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For previous suggestions, see /archive1 or /archive2.

This is the Grand Theft Wiki wishlist for the next GTA game after GTA IV.

Please do not repeat other people's suggestions, or say "that was a good idea". Also, no silly/stupid/idiotic/explicit/racist suggestions either. And please, remember to place your suggestion(s) at the bottom of the page.

How To Suggest

  1. Make sure your suggestion hasn't already been suggested
  2. Every different suggestion should have its own entry
  3. Start a new line with a hash (#), write your suggestion, then add THREE tildes (~~~). This will add your screename to the suggestion.

Suggestions for GTA 5

  1. they should carry on from gta 2 base it in about 2020. in a city ravaged by gangs, greedy corporations and bent men of law. you should be able to create your own player choose clothing ,physical looks, accent ethnicity, age and gender as well as if you are linked to any of the many gangs in the city. this would mean the storyline could not be based around an ethnicity (like san andreas or iv).the style of mission you do (robberies, kidnap, gta, burglary, assault and intimidation,murder, contract killing, pimping, loan sharking, bribing officials, drug taking and dealing...etc) depends on which gangs and contacts you work for. this inturn will increase your notoriety thus increasing the caliber of mission but also increasing your own characters skill level so if you do alot of contracting killing you will beoffered more work in that field thus taking the storyline down a certain route. now i think rockstar will be taking a serious look at the up and coming all points bulliten for pc which is basically an entirely online sandbox style crime game (looks like a less cool gta)wer you pick if you are a criminal or a law enforcer .this apb game has a lot of amazing possibilities imagine an entirely online GTA 5 . an entire city inhabited by around 100 online gamers.all either teaming up or fighting for wealth and infamy. gangs could be made by players who could claim turf and buildings. war-ing with the original corporations and gangs for dominance and revenge. or you could choose to vanish into the citys seedy underbelly mudering and stealing alone gradually increasing your notoriety as a violent madman. this game could be fantastic if they take apbs idea and put it through the amazing rockstar mill creating a dark violent scary funny as fuck game. i hope they try to make the graphics  a little bit more  stylised like sin city or 300 or casshern. hand to hand combat should improved as well as the shooting and stabbing the introduction of bullet time would be pretty sweet like max payne/ matrix. the game should be made alot dark like tim burtons gotham or blad runner or city of lost children.,  Vincent millidge
  2. Zaibatsu corporation is already existed in 2013 when GTA 2 took place. It would be nice if the next GTA storyline (which will be in 2010) should tell how they've started it all and the protogaonist should invole with them in some way (help them) and they would give them rare cars and weapons (like APC, tank or m249, jackhammer etc.). Mr Timbol
  3. Perhaps a bit more variety and focus on melee weapons and melee combat, with a little bit less on shooting things up. Imagine a mission where you have to go to the circus and kill the manager - you could sneak into the elephant cages, snag a bull hook, and continue through. Finally you come to his office, and the manager is facing the window. You walk up behind him, stab him with the bull hook, and he falls through the window to the ground. But not just bull hooks - metal chains, steel poles, umbrellas, water bottles, CDs, electric fans, textbooks, kind of a more "The Warriors" style with weapons where you could people up with quite a few weapons. GagePerson
  4. While we're on the subject of new weapons, every gun from the DLC episodes would be in the regular game. GagePerson
  5. Bring characters like The Truth, Woozie, Lance, Catalina, and Carl. I'm not saying bring them back altogether, but more "Bring in a hippie, a blind guy, a cool guy, a crazy chick, and a gangster". GagePerson
  6. Different environments such as Countryside, Dirt Country and Cities. User:Time GlitchTimeGlitch]]
  7. I think we need to have new, locations, where you can take planes to vice and liberty city. It would be cool if you were in a new entirely made up city as well, like san andreas, with countryside desert and cities. Also it would be cool to have more customization options, like being able to choose your race, and hair and bodyweight and muscle, like SR2. I wouldn't mind more weapons as well.CheeseflareUK
  8. I think there needs to be more islands and a wider range of terrain. Also there needs to be more weapons. More missions is definatly needed. A longer story and more achievments. Also harder achievments with more gamerscore earned. There should still be easy achievments with little gamerscore earned. More vehicles are also essential. More/different/all games in previous GTA's should be used, for example not just bowling or golf, have both. It should be a cross between GTA SAM and GTA IV. Both imense games. GTA SA in the sence of more land and terrain and possible the muscle and fat side. GTA IV as it the better graffics, guns, cars, missions etc......PlTomayer
  9. It should take place in Vice city or Chicago and you are leader of a cool gang.Bring back car customization and buying property.(Strangle hold)
  10. Adding a 'Hardcore' difficulty would be a nice addition after completing the game, scaling back the protagonist's health and ammo capacity to much leaner levels to make a subsequent playthough much more tactically demanding. Sawbones
  11. A new storyline in a larger and clearer Vice City in present time. Take back the car customization and more car futures. as hydrolics and lights/stereo. mm. More futures you can buy during the game. ( property) Higher speed of traffic on Highway !!. . --Rihm 21:49, November 20, 2009 (UTC)
  12. I thik that they should bring back Airplanes, like 747's. Just like in SA. That would be awesome on multiplayer. I can see why they didnt do that on GTAIV, maybe because they didnt want people crashing into building and being a "terrorist". Parachutes would be awesome too. --MiniSoup 01:13, November 10, 2009 (UTC)
