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Also make the traffic lights on the opposite side of the intersection and random red light green light cycles. Leave the highbeams and add turn signals (more than one button pushed for console versions). Show your speed and RPMS on an in car view. Have an option of manual transmission using L1 R1 with O being the drive by button. [[User:Shewy92|Shewy92]]
Also make the traffic lights on the opposite side of the intersection and random red light green light cycles. Leave the highbeams and add turn signals (more than one button pushed for console versions). Show your speed and RPMS on an in car view. Have an option of manual transmission using L1 R1 with O being the drive by button. [[User:Shewy92|Shewy92]]
*Since they have gas stations in most of the games, why not use them?

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Community:GTA V Wishlist/archive4/instructions

  1. Well, you should be able to go across the country to Vice City, Liberty City, Any City.G0h4n1234
  2. There should be real-life-type impacts of bombs on buildings, vehicle accidents and other mishaps and massacres. Pedestrians should be better because in gtas like lcs and others have pedestrians talking without opening their mouth. The protaganist should be allowed to talk, abuse, bluff people and do whatever right or wrong he feels like and for that there should be an action list for selecting what he wants to do. The impact of bullets and bombs should be equal on every person. Houses can be broken in and the player can learn any type of self-defence like martial-arts, etc. Better clothing should also be included. The game should take place in new places like Tokyo, Rome, Paris or Mumbai. The protaganist can start any form of business and can buy, sell, rent property . If he wants he can hire hitmen or people to do his work. Animals should be included too. It should be a complete new and interesting story. More vehicles and restaurants, lodgings and hotels and places enterable, tolls on using highways, stricter police and traffic and intelligence source, import or export stuff whether banned or not, Player can watch news and can be news! Internet usage, bills and all sort of real-life stuff should be included.
  3. Over at /archive3, number 153 is one of the incomplete suggestions, because they disappeared for some reason. Read that first. Here's my list of characters that might come back again: 8-Ball (our player), Luigi Goterelli, Joey Leone (new leader of the Leone Family), Ken Rosenberg, Kent Paul, Yuka Kasen, Phil Cassidy (back to his boomshine), Maria Latore (with Claude at his apartment), Misty Leone (wife of Joey), Mary-Beth Williams (all grown up because the year is 2004 and becoming like her father with a bit of soft spots), Mitch Baker, Umberto Robina, Auntie Poulet, Tommy Vercetti (still in control of the Vercetti Gang and giving jobs), Donald Love, BJ Smith, Mercedes Cortez, and Mike of the Vercetti Gang (Tommy's right-hand man since Lance betrayed him). I have new characters that might appear too: Richard G. Newell (8-Ball's friend), Demon Frog Members and the Leader, Pete Vance, Fernando Diaz (Ricardo Diaz's couson wanting revenge on Tommy after the death of his couson). Remember to see /archive3 at number 153 before you see this, thanks! --Mega Sean 45
  4. Taking a leaf from The Godfather/Saints Row, etc, adding some level of grappling would be an interesting addition to gameplay, allowing for stealth takedowns (approaching someone from behind, initiating a grapple, then breaking their neck/putting them in a sleeper hold), using people as a human shield (pretty self-explanatory) or simply as an addition to melee combat, allowing for throws, dirty fighting and, if using a weapon, executions. Sawbones
  5. just recreate San Andreas or Vice city, and bring back car modding, car importing and purchasing houses. and add car dealerships to go and buy cars from, and please do keep the Super Diamond/Super Drop Diamond, Schafter (Gay Tony edition), Huntly Sport, Super GT (GTA IV edition), Coquette, Buffalo police car, Stinger Police car, Blista Compact (GTA IV edition) and Infurnus (GTA IV edition), these cars are easily the best rockstar games has ever made on there GTA games SiK SHIFTER SiK SHIFTER
  6. There should be an london, guy ritchie film feel to it, with silent wepons and have a couple of wepon cycles and have them customizable. the people you kill get rid of the bodies you kill and dispose of them. have the cops not notice were you are all the time and have the silence wepons work on cops so when you kill one, the entire world know were you are and after you at full force. after you complete the game have little disputes like the mafia underworld. I shrongly encourge rockstar north to mak it british because they are a scottish development team they should have their own country in there game.
