pacific Palisades)
  • Mulholland (Hollywood Hills)
  • Richman (Bel Air)
  • Marina de Columbus (Marina del Ray)
  • Carver City (Culver City)
  • Madera Heights (Ladera Heights)
  • West Los Santos (West Los Angeles)
  • Verdant Bluffs (Griffith Park and LA Zoo)
  • Los Santos International (Los Angeles International)
  • Downtown
  • El Mariposa (El Segundo)

East LS:

  • East Los Santos (East Los Angeles)
  • Willowfield (Willowbrook)
  • Ganton (Compton)
  • Jefferson (Watts)
  • Samoan Gardens (Hawaiian Gardens)
  • Cherryflower (Bellflower)
  • Dover (Downey)
  • Gaspen (Gardena)
  • Idlewood (Inglewood)
  • El Corona (El Sereno)

South LS:

  • Carlson (Carson)
  • South Beach (Long Beach)
  • Algonquin Beach (Manhattan Beach)
  • Rojo Beach (Redondo Beach)
  • Cerritos (Cerritos)
  • Terrance (Torrance)

San Gomez Valley (San Fernando Valley):

  • Riverbank (Burbank)
  • San Gomez (San Fernando)
  • Glenton (Glendale)

San Hernandez (San Gabriel):

  • Crown Valley (Pasadena)
  • Monterrey Park (Monterey Park)
  • Alabama (Alhambra)
  • Monte Bonita (Montebello)
  • West Convin (West Covina)
  • Convin (Convina)

Grape County (Orange County):

  • Sinsheim (Anaheim)
  • Sinsheim Hills (Anaheim Hills)
  • Grape (Orange)
  • Garden Way (Garden Grove)
  • Santa Lopez (Santa Ana)
  • Ermine (Irvine)

Los Santos Story: After the '92 Riots, Los Santos has gone through changes. The Police Department has gotten rid of its bad eggs, many areas of the Eastern sector are being cleaned up, crime is starting to decline, and the Ballas and OG Families are losing their influence. West LS is filled with beautiful houses and movie stars and studios, while East LS is filled with ghettos. Dwayne Forge decides to move away from his sad life in Liberty City and go to San Andreas and at least make a better living. He soon finds himself on Grove Street. Forge, alongside with some of his former friends, decide to create the African American Mafia Syndicate and teach the old LS gangs a lesson.

Los Santos should NOT be isolated by water, instead isolate the city with mountains, and put a limit of how far a helicopter can go (e.g. an invisible wall). Kanzler31 05:16, 11 July 2011 (BST)

GTA:Northwood Games

  • Rockstar Games should create a GTA 5 game from Malc's and Desean's point of view just like Johnny and Luis.

GTA:Northwood Games

  • Rockstar Games should create a GTA 5 game from Malc's and Desean's point of view just like Johnny and Luis.

Police System

GTA 5 should follow the traditional 5 star wanted level.

  • One Star: Acquired when hitting or scratching a police car which will result in a fine. If you refuse to pay a fine or do not have the money, you will be arrested. Extortion, assult and hit and run will also result in a one star wanted level and if you try to run from it, police will run at your pace and faster. Police will also fire a warning shot and if you still choose to run, they will shot you in either the leg or arm.
  • Two Stars: Burglary (not robbery) will give you a two star wanted level. Police will not fire a warning shot anymore and will commonly run faster and be able to catch you instantly. They will corner you in alleys and drive faster.
  • Three Stars: At this rate, police will fire slowly out there car and aim for the head. Arson, vandalism, robbery and armed robbery. FIB agents will now join in and police helicopters will put the light on you, but not fire. Keep in mind that police can arrest you any time on any star.
  • Four Stars: Acquired from killing an officer or any other kind of manslaughter. Police and FIB will shoot to kill. Detectives will try to knock you off the road and shoot you down. Helicopters will note your appearance making almost impossible to escape the heat.
  • Five Stars: Continually committing violent crimes. Pedestrians will be evacuated from your general area and noose will appear in blockades and trying to shoot you. Helicopters start to shoot you. The government will try to keep you kept in your same area. They will use tear gas and stun grenades to take you down if you are kept in a small area. They will do drive bys with advanced weapons now.
  • Six Stars: It is almost impossible to get six stars because you would have to have committed impossible terrorist acts. Two helicopters appear and both shoot with mounted guns and regular officers shoot. The police sheriffs (only), Noose, FIB and DOA appear. The use extremely lethal weapons such as grenades.