  13. Just bring back San Andreas And make it have planes and stuff and animals in the country side and stuff make it an australian guy that just got their and met cj so he does missions for him and then meets the lost brotherhood bikers there and have like parachutes and lowriders and loads of muscle cars including a holden monaro And make you to be able to drive across the country to vice city and liberty city or take a train or plane. that would be the best game EVER!!!!!!! yous would gat lots of money ehhhh haha.
  14. Considering that R* have demonstrated that they can create solid, sympathetic and deep protagonists, I'd really like to see a female lead character in the next game. I'm sure that they could avoid the classic 'Stony Bitch' stereotype of most female leads in games and apply the formula to great effect. Sawbones
  15. Make it set in the future such as 2025 and set it in Liberty City and make a borough which should be parody to Staten Island.
  16. Ignore crazy stuff like making it totaly unreal. And do it as GTA IV but with: more vehicles( maybe five new and all others as in TLAD, TBOGT and GTA IV), have the ability travel between cities vice city and liberty city if needed on two disks and also if possible san andreas, Real estate agency( only to 15 maximum safehouses) but more to give about 30 choice but when reached 15 they say "all others bought", More minigames( All TLAD ,TBOGT and GTA IV also new ones like arcade, casino, bodyguarding, photo spy, new version of paramedic, new version of air rescue, trasher, pizza deliveries and many more online activities), more girlfriends, car upgrading more depth then  GTA:SA, Few illegal shops which sell very rare things, Fake Police Database as a analog to skype which would be important just as email But at first you need downloaded as many other programs, many easter eggs about other characters from other games. OmagaSpruz
  17. It would be nice if boats and helicopters had designated saving spots, like tying a boat to a dock that the player character owns or landing a helicopter on a helipad owned by the player character. Of course, the boat saving mechanic would have to be different from the car saving mechanic; you woudn't simply be able to leave it in a spot, but rather you would have to tie it to a dock. Maybe you could drive to the saving spot, then answer an onscreen prompt to save (tie to the dock and leave it there) the boat. The prompt could be something like "Press D-pad down to tie boat to dock." And you would untie the boat by an onscreen prompt as well; "Press D-pad down to untie boat from dock," or something like that, and the untying option would also put the player character in the driver's seat of the boat. EEA
  18. If it takes place in Vice city make Vice city have swaps, lots of Hotels, clubs, and rich peole. Make the  protagonist be from the caribbeans ethier Cuba, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Jamaica, or th Bahamas. You became rich and have a big masion and you can customize your mansion like in Saints Row and Scarface the game.(Strangle hold)
  19. i think it would be so cool to make the game like real life, the player should be able to enter all the shops and most of the buildings on the map, it would be good like on san andreas when you can go and rob peoples houses, gta 5 should defo bring back being able to do taxi missions and paramedic and police missions.  AEROPLANES need to come backk, i had many fun days drivin aeroplanes and jumping out of them on SA,  there should be more side missions to earn extra money, the game should start with the main charachter should start off as a teenager and as the games and missions go on he/she should slowly grow up in to a young adult facing the rough streets with gangs, violence, drugs, drinkin, sex etc.
  20. Please have a mansion that is bigger then the masion in Scarface and Vice city combined. You can have a pet shark just like in Scarface the game or a tiger in the masion.Big theater room in your masion. Girls in your masion that will walk around.A indoor pool, boat yard, Your gang walks around your masion, and finally please make this happen have a mini airport in the back of your masion.(Strangle hold)
  21. make gta 5 realistic like there's some licensed cars and like other people's ideas please other islands be included! like vice city and san andreas and possibly a new city called magnum city. one more thing, no securom on pc please it makes gta 4 worse do not include it on gta 5. also try to have a long storyline, like first u start at school when you're 13, you get to jail for doing something and you get out of jail when your 33 and should be so realistic like you can buy computers from electronic stores around the city, maybe shoes from prolaps or something.
  22. well I didn't know what to call the city but I think the one above me is great! make a surgery report every time you get wasted, e.g, right arm broken, chest shot, skull fractured. and show a picture of the protagonists skeleton. bring back the car modification and make a large variety of clothing and let us choose the colours of it. make a mini-game based on the forbidden "Hot Coffee" scenes in GTA: San Andreas. it will be BAD judging by the graphics. make little kids, pensioners, maybe even dogs walk around the city, maybe let some even be a main part.RobbieGIlder
  23. If it takes place in Vice City as I said before they should have SURFING and bring back jetskis. They should also have cooler friends and htter girlfriends. Also better Tv stations. Bring back the car the cheeta and  the ability to get a tatoo.(Strangle hold)
  24. Surfing would be alright. Having kids walking around and being able to get killed would bring Rockstar a lot of controversy, which they obviously do not want. The same with the Hot Coffee mini game. And the location... according to the instruction booklet in Grand Theft Auto Episodes From Liberty City, Liberty City is done for now. And it shows some kind of rural image next to the words "NEXT STOP".... rural... Red County in San Andreas could be it. However, under this rural image the world "Seagull" can be read. It might be another kind of city/state? Oh, and I agree with number 21 above. That would be great. And, weapon costumisation... like making them golden or something. And maybe some plastic sugery so one can choose to be black, white, asian, hispanic... or whatever.