  7. You should be able to lose body parts (heads, limbs, etc.). There should also be an interior view of the car while driving (they did it in Midnight Club L.A., why can't they do it in GTA?). AfroNinja376
  8. GTA should have a feature to have a safe for your in-game money and some stash for your weapon, like if you want to bring out your RPG and 9mm to use and to put it back later to use. There should also be planes brought back. For the story line the chracter should be a policeman. He works for a corrupt politician and a chief who is similar to Francis McReary in GTA IV.LAzYBaZ
  9. Fixed wing aircraft and customizable weaponsCandymanyyyy
  10. You should be some old school gangster and it should be set in 1988 and u could travel to san andreas an back by takin planes and along the way you should meet carl johnson (CJ) by making apperances and coming with u on missions. on multiplayer u should beable to play games like on TLAD and TBOGT you can cutumize your charcter anyway u want just like on saints row and make some even newer multiplayer gamesLuis253
  11. It should be set in Los Santos in the 1950s, but re-mapped like Liberty City, one big city with three or plus zones. I would like to see something like the movie L.A. Confidential. The main character should be a black guy, looking like Denzel Washington. The character should be different from the ones we saw in the other games. I think it could be interesting 'cause the GTA series hasn't been set in the '50s yet. Francis McReary
  13. Im a huge fan of gta series and mostly play pc my favorite so far is san andreas havent finished gta 4 yet but have some key points - Gta 5 should be massive bigger isn't always better but when it comes to gta it is. Less confined spaces in some places of gta 4 and san andreas you run into telephone poles to easily and the physics are incorrect. More open spaces yes wide open spaces makes for some free moments like the desert in gta san andreas perfect example. More isnt always better and in this case less simulation an unrealstic feel and less repetive role play is a good thing. Better driving physics gta 4 at least on my poor rig is terrible i assume at top fps its better but braking is so off its kinda like a boat. cooler things like skydiving snowboarding stealth are part of the package. There are many more things than can be done but the hard part is storyline each gta had its own time theme gta 4 is obvoiously post 9/11 and 2001 or so and does a great job so far. San andreas 1992 vice city 1986. What would they do going back in time is lame the 70's or the 1940's gangsta era would not work. A futersitic model is pluasable where as the sky is the limit and you could write about anything these things take time. Jumpimg around in time themes is not a terrible idea but would take the series in an odd direction. a total remake of vice city would be cool but not large enough what we need is groundbreaking stuff were taking massive here. We need to dump liberty city an add some new aspects writing is the key here. They need to abandon the 3 part city module where it's seperated by water This is not realsitic and is stupid they need to take key aspects of the entire united states and make an entire country Vice city los santos san fierro las venturas and maybe even liberty combined all seperated by more cities just like san andreas but on a massive scale. We need hawaii aspen colorado texas or whatever they dont have to be perfect like mount chiliad is a great example just a represenation of a mountain but made the game super cool and was a center piece between all cities. The story should involve good ol cocaine mixed with cia intelligence military opertaions undercover agents and low level street thugs. This wide variety means the story is up for grabs. Realism should still be implemented the use of the internet hiring a real estate agent and buying houses would make for great role playing.Role playing should be implented to the fullest but non repetive you should grow as a character get stronger faster richer etc.. Flying is an absolute must here with a deeper field of view and more realism obviously this game needs to be a graphics power house and at it's console development rate this dream of a game could be far off. I believe I am on the right track here the hard drive space would probably be around 100 gb gta 4 is 18 I also think a prison scene would be nice kind a like the movie blow where goerge jung goes to prison and meets his friend in crime. Take any movie and you can make a game out of it gta needs to take all of the great movies. Hawaii would be hop in a plane in los santos then fly to hawaii do surfing see the islands and really take in the beauty. research and mystery would be a fun new aspect to gta 5 that could appeal to more female gamers maybe some puzzles who knows. The graphics here would be stunning tropical themes kick ass. You should be able to sell some pot create your own enterprise this game needs to make money harder to get so anything short of cheating will make earning money better. The AI needs to be beefed up by like 300% for non repetitive awe inspring realism. creating your own drug enterprise would be cool a choice of like 3: pot, coke, meth all with different story lines further enhancing replay value. Dirt bikes quads jumps racing snowboarding skydiving hang-gliding all fun stuff that needs to be implemented. Seasons like in Elder scrolls oblviion are a light possibility but maybe a little to much but still an idea. In Gta 4 you could let you imagination take over but in reality there was nothing to do besides the missions. After all of This I will offer my unofficial plot. Undercover agent mark cusack was in to deep a 2 year stint with the mexican drug cartel inches him ever to close to the breaking point forcing him to make the tough decisions but he is ready to make the bust and take down this drug family but all hell breaks loose. He finds his family murdered his wife and father dead but children are missing. He cant blow his undercover but fears that the drug kingpins killed his family but later finds it may be an inside job.... This could be a quick wrap jumping to a deeper plot with the protaginist having to search las venturas then vice city and eventually have to go to hawaii in search of the truth a man with nothing to lose no longer a cop but a renegade.. This is just an idea anything could be done deep motivation would be the key some kind of plot that drags you in then gets deeper as the game progresses with crazy twists and turns and this is just the main story line this game needs to take like a month top complete or over 500 hours like a supreme novel im serious who cares how long it takes to develop one thing is for sure off shoots and episodic content is lame.. When I play a gta game for the first time I dont want it to end. But maybe a game like this needs a new name when it comes to new realism and fun arcade action gta has provided it it's a brand and a new name would be risky simply calling it GTA 5 is cheap if it succeds then what gta 6 7 etc... The model is fantastic but a game like this may need a new name because its a whole new direction a new chapter the cool things is it never has to end new things can always be created. Mikeey7
  14. Mix maps of gta london 1969, san andreas, liberty city, and vice city. Should have more cheat codes and can be in any platform (e.g. psp, pc, xbox, xbox 360, ps2 and wii). And there should be a cheat for never wanted, for themes (like san andreas), and for airplanes, railway, and boats. angelobrylle
  15. i think that GTAB 5 should definately include the cockpit camer (where the camera is inside the vehicle) because it would be seriously cool. also you should be able to buy your own house at the beginning of the game like you get a bugit of $200, 000 or something and you get to go and buy your own house, also there should be car dealerships like one that sells rubbish used cars and one that sells brand new cars like lamborghini's, ferrari's but when you purchase a car from a garage it stores in your garage so it's like real life, it should be like san andreas, it should be set in either england or florida or san diego or something like that. BUT PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE PUT THE COCKPIT CAMERA LIKE OFF MIDNIGHT CLUB LOS ANGELES. thank you and i hope you include these brilliant ideas in gta 5, thanks again and i want it to come out so so so bad beacause i cant wait much longer im a gta fanGTA NaTh 19