  • have it in an updated, much bigger san andreas with the cities looking much more like their real life counterparts. also bring back the hunter and hydra and rhino. be able to customise the player like gta sa. bigger boats and at-400 Sharpie14

Grand Theft Auto V


In the fictional state of Mackin (modeled after Ohio), three large cities reside: Hudson (Columbus), Alexander(Cleveland), and Bishop City(Cincinnati). Hudson, the growing capital, lays in the middle of the state. Alexander, the industrial, down-and-out, northernmost city, is positioned on the shores of dirty Lake Castor. Finally, Bishop City sits on the borderline shores of the Mackin River. These three cities are separated by the rolling countryside hills and rural farms.


The year is 2012. Joe Walker has just escaped from Liberty State Penitentiary, after being accomplice to the murder of Liberty City Mayor Bryce Dawkins. The murderer, Joe's friend and a fellow hired gun Niko Bellic, fled the jail with him. However, they split up. Joe, looking for his friend, has narrowed down the search to either Bishop City or Hudson. However, upon arrival in Alexander, he is hit by another car, and is nearly apprehended by authorities but escapes to an old amusement park in the Alexander suburbs. Joe, now a wanted fugitive, starts doing jobs for local gangs. Eventually, he kills a corrupt cop named William Tastret- the same one that reported to the scene of the accident when he first arrived in Alexander.

Fleeing the city, Joe makes his way toward Hudson, adopts the alias John Walken, and begins doing work in his former line of business- an assassin. Looking relentlessly for his friend, Joe eventually discovers a lead that Niko recently left Bishop City for the nation's capital- Hancock, D.V. The night before his flight to the capital leaves, an RPG, later found out to be shot by the Quentin Tastret- the vengeful son of William. Joe's skull is fractured and sustains first-degree burns in the explosion. Quentin burns down the apartment, destroying the plane ticket and all Joe's money. His only possessions are his Beretta 92F pistol and his blue DF8-90. Joe contemplates suicide, until a mysterious government agent approaches him with 250,000 dollars- to kill the governor of Mackin. Joe makes the decision to accept, but only if given a full pardon for all his crimes. The agent agrees, but lowers the reward to 100,000.

Two nights later, the governor is killed with his family when his house explodes due to a 'gas leak.' Three hours later, Joe Walker is in Bishop City to catch his flight. His airport shuttle, however, crashes into the river, and the only survivors are Joe and a woman he saves, Janet. After a chance encounter with a man named Patrick McReary who Niko was good friends with, the two decide to team up to find their friend. One day, roughly a month later, the two's only lead was that he is still in Bishop City. After tirelessly looking, the two are about to give up, when a BCPD convoy passes by.

Packie sees what looks like Niko in the back of a police cruiser. He is dropped off at a building that says Treadman Plastic on it. Packie and Joe kidnap Niko, and take him to Packie's apartment. After a brief reunion, BCPD, NOOSE, and FBI arrive at the apartment. The three fight their way out, and after Packie is shot and the stomach and nearly killed, Niko steals a FBI Buffalo and fakes their deaths by driving into a fuel tank. The last scene is the three arriving in Los Santos on a private jet courtesy of Niko's multimillionaire cousin Roman.

Weapons -Combat Knife -Baseball Bat -Pool Cue -Bayonet (AK-47 and M14) -M1911 Pistol -Glock 17 -Beretta 92F -Desert Eagle -CZ-75 Automatic -Remington 870 -Franchi SPAS-12 -Sawed-Off Shotgun -AA-12 -Uzi -MP5K -P90SD -M4A1 -AK-47 -M14 -M82A1 -Dragunov SVD -RPG-7 -Fragmentation Grenade -Molotov Cocktails -Satchel Charges


Mostly same as Grand Theft Auto IV, TLAD, and TBOGT, with some additions. Expansions

An expansion could be made where Niko's story is told independently of Joe's.

Niko Bellic is one of the most sought-after hitmen in Liberty City. He gets his biggest contract ever from the civil rights group EFA (Equality for All) to kill now-mayor of Liberty City Bryce Dawkins, a closeted homosexual who is vocally far-right in politics, pretending to support Christian family values while often defying them himself. Niko and his friend Joe Walker, also a very successful hitman, are both payed ten million dollars to perform this assassination. He is at a dinner party in a high-rise skyscraper on October 9th, 2008. After masquerading as to emigrant janitors, they reach the floor of the dinner party. All persons at the party are to be shot. Joe attaches an explosive charge to the door. He detonates it, and they burst into the room, shooting attendees and ill-equipped security guards alike with no discretion. Finally, a security guard manages to squeeze a round out of his Beretta, hitting Niko in the shoulder. This provides a distraction for an attendee to call police, who quickly arrive in large numbers. Joe shoots Bryce in the head personally, and at Niko's insistence, Bryce's friend Bernie Crane is the only survivor. Considering suicide as the only way out with cops barricading every possible escape route, the tide turns in their favor when LCPD air cover crashes into a building and provides an opportunity for a EFA helicopter to extract them. They escape to a safehouse in Bunkers (Yonkers), Liberty, and a massive manhunt ensues. This quickly ends when two assassins detonate a car bomb in front of the safehouse, effectively exposing it and causing the arrest of Joe and Niko. Both are sentenced to life with no parole, and sent to Alderney Correctional Facility.