  25. Include cyclists, or groups of cyclists (pelotons) that can be attacked or smashed into with vehicles.  Maybe include a specific mission where a pelotons of cyclists need to be smashed into.  This feature/mission will be a great relief for motorists in general who need to slow or avoid groups of cyclists on public roads because cyclists, in general, tend to think they own the roads they ride on and are exempt from road rules, such as stopping at red traffic signals/street signs and indicating their direction of travel before swerving across an intersection.  See this poster for inspiration: High-Scores are important Poster
  26. They should have may more gangs, like up to 28 gangs. Gang wars should be improved like if you are apart of the mob you will have to blow up a enemy gang buisness. Or if you are apart of a street gang you go in the projects and take the drugs over and the building that the drugs were stored. Once you take over a turf you will have to mark it with spary paint, if you are apart of the mob and take over a buisness you rename it. You should be able to build buisness and ues them as a front. You should be able to offer alliance with gangs. You should also be able to invest in buisness to make your name known like  producing movies,merchandise, a sports team, etc. Those stuff will make GTA 5 CRAZY!(Strangle hold)
  27. DO NOT  make it like saints row  that games shit anyway put it in san andreas make like a remade one and put animals bigger desert an country an cities and aeroplanes and i think you should bring back all the grove street and no ballas just put mexicans and other street gangs and make you a mexican gang guy that allies grove st make you have a mad mansion in las venturas and make loads of mad songs on the radio and like the guy 2 bthings away from me make bike guys and make them idiots like in real life and put indian and asian drivers idiots like in real too haha listen too the guy on top too and you have too put car garages to do up cars have too! thanks Liam English  and name it Gta San Andreas Dos.
  28. New Vice City map
  29. Should be called GTA: Apocalipsis City and be at the date of 2012; you should choose one charater from all the protagonist in GTA exept Victor Vance because he is dead; you can travel from Liberty City to Vice City to Los Santos to San Fierro to Las Venturas and to Carcer City; in the last mission there are all the protagonist from Gta 1 to Gta TBOGT (exept GTA:VCS) and play with any one you choose anyone to escape from the destruction; after all it finish it at Liberty City because Vice City and San Andreas of teh destruction and the call it Anywhere City because there should be nothing; get many gangs of possible all gangs created before and new gangs; get another time girlfriends; you should have all the things where after like: bikes, swiming, tatoos, get muscle, get fat, eat to survive, use your cellphone ect; new cars, motocycles, airplanes, boats; many radios with new songs; all people should drees different not only the charather you are using will use diferent clothes; you should have the ability to smoke, sit down, get drunk, ect; that in the 100% much more rewards
  30. Should be called GTA: MultiCity and it should have all the locations that appeared in GTA series except London and it should have The Caraways and Carcer City and it should have features like the player can buy a video game from shop and can play it at his safehouse, and the mobile player carrying should have all the features and it should be touchscreen and the player can sit in taxis by calling it and also in taxis that are on road
  31. I really don't want to see GTA in London or Tokyo or any other place like that. GTA should stay in the Americas were it belongs. It should also let you travel between cities(be able to travel from Liberty City to Los Santos to Vice City) . They should also add more cities like Chicago, Seattle, San Diego, or Tijuana(Yes I know that I said GTA should stay in America but Tijuana technically is in "The Americas" and it would be the perfect city to have a crime game set in because of the large amount of crime that goes on around there, and it would be cool if there was a feature where you can smuggle drugs, guns, and illegals into San Diego. and anyways they make obtaining fully-automatic guns too easy in GTA4, which in real life is almost imposible these days in the U.S. Where in Tijuana you can get anything you want from AK-47s to Sticks of Dynamite so easily.) I would at least want it to be set in San Andreas with the addition of San Diego and Tijuana. You would Have to admit that it would be down.- LosSantos13
  32. Or have it be set in the 1940s-50s and have it be set In Liberty City, Las Venturas, Vice City, Chicago, and Havana,Cuba have it be sort of a Grand Theft Auto: Mafia and There has to be a good variety of weapons like Springfields, BARs, Thompsons(of course),M1A1s, and M1 Garands. You get the idea.-LosSantos13
  33. Have it set at three cities : Liberty City,Vice City and San Andreas.In every city add an airport like in GTA:SA.Make a new character.OR:let us create a character.Make him meet all the previous GTA characters (Claude Speed,Tommy Vercetti,Carl Johnson,Niko Bellic,Maccer,Kent Paul,Roman Bellic,Little Jacob etc...) and  play missions with them.Add all stuff" from the previous GTA`s (Not like on GTA cant even fly with a plane and there is no flamethrower).Make all buildings destructable.More clothes and more clothes shops.And thats that...The problem is :my computer wont be able to run that game and I dont have enough money to upgrade my computer... So can you make a version for slower computers please ! MG 097
    1. Well we already klnow it's set in San Andreas so I expect new places to explore, a bigger desert, and I guess the protagonist will be a character that was in San Andreas with a minor role, and did not die :D that's all I have :P Kandreik
  34. They should make earthquakes or tornados that would be fun or you can have pets and littl children also they can make some Luis be the main character again and set it in england with gay tony and make a night club in newham or somewhere in london and do all that stuff Kid-Generate-xfl
  35. i think they should carry on with the gta iv portal but be in england as a british nightclub owner in london who is a member of a east end gang and like tbogt should spend half time on the club aqnd half time on the gang work . you should also be able to have full character customization  and have a travel mode where you can tracel to liverpool, manchester, nottingham etc and set up new faction for your gang packie mcreary should also feature in this game as your friend or even as the protagonist and you should be able to buy bars and clubs like you can in gta vc. louis 987.