  16. I wish GTA 5 would come out on Windows Mobile!!
  17. I want to be able to fly planes. Also, I don't want to get an automatic 6 star rating by being in the airport. And I think it would be cool for the main character to get married (not just have girlfriends), and have kids and maybe they could tie into the storyline somehow. And I miss the option of buying houses and cars. Audball2108
  18. Bring back the Airplanes and big cities like SA, better guns, and better gun physics, sound synchronization.oh and full character customization, hair, tattoo, clothing, accessories, maybe even gun customization suppressors being the least that you can do, and add Snow as a new weather, maybe even build your crew, either gang or just a regular one like in the show "burn notice", car customization, AND buying and owning estates and businessesPoop copter
  19. If it's going to be set in Vice City, wouldn't it be cool if there was an alligator infested area?
  20. More scenery dangers in general would be cool. We already have the risk of being diced by chopper blades, blown up by gas stations, and run over by subway trains. But what about other things like airplane turbines, sawmills, woodchippers, car crushers?
  21. This should be the biggest GTA game yet. All the protagonists from all the games should help fight crime together, and San Andreas, Vice City, and Liberty City should all be into one. Plus, add a Staunton Island like they did in GTA III. Also, there should be an option for first-person and third-person shooters.- GTADaBest
  22. I think GTA 5 would be good if it had all locations from all GTA games in one game (e.g liberty city, san andreas, vice city, etc) so then you can go to the airport and fly from one island to another. Also it should have the graphics from GTA IV in it but more better and more realistic. Loopyeski
  23. I personally Think Gta 5 should be based in New Orleans»»oor-LONDON or »»GLASGOW««, CAPE TOWN..CARACAS IN»»Venezuela...OR..Los Angeles, San Diego, _California San Jose, OR San Francisco. Mebaby
  24. carator creation and more mini games like robbing, gambling, drunk driving, darts, assassination, loan sharking, fencing (buying/ selling stolen property), intimination, fraud, counter fitting, and burgurly. There also should be more option missions like spare or not Star100
  25. Wish that the Army is back in GTA 5.One more thing, in GTA San Andreas, even at 6 star wanted level, they sent Police Maverick while Barracks and Rhinos chasing you down!!?Is it nice if if they sent a Hunter as well?I also hope that the ingame physics to be a little more realistic, fires from molotovs can spread and turns everything to go up in smoke, cars burns instead of exploding when hit by a molotov, and the return of Ammu-Nation gun shops.Adolf95
  26. They should a lot of torture, and a lot of drug deals, and wharehouses of guns amd many diferrent tyes but you can olny carry like two guns think of man on fire with denzel washington and a new wepon cycle system and have the cops actually look for you and have a lot more to do after the game is over because it gets relly boreing just killing cops like a survival round game but also the circle is shitty way it should be line of sight and for a couple of seconds should be the time limit for them to catch you but after 50 minutes of dull stars meaning they don't know where you are and they don't want to give up because they lost you, be able to have regenitive health and bullet placement like the knee and have better pyhicis with death and have the prison sceen when you get busted but only for like a day in game and make friends be able to go into every building and have your wepons stored in your safe house there should a lot mre detail on reloading guns like when your playing gta iv you reload your m4 like an ak-47 watch the clips drop to the floor.
  27. I think GTA 5 should be located as Washington DC because I think it will be vicious,
  28. have Michael Klebitz (johnny brother) as the protaganist in a newly made vice city and have johnny come down during the story and have weapons and the buzzard from TBoGT and have all new cars and bikes and have packie, usuf armir, jerry kapawits... and have diamond make an appearance.
  29. I believe The next Gta should be located in hawaii, los santos, las venturas, san fierro and vice city with some new cities in between maybe south america like Columbia or a mexico type city or just Cuba instead. Nice freeways insane offroad white beaches tropical jungle etc.. I think aspen colorado would be tits they need snowboarding and skiing think about shooting an uzi while doing a 360! All of this should be combined into a large map no water in between unless its a river or a lake like a fake lake tahoe! Think about the famous salt flats in utah that could mean crazy nitro modded cars breaking the land record at least in the game. When it comes to gambling it needs to be the real deal enter like 15 different casinos play slots or high stakes poker oh yeah. The distance between vice city and Hawaii should be massive this is where planes come into play and hawaii should be a large undertaking no shortcuts they need to make far cry 2 look bad. My idea needs to be implemented I hope Rockstar is listening otherwise they will just make another offshot or episode and this would be bad who cares about cost licensing or any of that release on all platforms at one time they simply make Pc or playstaion players suffer it generally hurts buisness. all of the other ideas I have read have been mostly bad gta minnesota or why not gta new orleans better yet gta idaho ouch these ideas are stupid only other place is Toykeo Japan and this could be an entirely new game maybe more racing themed.They need to listen to me My idea is the best my game would be groundbreaking! scottb1 b makes a great point custom clothing is essential. go Rockstar. written my Mikeey7..........