4 Years Later

Gang members smuggle AK-47s into the prison, and a massive, homicidal riot follows. While other prisoners kill each other, Niko and Joe rendezvous and sneak out. However, they are forced to split up when the National Guard comes into play. Niko goes to Mesin (Chicago), but realizing a lack of opportunities there, he drives Bishop City, Mackin, under the false name of Dmitri Ilyat. He arrives, and quickly makes a name for himself as a hitman. However, a cop in deep cover exposes him and he is sent to a maximum security prison somewhere in Florida. When he is leaving, none other than Joe and his old friend Packie see him and destroy his convoy. Face with the same situation they were four years earlier, Niko fakes the trio's deaths and escapes to Los Santos on his cousin Roman's private plane.


GTA Las Venturas

  • Gta Las Venturas would be a game based in the 1960s in Las Venturas when its starting to become a more popular gambling town and have the old strip be popular. Have the main character a mobster trying to help his mob family become legitimate through a casino. Have strip clubs be actually nude. Have more bank robberies DonClarence

GTA V (GTA Prohibition)

  • Setting:
  State of Iroquois (Illinois, Canadian countryside, Atlantic City). With the cities of Capone(Chicago), Iroquois Springs(fictional town in Canada), Atlantis City(Atlantic City) and various small towns.
  Based on a guy named Joe Fitzgerald who comes to Capone because he is wanted in Liberty City for bank robbery. When he gets there, a war is happening between the irish mob and the italian mob. He starts     help the irish mob but is betrayed so he works as an enforcer for the italians. The mob boss in Capone is arrested on tax evasion and Joe goes to Iroquois Springs to evade the authorities. There he works for a rich jewish man, Isaac Meyer, delivering whiskey to customers and killing his enemies. Then Isaac moves to Atlantis City to start up his bootlegging business there. In Atlantis City Joe helps Isaac create his whiskey empire. Issac is murdered in a assassination by the same irish mobster who betrayed Joe in Capone. Joe gets revenge and becomes the most powerful bootlegger in the East Coast. DonClarence

Community:GTA 5 Wishlist/archive11

Grand Theft Auto V Weaponry

  • Make the following weaponry appear in Grand Theft Auto V:


  • Fist
  • Brass Knuckles
  • Knife
  • Baseball Bat
  • Katana
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Meat Cleaver
  • Golf Club
  • Nightstick
  • Machete
  • Fire Axe
  • Cane
  • Crowbar
  • Shovel
  • Pool cue
  • Chisel
  • Hockey Stick


  • Molotov Cocktail
  • Grenade
  • Tear Gas
  • Detonator Grenade
  • Pipe Bomb
  • sticky Bombs


  • Glock 17
  • Desert Eagle (nine bullet version)
  • Pistol .44
  • Silenced 9mm

Sub-machine guns:

  • Tec-9
  • Ingram Mac-10
  • Micro Uzi
  • SMG
  • Automatic 9mm
  • Gold SMG
  • Assault SMG


  • Pump action shotgun.
  • Combat shotgun.
  • Sawn-Off shotgun
  • Assault Shotgun
  • Automatic Shotgun
  • Explosive Shotgun

'Assault Rifles

  • AK-47
  • M4 Carbine
  • Ruger

Heavy Weaponry:

  • Minigun
  • M-60
  • Flamethrower
  • RPG
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Advanced MG

Sniper Rifles:

  • Combat sniper
  • Sniper
  • Advanced Sniper


  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Spray Can
  • Satchel Charges
  • Parachute
  • Detonator
  • Camera
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • Theral vision goggles
  • Binoculars

Also make the following changes:

  • Bring back stealth kills with knives.
  • Make it so there are six ways to obtain weaponry:
  • 1- Hardware stores (Melee weapons only).
  • 2- Illegal Gun shops.
  • 3- Gun cars from friends.
  • 4- Ammu-Nation website.
  • 5- Weapon smugglers, which can be found at the airports and docks.
  • 6- Illegal worldwide arms dealers.