[[Category:ok i think we should bring back san andreas. it be perfect w/ the graphics. ok like a sequel. you know start it off with one of the characters from the first game get killed by a mysterious person. then cj goes to the funeral and stuff. the he trys to take revenge by trying to find out who did it. the cj finds out who did it, it will be a former grove street gone balla .the so on and so on it will be good. but bring in so many new weapons and veichles. maybe a new map. the game will be called either: GRAND THEFT AUTO: SAN ANDREAS 2, GRAND THEFT AUTO: SAN ANDREAS THE REVENGE OF C.J., OR GRAND THEFT AUTO: SAN ANDREAS THE SEQUEL ]] [[Category:In this new game apparently it's going to be in Europe? I think that is a stupid idea and I think they should have it in San Andreas but a whole new San Andreas with Skate Boards, more options, and this time have stealth missions because there where none in gta 4. As well, In the games the weather changes randomly all the time... In San Andreas they had Dust storms. In this new game they could have SNOW!!!! And if they want a new city, how about a new version of Chicago because they've done Vegas, California, New York and Miami. And it would be cool to have fight clubs or something... And if it will be in San Andreas it would be cool if they had Some old cameo appearances from people like Sweet, Ken Rosenberg and even CJ? Also, more and new weapon selections like outrages things that you don't normally see and a different variety than just shooting up a place for Heroin. And last thing it would be very slack and they would probably get sued but It would awesome if there were like kids or teenagers or something (probably won't but just a suggestion right?)]]