  30. I think that it should be set mainly in San Andreas with the same map and buildings but with the GTA 4 graphics and damage. You should be able to travel to Liberty City, Vice City and be able to purchase houses in all cities, Car dealerships would be good and more enerable shops.Flying should definatly make a comeback . My best idea would be to have new versions of cars but to have old versions aswell, eg; A GTA 4 buffalo and a San Andreas buffalo.I think you should be able to drive from San Andreas to Liberty city by a big freeway with little villages inbetween and some really good supercars!!!Scottb1
  31. I don't really care much for location and protagonist(s). As long as it'll be more like real life than GTA IV. For example, when I drive someone over, the police will chase me. However, when I am driven over the police won't go after the person who drove me over. I'd also like to see other people randomly start shooting, so it's not just you who makes the action in the city. Being able to buy random and pointless stuff such as magazines and such is also what I'd love to see. More clothing options: not put in stores such as Didier Sachs in GTA IV while you won't be able to buy clothes from it. That's all I can think of right now... Master Sima Yi
  32. When operating a weapon, have the option of playing in first pessoa.E to buy a gun, it belongs to him having to be concerned only with the munição.E all weapons would be acquired on the menu, and to use them would put them the group of weapons, as well as in metal gear 3 and true crime NYC.
  33. make it so you can drive around the state, player customization, crime mini games (like burgalery, counter fitting, assassination, and anything that u can think of). and bring airplanes back, parchutes, online gameplay, and maybe skills (lock picking, stregath, hacking, guns) Star100
  34. Bring back the Rhino!! Hadu08
  35. I think GTA V should be located somwhere in Eastern Europe, ex-USSR country, such as Lithuania, the country is so small, than they could recreate whole country, not only the city. Also this country is so poor, so story could start as protogonist lives somwhere in county side and really needs money. Also They could return us back to London, I would really love that. Also I would like that they would remove explosives, this is not Somalia or Afghanistan, where people walks with them. Paulmafija
  36. GTA V Should be in Boston Ma or Colorado (like already said Uzi shot in an air 360!) and Michael Klebbitz should be protagonist or a Rapper Undergoing horrible problems (drugs he lost everything) facing old friends enemies underground fighting.GTA V should also be back in San Andreas. Also for Gta SA Stories play as Brain with every man back from the Grove.And don't have that glitch that if you have a car you see the same one everywhere!When you shoot make it that sometimes police don't see!
  37. I think the next game should have three cities, London, Paris and Berlin. GTA Europe!!! This would be so cool, especially London. Obviously Rockstar needs to change the names to something different. They should also add more variety when shopping or dining. They should also include British, French and German Stereotypes... Very Funny. :) Am I right??? ARC11ARC
  38. Cities on 3 different continents, arizona, US, (hotspot for mexican cartels battling their way to pass through US border patrol real chaos), brazil, south america, really bad ghettos(as depicted in MW2), russia or uk, europe(really cool place to be and besides amsterdam is a pretty cool place to be in the game)
  39. PLEASE.PLEASE, Rockstar I am begging you.Can you guys please make it to take place in the midwest united states.The cities should be St.louis, Detroit, Chicago, and some of illinois country side.PLease message me when you think about it Jmoneystl
  40. Why is everyone talking about cities? The next choice is obvious: LAS VEGAS! It's full of luxury hotels, casinos, and gamblers. Liberty city won't be anything compared to a city based on Las Vegas Younghyun1
  41. Vice City, 2010, RAGE/Euphoria. Epicness shalt ensueth Gerry Spring
  42. i'd like to see a large rural area as well as car modding like in san andreas Grandtheftdeath
  43. Maybe have Vic looking for the guy who killed Lance, maybe have it set in a redesigned Vice City, in like, 1988. Where Vic tries to find Tommy, get his crew back together, and storm the Vercetti Estate. I'm not saying Tommy doesn't kick ass, I didn't even say whether or not Vic kills Tommy. Maybe He chases Tommy all the way to the airport, but misses him, as Tommy gets on his private jet and goes to another city(Perhaps back to Liberty City where he is stopped at the airport when he sees the Leone Mafia pull up and attack the Forellis.) and let's hope we find out where Vic is from. Maybe he's from San Fierro and he meets his mom in a rehab center. Maybe there he goes to Los Santos where he meets a young kid named Carl, and tells him never to get mixed up in any sort of gang(Of course he does, stupid Vic, no offense to Vic fans, as I am one. Maybe give Vic access to some military equipment like body armor, M-60's, maybe Hunter helis and APCs.
  44. Why not add destructible enviroments, buy businesses and houses, custimize everything, and best of all, make it so the player can travel all over America and if not America, then the whole world. Pvt. Reddenbawker
  45. Set in São Paulo, Brazil
  46. just two words, Dual Wielding! Seroiously, it would be awesome if they brought it back. Myth
  47. Ive read a lot of suggestions and im trying to combine everything, so here goes, I think that GTA 5 should start In maybe a custom city, then you could design everything, have what people want more of, suburbs, big buildings etc, starting the game the player should be able to choose their protagonist, choose, from some characters, maybe each character has a different path? or you could have the same path and be able to edit your character in a small way for the first part of the game, you should be able to buy clothes, get your haircut, buy food, weapons(but early on) find better ways to make money, dealing drugs, pilot job, etc.
  48. A lot of people suggested that you could fly to other islands, maybe you could travel to another smaller island to do jobs over their aswell, a bit like scarface the game
  49. Also there HAS TO BE ACTUAL EASTER EGGS and secrets, without having to download mods, c'mon guys wheres all the mysteriy gone?