The fifth and sixths options works like this: you have to make connections with arms dealers across the world or weapon smugglers in the city and wait on the weapon(s) to be smuggled to the city, which would take any number of in-game days or hours.


How to get weapons

These are were you should obtain weapons

  • Pawn shops
  • Illegal gun shops
  • Criminals that sell weapons and other illegal merchandise at night


GTA V Wishlist (Yes I took it from my Blog @

  • Here's my wishlist.

Plot: Set GTA V in San Andreas, 2015, where the protagonist, Samuel Buffer, age 22, escapes prison after a power outage (a reference to Manhunt 2), he fights his way out and after finding his files, he discovers he has an uncle, Matthew Buffer, age 54, he heads over to the following address and sees that his uncle is part of a gang, Sam follows his in uncle's footsteps. From here on out, R* will have to come up with the plot.

Protagonist: Name: Samuel Joseph Buffer

                    Age: 25
                    Gender: Male
                    Height: 1.2m
                    Weight: 50kg
                    Nationality: American
                    Details: Ex-Marine, has connections to Russian Mafia via uncle, highly skilled at using weapons and strong. Practitioner of Parkour. Hair and eyes are both brown.

Weapons & Combat: I think GTA V should have quite a number of weapons. Here's my list (names in brackets are generic names and a * means the weapon is used by law enforcement) [All weapons have realistic ranges]:

Unarmed: Fists, Healing items, Improvised Weapons Melee: Knife, Machete, Axe, Nightstick*, Crowbar, Baseball Bat. Handguns: Glock 17* (Light Pistol), Desert Eagle .357 (Combat Pistol), Glock 18* (Automatic Pistol) [Full Auto], AMT AutoMag .44 (Heavy Pistol), Beretta 92f (Classic Pistol) [8 round mag, Pistol variant] Shotguns: Mossenberg 500* (Pump Shotgun), Remington 11-87* (Combat Shotgun), Stevens Model 311D (Sawn-off Shotgun), AA-12* (Auto Shotgun) [Full Auto], Ithaca 37 'Stakeout' (Classic Shotgun) [4 rounds, Pump Shotgun variant] Sub-machine Guns: Micro-Uzi (Micro SMG) [32 round mag], Uzi (SMG), MP10* (Combat SMG), FN P90* (Assault SMG) [No Silencer], MAC-10 (Classic SMG) [30 round mag, Micro-SMG variant] Assault Rifles: AK-47 (Assault Rifle) [40 rounds], M4A1* (Carbine Rifle), FN-SCAR-L* (Combat Rifle), M249E2 SAW* (LMG), AR-10 (Classic Assault Rifle) [20 rounds, Assault Rifle variant] Sniper Rifles: Remington 700 (Sniper Rifle) [10 round mag], PSG-1* (Combat Sniper), WA2000 (Advanced Sniper), SIG 552 Scoped* (Automatic Sniper), Marlin Model 336 (Classic Sniper Rifle) [5 round magazine, lever-action, Sniper Rifle variant] Grenade Launchers: RPG-7 (RPG), M27 LAW* (Rocket Launcher), HK69A1 (Grenade Launcher), M23 MGL (MGL), M97 Grenade Launcher (Classic Grenade Launcher) [1 round, Grenades have same effects as the RPG's rockets from GTA IV, Grenade Launcher variant] Thrown: M26 Frag* (Grenade), Molotov Cocktail, Tear Gas Grenade* [Produces a cloud of tear gas which will make anyone in it cough and lose health, for players, they will just lose health. Effects are removed when the Gas Mask is equipped], Sticky Bomb [GTA TBoGT Style], Pipe Bomb [TLaD Style] Others: Gas Mask* [Removes the Tear Gas's effects on the wearer], NV Goggles* [Allows the wearer to see in the dark], Tactical Vest* [Doubles the wearer's armour], Parachute [GTA TBoGT Style] The Classic weapons are cheapest of their kind and great substitutes if you are short of cash.

You can hide in the shadows and become invisible to NPCs unless they are wearing the NV Goggles, also happens the other way around for other players. The melee system is similar to the GTA IV one but with some differences, you can execute opponents like in Manhunt 2, also, police variants of weapons may have flashlights attached to them.

Sam can pickpocket pedestrians for extra cash but risk a 2 star wanted level.

Weapon models will move while reloading (Magazine can be seen taken away and put back, cocking handle, shotgun shells can be seen loaded into gun etc.) / cocking (Bolt or pump moves while cocking)/ firing (all pistols' cocking slide move when firing). Correct reloading animations (hand goes to bolt, not to an invisible one).