  50. To be brutally honest, i was actually devestated with GTA 4, nice graphics, but it was shit, nothing to do at all when you completed the game, i actually sold it to buy San Andreas again, look at san andreas for more ideas, that was the best game youve made!!!!!!!!!! PLUS bring more editing to cars, planes, weapons, etc. have a place to put planes, boats. better weapons, or at least a bigger range. DEFINATELY A COCKPIT VIEW!!1 Violenttoaster
  52. i think that if they re-introduce planes or other aircraft that if they smash into a building it can damage the building and when its damaged for one day of the game there are construction to repair the damages. i also think you should be able to get jobs in like the fire department instead of the small jobs you do when entering a fire truck if you get a jib in the fire department that when there is a call you tackle the blaze inside the bunring building and that you dont use the fire truck water cannon you can use a hose Bizzyb
  53. you should be able to get things from the black market like passports to get into secluded places like the police headquarters without being shot at or evan get custom made weapons like duel golden pistols or m60 or even a huge axe to attack with. Marc95
  54. 2 words Wii version. and it should be more interactive like bully scholarship edition on wii Marc95
  55. I WANT COUNTRYSIDE!!!!!!! (To all those saying "travel to VC, SA, and LC,) that isn't possible. Only so much data can fit onto a disc.)Quindie
  56. It should be the most exclusive gta game yet awaited by fans. So it should have all the vehicles from gta1 to gta the episodes from liberty city. It should be set in 1975-1979. Rockstar please i'm begging you. In addition to this see wish#15 that is also my wishAngelobrylleAngelobrylle
  57. Weapons! I hope Rockstar will bring back the "must haves" from the GTA III Era that didn't make it into GTA IV. Such as the Flamethrower, Minigun, Katana and Chainsaw (if the next game is in Vice City, then you gotta have the Chainsaw!). Also, I hope they bring the back stealth kills from San Andreas, and the Neck Breaks from Vice City Stories. Lastly, I would love removable silencers for sniper rifles, or every gun for that matter, but mostly sniper rifles. Mebaby
  58. I think that GTA 5 should be like a real world, and somehow combine London, DC, Liberty City, San Andreas, Vice City, via airports. It should be based on one player, who can travel to do his missions. There should be more cars, and airplanes. The buildings should be able to take in damage, and more should be open. It should also have a bus transport system. Bhojoh
  59. After reading damn near most of the suggestion from all the archives i've noticed that most of the people who hated GTA4 were just some punk little kids who wanted another cartoony San Andreas type GTA. Honestly GTA is damn near perfect except the cover system and lack of custimization. In the nextGTA i would like to see Carcer City as the new venue for the game, i also think it should still be part of the GTA era because alot of the characters were so memorable. and there are alot of loose ends from the era, like where is Packie going? who died? roman or kate? the hobo with the diamonds? also since Carcer city is set in gta 4 era it doesnt have to be some dark dystopian murder city like it was featured in manhunt, it can interestingly be modeled after Chicago, the story can be about a Marine, Michael Holland, who returns home from his tour of Iraq, after coming to a broken home where his wife is having an affair he takes up a job of working with his half brother Brian in the import/export business, where they stumble across a corpse of a hobo with the diamons that where featured in the gta4 storyline,Brian's boss, cant think of a name or ethnicity, can have some ties to organized crime pursues the diamonds, and ends up kidnapping Michael's baby daughter, after a couple mission and meetings from various characters you find Brian's boss and fight your way to rescue your daughter but when michael and brian attempt to escape brian shoots michael in the shoulder and leaves him as he is subdued by the cops, michael will become the first GTA protagonist to go to prison during the time of the actual game, there you will have to survive prison gangs and corrupt guards, eventually you recieve a visit from brian where he justifies his means by saying that there was a bounty over michaels head for the various jobs he pulled by numerous characters during the course of the game, and that prison seemed like the safest place for him to be right now, and also that his daughter is safe with michaels wife, Brian then hints that he will come to bust michael out which will eventually lead to a prison break mission that, in my opinion, is something that the gta series needed since the casino heist. all this happens during only the first half of the game, and more of the story and mission open after Michael escapes prison including a visit from the ULPC guy concerning his criminal dealings and a way to clear his name. as far as gameplay, bring back custimization, except for the body mass, i think it should remain constant never bigger or smaller, tattoos, haircuts, way more clothing options, maybe some sort of car modding, i liked the idea someone said earlier of having a RSV2 like cover system, and little actions like climbing ladders should be done automatically instead of having to hold a button to do it as that made for some frustratingly awkward moments especially during multiplayer, speaking of which, multiplayer should be broken down into smaller sections of the mape, with some type of barrier to keep players within the area, more weapon variety, and more depth in the melee combat, also just a small suggestion since Carcer city would be rendtioned after chicago and the theme of the game is coming back to a different home, i think a perfect song that should be used for a trailer is "homecoming" by Kanye West. Superchavo
  60. I think RockStar should have the balls and make a mission where you fly a plane into something. Seriously. ElementalBliss
  61. just a random liitle thought- how about sky gliding as a nice feature? GTA all day
  62. Parachutes, silenced weapons, vehicle MOD shops, shotgun can be used in vehicles, planes, environment diversity, more melee weapons, ability to save and select guns at safe houses, 2 player free roam available in game without an online connection, ability to become better with weapons and vehicles, more sub-missions (leave the hash/pound sign and the wavy tildas) Trent53
  63. Characters from former games like Carl Johnson and Tommy Vercetti should reapear.Bobzento
  64. Please make the next GTA compatible with GTA 4 and hopefully san andreas that you can go to the airport and take a flight out. Hence still being able to go between the island and can do missions on either of the maps.. . Njain
  65. i think gta 5 should be in texas. maybe yall could call it GRAND THEFT AUTO:TEXAS. here are the selected cities, HOUSTON, DALLAS, AUSTIN. just a good suggestion on ur mind if ur looking for new and major cities/states. DELON81
  66. I Think GTA 5 Should Be Rated T And You Can FLY To Vice City,Liberty City And San Andreas. GTALOVER60
  67. IT Should Take Place in 2010 And You Can Fly to Anywhere in US And Europe,And Tokyo And Should Be Rated T. GTALOVER60
  68. In GTA5 you should be able to buy/rent houses,mansions,apartments,land and even wharehouses. It should be one big island with rural(alot of woods/open spaces,industrial,suburban areas and so on. There should be a camera inside vehicles and there should be different trucks(eg.Tanker line runner, phantom, roadtrain and more in the one game) and truck dealerships! trucks should have trailers EVEN when the player isnt driving them and there should be more trailers flatbeds, car carriers, dump, tanker and also b train configerations. Players should be able to start their own enterprise eg.transport, cafe, building etc. Also more realistic graphics.Austrucker
  69. play as packie in ireland (his homeland) , but be able to go to vice city, sa, and liberty city, also more things to do and gun customization ( stocks, camos, silencers, barrels,ect.) Nik0la1
  70. vehicle modification with gatling gun , machine gun and rocket launcher and weapon modification ( grenade launcher , masterkey shotgun , red dot sight and etc. MAK132
  71. more wepons more houses more vehicles ,deserts farmland citys ,jetpacks and pararshoots ,planes hellecopter cars bikes hovercrafts trucks and to be able to get fat and and change your hairstyle. ps: keep phone GENRAL CARR
  72. They should just do a remake of San Andreas or at least add all the customisation that was in San Andreas. Also you should be able to fly planes again. YouSillyMop
  73. I Think That the next GTA should be set in San Andreas again, A bigger Better , and more importantly, More Customisable Environment, Clothes Cars Tattoo's and your overall appearance is what made San Andreas stand out from the rest Chris Louch
  74. My main wish for the nest GTA game is to have a more permanent car storage system like in Saints RowBearded Hoplite
  75. Bikes should be harder to fall off, Airplanes back, bring back the Minigun, the location should be in Chicago but replaced and called "Wind City" or they could bring back San Andreas and it would be modern day San Andreas, and one of the mission strands could be that you come across an older version of CJ and he has you destroy all the drug dealers out there. Parachutes back....uhh, you could also travel to different parts of the country, say you can travel to Liberty City but only Dukes/Broker (since the airport is there). There should also be a way to store money in a bank. Enhanced create a character (Sort of like in GTA San Andreas) such as you can increase your muscle. You can also buy one sort of clothing and then color it however you'd like. (Say I bought a black tux and I turn it into a white tux). You could do things that serve no purpose such as sit down, talk to people... Buildings should be fully destructible, but regenerate after 20 minutes of not wrecking it. You should be able to enter all buildings. You can customize your own house by going to a furniture store and buying things. Bring back more side missions such as in GTA SA you had taxi missions. A choice to play as a male or female character...That's about it.
  76. Their should be more visitable stores around the cities.more weapons.clothes should look a little more realistic.barbershops,combat,more things to do around the crib,buy furniture from krepea,mini-games, more music,beyonce,jay z,50 cent,ice cube,twista,rihanna,chris brown,t-pain,and more!!!also fly to san andreas,vice city,and liberty city,if possible. BRAY69
  77. I think that in GTA V, that the player should be able to travel to Vice City, San Andreas, and Liberty City, however, since only so much data can fit on a disc, make the story about 2 or 3 discs. Weapon Customization would be nice, as well as the planes and larger regions (If there is a new region instead of combining the old three). If there is a new city, a mission like the Area 69 mission in GTA SA, a restricted area. Military must return. In TBoGT, the APC is nice, but the Rhino should really return. Car Customization, buying properties, all of the ideas from SA should be in the game, whether all three regions are combined, or if there is a new city/state. A Prison Break in like in TLAD should be in V, but a Break out would be better. I would also like the Buzzard from TBoGT return in V.Bt1234567892010
  78. I think you cannot expect from the next GTA game that it will be set in the whole USA - That game would have 600 GB or something like that...
  79. The story is set in the year 2010. The protagonist should be an illegal mexican immigrant who just came to San Andreas across the border. He wants to make money by joining a gang: Either Grove Street, Ballas or Vagos. This choice will have a big effect on the storyline. At the end of the game, he should be a real gangster who has his own gang with bases all across San Andreas. Rockstar Games should also make some random Side Missions, so the game won't get boring after finishing the story.
  80. The player should have the ability to buy houses and equipment like beds, wallpapers, radios etc. He should also be able to modify his cars with nitro, better motors etc. and he can buy cellphones and cars. The graphics should be like in Rockstar's new game "Red Dead Redemption". There should be more "empty" places like the desert or the forest. The player should have the ability to be a loanshark or to frighten inhabitants of a nice house to get them out and buy the house for himself. The player should have more friends with more special abilities like selling cheap cars ore selling you helicopters. Some (expensive) houses should also have a savespot for boats and helicopters. They should also have more parking slots for cars and motorbikes. Whagwan
  81. it should be only for US$9.95 and should have the rating MATURE.