You can pick up Improvised Weapons with different types:

Thrown: The same as GTA IV Melee: Kinda like Bully, use weapon for a while until it breaks. Some examples are: Mallet, Shovel, Glass Shard, plank of wood, Cricket Bat, Wooden Baseball Bat etc. Shields: These function as shields to protect you and can be thrown as a ranged weapon or put down to move it. These include: Pedestrians, wooden boards, trash can, crate, propane tanks, gas cans etc. Sam knows Parkour and has higher jumps and can traverse over obstacles faster than Niko, Johnny and Luis. He also receives minor damage when falling from 10 feet to 15 feet, past that, he starts losing major health. He can also go prone or crawl under obstacles or through vents respectively

Police: Instead of the 6-star system, have an 8-star system:

Caused by a minor offence like hurting someone, a officer will demand a fine of $50 from you. If you don't or can't pay, it will escalate into a 2-star wanted level. In multiplayer, the player has to bribe the cops with $500. Same as GTA IV (1-star) just with an extra offence, pickpocketing and the cops will beat you with nightsticks. Same as GTA IV (2-star). From here on out, a News Maverick will film you. Same as GTA IV (3-star) . Cops bring Carbine Rifles and Combat SMGs along. LMGs are used in helicopters. Same as GTA IV (4-star) . SWAT helicopters come in. Same as GTA IV (5-star). Agents start flying from the skies with parachutes. Same as GTA IV (6-star) . APC is used by SWAT. Army comes along with Rhinos and Hunters. Wanted system follows GTA IV's 'radius system'. There is 'Police Attention' ranging from 'Criminal' to 'Civillian' to 'Samaritan'

'Criminal': Cops will take notice of you and a 1-star wanted level will be randomly awarded. Drug Deals cannot be set up.

'Civillian': Same as GTA IV. Cops only notice you if you get wanted, to drop to 'Criminal', one needs to advance 3 stars within a minute. To rise up to 'Samaritan', one may help a cop stop the person he's chasing at least 5 times, bust Drug Deals after calling the cops and so on.

'Samaritan': Cops will help the you and if you are attacked, any cop nearby will shoot your attacker.

Vehicles: Keep all vehicles from GTA IV & EFLC including the multiplayer vehicles.

Add in the Jetski, Dodo, (Sea) Sparrow, Hunter, Rhino but with some changes, Dodo's variant has twin machine guns on it's wings (Fighter), Hunter keeps the ability to auto aim but with crosshairs, the Rhino is based off the M1 Abrams with machine guns and a cannon and crushes vehicles, not blow them up. Also add in a SWAT chopper, it's basically a Maverick with a heavy machine gun and rockets and can seat 4 people.

Sam can open the back of vehicles and take stuff from them, civilian cars can have random stuff, food (for health), drugs or money, Branded vans or trucks can have their products in them, Sam can also go into the back of the vehicle for cover, Police vehicles can have armour, first aid (for health), weapons and ammo, Ambulances can have, first aid kits, painkillers and adrenaline.

Helicopters and boats can be saved at certain safehouses.

Health & Armour: Pretty much the same as GTA IV but with some differences: Health

Total Health: double that of GTA IV, shown as a bar roughly 10 cm long at the bottom left of the screen Food and Drink will make you gain temporary health meaning you can still bleed out Painkillers will stop you from losing more temporary health and gradually heal you Adrenaline will slow time down and heal you fully with temporary health which will last until the slow-mo effect dies down Bandages turns your temporary health into permanent health First aid kit will heal you fully Sam can also keep healing items, Armour

Total Armour: same as GTA IV but represented as a bar roughly 5 cm long above the health bar Bulletproof Vests will refill your armour Tactical Vests will double your armour World: San Andreas should be slightly smaller, 35 square km but with all the notable areas (desert, forest etc).

Sam also uses a phone for communication and other stuff like in GTA IV.

Parts of the world can be destroyed like weak brick walls, weak doors, air vent covers, glass and so on.

There should be an offshore dock that plays some part in the story.

Keep the casinos and nightclubs from LC and SA.

There are safehouses in certain areas so you can save certain vehicles like boats (near docks) and helicopters (with helipads).