  82. Make unexplainable myths like Bigfoot and Leatherface
  83. Make forest and woodland, and maybe some desert
  84. Make gangs and the protagonist a gangster
  85. you should be able to pick a colour for your car, not just keep reversing in and out of a pay n spray untill the colour you want cycles. AlzzerD95
  86. A great story, brand new city, new cars with the old ones, more safehouses, bigger map with awesome detail, tons of missions for awesome playability, all weapons of the past and more, more enterable buildings, and the same physics and great new features R* can think of.The cod guy who plays it and is good
  87. While I did like the RPG stat-building element of SA, I don't want to see ALL of it return in the next GTA game.
  88. I would like, however, to see something along the lines of muscle and stamina increasing.
  89. For example, when carrying a heavy weapon, like an RPG, machine gun or assault rifle, the character would sprint slower, and for a shorter time. However, if you increased a) your muscle, you could sprint faster with the said weapon, or b) your stamina, you could sprint LONGER with the said weapon.
  90. As well, increased stamina should yield faster and longer running, while increased muscle allows you to jump higher and farther.
  91. Like in SA, there should be gyms, and the appropriate machine should affect the appropriate stat. Lifting weights builds muscle, while the excersize bike/ treadmill increase your stamina.
  92. Stamina should be gradually increased the more you sprint (but not muscle, like in SA), and eating too much fast food would decrease it.
  93. Speaking of fast food, a fat statistic would also be nice. The more frequently you eat large amounts of food, you gain weight: which slows you down, shortens your sprinting time, affects your jumping, and of course, you look fatter.
  94. Working out or not eating for an amount of time would make you lose weight.CAPTAINMSKII
  95. I think that some more usage of the internet would be useful. I mean if Rockstar are going down the realistic route (which i think is really good as Saints Row seem to be taking the how arcade feel into their own) then the internet would be used more within game. Mainly for things like mini-games, they've shown potential of this on the fake GTA site craplist (a rip off of craigslist) which had so many possible candidates for interesting mini-missions, like those you can access by visiting the blue people on the map. Also instead of constantly using Internet Cafes, there should be some progression, for example: you start with using Tw@t, then you gain access to a computer at your safehouse, and then towards the 3rd half of the game recieve and internet-enabled mobile phone. More shops & resturants, or usage of them would be nice...so many resturants etc that cant be accessed in GTAIV - also on resturants the ability to have choices in what you eat, like in SA. And with that you can become fat or thin, strong or weak. Also some player customization at the start would be fun, like in Saints. Ammu-nation would be a nice comeback. Also it would be nice to drop the whole three islands divided by water, with something more realistic. Of course we cant get too big yet, as the technology (mainly the amount of information to be stored on discs) of gaming isnt as big as our ambitions, remember GTAIV came on a DVD disc so at most it would have around 9GB of data - of course if Msoft decide to adopt BluRay we can go as high as 40GB and further. More realistic people design, and better acting in general would be nice (i was let down by this in GTAIV). Also have streaming radio stations, for those online (XBL/PSN) - maybe real internet radio? Deadevil13
  96. Peds should have much more variety in what they are doing, they all just seem to be walking down a street at the end of the day. Maybe some hobos lying down with blankets would be nice and pickpocketing people 11SemperFi111
  97. Have the game connect to Google Earth so that you can play ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. I would like to see a better interaction with the world around you, and having your decisions carry more weight. WhatIsGTA
  98. They should have you be able to go to the other areas. Bring back the parachute to regular gameplay instead of just DLC. another thing is that they should like award you if you run away from like a 3 star or above with like rep(Need for Speed Most Wanted) or money. Silenced weapons and most definitly have a limit on how many officers or helicopters they can send at you cause i almost ran away froma a 6 star level and they sent in helicopters and i just gave up. Submarines would be interesting and amphibious vehicleslike floatila helicopters. Halo003qd
  99. I would like to see the airport open to Liberty City, San Andreas, and Vice City. Also I'd like to have like a variation of protagonists to choose from, such as, Niko Bellic, Johnny Klebitz, Luis Lopez, Claude (insert last name here), Tommy Vercetti, Carl Johnson, Toni Cipriani, and Huang Lee. Gjtwah
  100. I'd also like to have "Capitol City" into the mixture (Washington DC), and have it take place in 2011. Gjtwah
  101. Realistic things like waiting in a bus stop for a bus and then entering it. You'll be able to skip it and don't lose time. When you are inside the bus, an instruction like "Press L1 to hijack the bus" would be awesome. And when you jack the bus and start driving around, the other people in the bus start yelling funny things, lolDumbnigga94 13:20, February 24, 2010 (UTC)
  102. More different missions, i mean, in GTA IV, it was all about shooting people behind cover. A mission like the one in VC when you have to keep a vehicle speeding until some dorks stop talking inside the car and defuse a bomb, this would be awesomeDumbnigga94 13:20, February 24, 2010 (UTC)
  103. For sure planes. In IV, you have the helicopter. The bad thing in the helicopter is that it's not faster than the plane. The good thing is that you can perform terrorist acts (hit a tall building with a Maverick and don't explode). If the next game be in VC, as the rumour is, planes would be awesome. I remember that mission in SA where you have to fly a plane from the desert to the badlands and then back to the desert and stay low, i did that in 4 minutes, lol, planes would be awesome for the next gameDumbnigga94 13:20, February 24, 2010 (UTC)