Cheats: Cheats are entered via phone like GTA IV but more are generic. Here's my list, CbT stands for Can be Toggled, (B) means that achievements will be blocked, the number in the [brackets] is the number to dial for the cheat:

Infinite Health & Armour (CbT) (B) [INF-555-HEAL]: Self-explanatory. Some achievements will be deactivated while cheat is active. Infinite Ammo (CbT) (B) [GUN-555-AMMO]: Self-explanatory. You still need to reload, though. Again, achievements will be blocked if cheat is active. Weapon set 1 [GUN-555-POOR]: Similar to GTA IV (Knife, Light Pistol, Pump Shotgun, Micro SMG, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, RPG and Molotovs). Weapon set 2 [GUN-555-PWER]: Similar to GTA IV (Baseball Bat, Combat Pistol, Combat Shotgun, Combat SMG, Carbine Rifle, Combat Sniper, RPG, Grenades) Weapon set 3 [GUN-555-GANG]: Gangster styled weapons: Crowbar, Automatic Pistol, Sawn-off, SMG, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Grenade Launcher, Molotovs. Weapon set 4 [GUN-555-COPS]: Police grade weapons: Nightstick, Light Pistol, Pump Shotgun, Combat SMG, Combat Rifle, Auto Sniper, Rocket Launcher, Tear Gas Grenades Weapon set 5 [GUN-555-HEVY]: Heavy Weapons: Sledgehammer, Heavy Pistol, Auto Shotgun, Assault SMG, LMG, Advanced Sniper, MGL, Sticky Bombs Wanted up [COP-555-0150] Wanted down (B) [COP-555-0100] Spawn Parachute [FLY-555-7272] Spawn Gas Mask [GAS-555-6275] Spawn NV Goggles [NTE-555-6275] Spawn Cars: [CAR-555-????] the last 4 digits are up to R* Spawn Motorbikes: [MBK-555-????] same as above Spawn Bicycle: [BIK-555-????] same as above Spawn Boat: [WET-555-????] same as above Spawn Attack Helicopter [FLY-555-????] Full Friendship [BFF-555-0100]: Friendships are like in GTA EFLC Full Respect [BFF-555-0150]: Full Friend respect Customize vehicle spawn options [CAR-555-CUST]: Customize your vehicle before you spawn it. You must have vechicle in your cheats to customize it. Custom weapon set [GUN-555-CUST]: Customize your weapon set and the weapons in it. Criminal [MAN-555-EVIL]: Changes your Police attention to Criminal Civilian [MAN-555-CIVL]: Changes your Police attention to Civilian Samaritan [MAN-555-GOOD]: Changes your Police attention to Samaritan Graphics: Use the RAGE engine again and this time, have more realistic weapon animations (the Sawn-off and Classic Shotguns shouldn't eject shells until the user reloads it ect). Have chunkier headshots like in Manhunt 2.

Multiplayer: Put in a zombie mode with a few special zombies:

'Normal': The fast kind of zombie. Can throw it's head if it cant reach

'Bullimic': Pukes stomach acid onto the survivors

'Blood Flinger': Flings blood at the survivors, each handful of blood takes the same amount of health as a head.

'Behemoth': Basically, GTA IV's version of L4D's Tank

All zombies can be played by humans, dead survivors can be eaten by zombies for health. The game will also spawn AI survivors who wander around the map also trying to escape, the survivors can use them as extra muscle, the zombies can hunt them for health and practice. Zombies can be infectious, which is shown as a green fog hanging around them, their attacks will infect a survivor who, without taking painkillers, will turn into a zombie within one minute. Survivors will have only 4 weapon slots and their weapons will affect their character models, the 4 slots are melee, sidearm, main weapon and thrown (can hold more than one). Players will have to fight through San Andreas and get rescued at Verdant Meadows to an offshore dock.

  • Here are some of my suggestions:

1. Make the next location based off of Houston - although it's in the south, it's a huge metropolitan area, with outlying suburban areas, including an area that is supposedly where Klan members reside - that alone would make an interesting dynamic to the story. It's a large hub for immigrants all over the world, so it's a great diverse place, and it would be nice to make fun of rednecks - I've missed that since GTA 2. :) This would also be a good opportunity to have a Hispanic or Asian protagonist. 2. Make home burglaries available in residential neighborhoods - you can sneak inside people's homes at try to snatch as much money and jewelry as you can. You can also steal wallets, IDs, and cause crime via identity theft. 3. Character customization - please please PLEASE give us opportunities to make custom male or female characters. As a girl gamer, it would be nice to be able to play as a female, and customize the appearance and personality traits. And please make her feminine, and not butch - Saints Row definitely messed this part up. 4. Online and offline Co-op or multiplayer missions - I've been wanting GTA to do this for years! Causing chaos is fun, but causing chaos with a friend = AWESOME! 5. Can we please have the cops not shoot at you until you get to 2-3 stars? It's kind of ridiculous to get shot at for accidently hitting a police car or accidentally running into a cop on the streets. 6. Having "loyalty points" to recruit new members into your crew. The higher the points, you will attract more highly-skilled henchmen (and women). You earn points via crimes committed. 7. The main character should be able to bribe police to lower your wanted level. You should also be able to bluff and blackmail police too. 8. Have a GTA version of Facebook or Twitter and be able to post comments. You can make "friends" with other players and check up on other people's statuses.

That's all I have. Thank you for allowing us to submit ideas! Departedsoul9 Departedsoul9


  • 1. Have random car accident scenes when you are driving (police directing traffic, big traffic jam, ambulance taking injured person away etc..)
  2. Have random ambulances responding, and you have to pull over when they pass.
  3. DESTRUCTIBLE BUILDINGS!!!! Have the buildings closed of for a little while, with investigators and all that stuff there.
  4. Use turn signals, hazard lights etc... while driving! 



  • An online mode where the whole of the area is filled with zombies and humans, so when playing with friends you can just kill zombies aimlessly, and get in cars and just drive around and kill. ** Drive able planes, jet skis ** let us choose the color and design when we play and spray our cars ** start in a small house with a small car parking space and then buy a bigger and better house and customize it how we want ** give us better character customization such as clothes color, hair style and color and size ** be able to go the gym and work on muscle or go to burger shot or cluckin bell and eat and will start to get fatGamersTheftAuto


  • The protagonist should be, Jimmy Hernandez. Why not try to go back to the GTA III era? In GTA San Andreas, it is in CJ's point of view. Why not move the view to Jimmy Hernandez ? From when he joined C.R.A.S.H. to getting killed by Pulaski. It should show how Brian died, how Tenpenny met CJ, how Grove Street and Ballas were founded, how the GSF-Ballas feud and war started, why Big Devil, Little Devil dies.It would also be the first time a police officer becomes a protagonist in GTA history. Also, the should be more realism. You should be able to be arrest-free because your a police, a car just for you, you should be able to customize your desk.

Also, Bring it back to the PS2.GTAjaxoxo

  • They should make it a bit more realistic with weaponry. There should be where if died, any illegal weaponry is thrown out, while legal firearms should be allowed to be kept. So when you respawn, only the legal firearms (Handguns) you are allowed to keep. TheJustinAllenK

More suggestions for GTA: C.R.A.S.H.

Become arrrest free, a car just for you, paying people to do jobs for you (in previous GTA games, you can't pay people do jobs),customizing your safehouse, chop shops where you can get parts from other cars and put them in your car.

Another sugesstion: GTA: East vs. West

  • In this story there should be a war between east and west gangs. The protagonist, a smuggler, helps the west coast gangs win the war by destroying their enemies businesses. Here the GTA III and IV eras combine together.

wanted level

  • 1 star: prank calling

2 stars:killing 1 pedestrian,blowing up a car (with guns) ,carjacking any car 3 stars: blowing up a heilcoper 4 stars:killing a cop 5 stars:killing 10 pedestrians Noah82

Vehicles, Protagonist, Clothing, Tattos, Multiplayer Gang Wars NssJ

  • Vehicles
  • Bring back custom car shops, especially lowriders, or make a Transfender that services all vehicles in the game.
  • More vehicles that can drag on the ground and lay a stream of sparks like the Tornado did when holding the ass end down on hydraulics (Dragging). Make all "lowriders" able (add Hermes), and all small trucks ie: Bobcat, Sadler, Slamvan, Walton, Yosemite, Picador... check out MiniTruckin to see the potential. Also, if spotted by police, dragging would get one star wanted level for more realism. Lastly, bring back garages, not street parking, and make sure theres no paint removing glitches.
  • Protagonist
  • What made GTA 3 the best in my opinion is "Claude" not speaking. It made it darker and more evil to not have the main character popping off at the mouth constantly like Vice City or San Andreas. Niko was closer, but the less they say, the more mystery is added. Actions speak louder than words. A hired gun or a wheelman doesn't need to say much. Fight Club has a good concept too. the protagonist/narrator: Edward Norton, only mentions his name "Jack" once, and off topic enough most don't catch on. Also agree with other peoples opinions, Maybe an Asian Yakuza, Rasta (Lil Jacob), Jamaican gang(Screwface), Scottish, Irish, etc. Something new to the series.
  • Clothing
  • Revert clothing change towards San Andreas. In GTA IV, depending on time of day, you couldn't see what you were putting on in dim lit apartments. Make a better selection method, like how xbox avatars can change clothes. Some way of seeing more options clearly at once to speed the process.
  • Tattoos
  • Need more options. Look kinda dumb sporting "Grove street for life" as the game progresses... More options, and also maybe a way to make your own, like a grid pattern you can color in the squares to make it. Like Mario Picross. Tall skinny grid for arm tats, short wide for stomach, etc.
  • Multiplayer Gang Wars
  • Like GTA IV turf wars and San Andreas combined. More options, more areas to capture, more gangs to choose than just Jamaican vs Russian...

--NssJ 14:09, 23 September 2011 (BST)

The Girlfriend Angle.

  • Ok, so lets take it back to the San Andreas way, but lets tweek it a little. I like the fact that you had a wide array of girlfriends to choose from, but how about we add to the roster. I would like to be able to have a more extended list of partners and be able to do more than just go out to eat, dance, or drive. Dont get me wrong but flowers and dildos are not my idea of a fancy gift. I would like to be able to buy real gifts like rings or clothes or even houses and cars, and with that, I would take a lesson from Fable and also have the option of engagement, marriage and also pregnancy. It would trip you out, kicking it with one of your girls and another calls to say, "hey, i'm pregnant".

I would like to believe that a peron who commits some of the raunchiest acts like killing a person would be sober so how about adding a drug use, like popping pills or smoking a blunt before a mission and of course the use would have certain effects on the player like delayed reaction or improved aim or things like that. And lets add real crack dens and head shops for a realistic feel. The game is not rated MA for no reason. The strip clubs were a big improvement, but how about the option of taking a stripper home or even stripper parties for your gang or clique.

You make a lot of money playing GTA, so how about we actually have things to spend it on. Bring back the option of buying property and not just housing. Maybe car lots,a weed farm, stores or even venues for some of the richer players. I would love to own the Staples Center. Also add the season effect. I dont know about you but I would love to chase my target and watch him slip and bust his ass on some ice, that would be crazy good.Loveyw

  • Make the police more fair like when a gangster or criminal did a firearm attack on an officer they will call in backup with helicopters and boats etc. And make the police pursuit everyone that commits a crime like in GTA San Andreas, not just the player. Jmbond007


  • One major talking point about Grand Theft Auto 5 is its realism. Some users wish for a very realistic game while others wish for a over-the-top game. In order to appeal to myself and these two parties, this is what Grand Theft Auto 5 should do: add a six level realism slide-bar that works something like this:
  • Level 1:GTA 1 Era realism
  • Level 2:GTA 2 Realism
  • Level 3:GTA III Era realism
  • level 4:GTA IV Era realism
  • Level 5:Pre 9/11 real world realism
  • Level 6:Post 9/11 real world realism.

This bar is located in the pause menu under the "Realism" option. The bar is a slide bar, allowing the player to slide the bar to the level of realism they wish to play in. However, in order to encourage people to play high level realism, make the rewards for high level realism higher than the low level realism rewards. Also, put the multiplayer activities under six different categories of realism to appeal everybody and to make it less confusing to find the ideal multiplayer activity.

However, if the above idea of realism is too complicated to put into the video game, then Rockstar should create two different versions of Grand Theft Auto 5: Realistic and Over-The Top. MrLanceVanceDance

My Other Ideas

  • Keep the existing subway system and include a working bus system to help get around the city.
  • Reintroduce the ability to fly planes to different locations.
  • Include a ferry service.
  • Keep key GTA Vice City assets, hotels and attractions like the WK Chariot Horel, Malibu Club, Printworks.
  • Make the police arrest everybody who commits a crime, not just the player.
  • The ability to pick up anything to throw at people, use as a shield and/or use as a weapon.
  • Include a large scale gang war, large scale shootout and/or large scale riot in the game's storyline.
  • Keep and use the GTA IV Era search Radius.
  • Make it so that you can only obtain a wanted level if you commit crimes in sight of police.
  • Set the game in Vice City, recreated so it resembles Miami more, just like what was done to Liberty City, or set the game in Miami.


San Andreas REBORN!

  • Liberty City appeared in 6 games,Vice City appeared in 2 games, at least San Andreas should have more then 1!, i think you know San Andreas is problably better than Liberty City, GTA SA itself is better than IV, uh What are you thinking?! What we fans are waiting for is a really High Polygon San Andreas!, trust me, it will be a really huge success! GTA IV even removed some San Andreas features that is really awesome, IV was made after SA, so go ahead and replay San Andreas, don't be shamed because SA is just a 2004 game with low graphics and stuff! GTAIndonesia
  • Make the cars more realistic, MORE CARS than before, drift, Racing and Fancy cars. Melrpm
  • Let us choice from Cops, Civilians or Criminals. Melrpm