  104. If it is in San Andreas, it MUST have good music to match the original SA songs. It should have good west coast hardcore gangsta themes, and for that reason it has to be set in 1999 or something (as the original SA had The Chronic, why not the new SA won't have The Chronic 2001?), also an old 90s alternative rock station like radio x would be awesome...Dumbnigga94 13:20, February 24, 2010 (UTC)
  105. If it is in SA, the story should also be at least as good as the original SA story, and b/c in the IV era there are no GSF, a similar street gang based strictly on the Crips or Bloods would be tight as hell...Dumbnigga94 13:20, February 24, 2010 (UTC)
  106. I think you should be able to run out of gas and also be able to fill up the gas tank. Maybe we also should be able to customize the interior and exterior of our cars. Be able to interact with more objects...like be able to rob a store or resturant. I think you should also be able to travel on the beltline from liberty city to san andreas and to vice city. Also be able to talk to random people on the street and/or be able to rob them. Ghettopeaches
  107. I have seen nothing about the storyline of a cop; it's always about being a crook and killing the mob, petty street gangs, etc. They should have GTA 5 focus around the protagonist being a cop, or maybe a corrupt one. We should get new vehicles like a prison bus, or the Police Stockade, or Maybe be able to get some new air and sea police vehicles. The multiplayer should be all about the police/emergency side; you are able to customize your character in a police uniform, SWAT outfit, FBI apparel, or maybe army attire, and there should be new downloadable vehicles in free mode like the prison bus from TLAD, or the Police Stockade from GTA IV. There should also be spawn locations at the police stations for the Enforcer or the Police Patriot (NOOSE Patriot); there should also be new locations added like an FBI building or a Police Academy where you can see all the police vehicles spwan. For multiplayer games, there should be patrol-style modes like Cops n' Crooks but you don't just kill on site (I'm not too sure about that). Bottom line, there should be more police influence in the main storyline, the vehicles, and on multiplayer. I predict, if this does happen, the protagonist will be an undercover cop working for the Vice Squad of Vice City and he'll be able to drive the VCPD Cheetah.HugeKidvsKatFanHugeKidvsKatFan
  108. ok so since this is gta 5 or V its numbered and it's a diffrent era at least two more games should join the gta iv era before gta V but when gta V does come out every gta pro knows that any nubered gta is in LIBERTY CITY but in gta 5 it should be huge it should be the biggest sandbox ever made with manhattan jersey kings queens bronx and the outskirts of ny a.k.a liberty city adn yes you should be able to travel to los santos san fiero las venturas vice city but they should also be remade the 2009/2010 or 2010/2011 look of the cities should be used but the main setting needs to be place in leberty city but a much much more massive city like the real new york
  109. Okay so, my suggestions are simple: I want a GTA that feels like a GTA, not like real life. I want to play a game that reminds me I'm playing a game, the universes are immersive enough to have fun and feel like I'm "in the game". I just don't want a game that feels like real life - there's The Sims for that. Still, there are nice features in IV, in SA and others that I liked, and if there was a GTA V or whatever the name of the next GTA will be, here are the things I want, should I say, MUST be in for me to like it, and not just me, but I hope many others:
    1. Weapons. I want a silenced pistol like in SA. But I don't want to see a goddamn Desert Eagle. It's not realistic, it's impractical, it's overpowered. If they want to bring in a powerful pistol, may they use a .44 Magnum a-la Vice City, dammit! Also, I want more than just two assault rifles. The combo AK-M4 is overused. There are other nice rifles out there! The French FAMAS (to bring in some MGS feel), the English Enfield SA80, the Austrian Steyr AUG, the German Heckler & Koch G36! Those weapons could fit different types of gangs (Canadian/Quebecois/French gang having FAMASes for an example...)
    2. Vehicles. The selection of cars that was in IV was neat, but seriously, really, in three words: Bring. Planes. Back. If they do bring planes back, I want to see a Rustler that looks like a Russian Yak-7 (with self-aiming guns this time!) and a Hydra based on a Rafale or a F-16 or something. Also, I want them to keep the IV engine failure, burnout, windshield ejection and all that. That should be awesome.
    3. Gameland. I don't care where it's gonna be set, but if I need to say something, I want San Andreas. Bigger, deeper, just more enjoyable. So the planes have an utility. Just like in IV, each street should be named. It's cool to cruise around Garcia or Ganton, but I'd love to see more than just these names.
    4. GUI and indicators. SPEEDOMETER PLEASE. I know it's pointless, but that way, people don't have to look into the files or cheatlists to know about the fastest vehicles. Players should pick, drive, find out. Other things I wanna see: status meters for the engine and the overall vehicle shape. You may have a vehicle that looks fine but with an engine busted, and reversely a completely broken-looking car that still more or less runs fine.
    5. Physics. Ragdoll physics. Point.
    6. Game setting and story. I don't care on that! I'd just love to see a new San Andreas. I don't care if they don't keep any of the old characters in GTA SA.
    7. Other stuff. Weather! I want snow, rain, wind, fog, sun, toxic pollution clouds, and affecting temperatures! And weather should impair or assist the player when driving - snow and black ice slowing down the engine (increases engine failure, lowers ground friction while driving more so than rain) for an example, or even strong wind affecting vehicle trajectory, pushing bikes or even cars and trucks.
    8. More stuff. In-game customizations. I'm not asking for a Need For Speed-like level of car modding, especially not if we're just speaking about graphical customizations - keep those to the minimum and leave the rest of the work to eventual modders who want to make additional paintjobs. What I'd love to see is technical car/vehicle modding, as in adding performance-practical stuff. Spoilers and nitro won't just do, I'd love to see engine packs, transmission enhancers, tires for all situations (offroad, racing, rain or snow tires, etc), this kind of material. Still, on the graphical side, there still should be the possibility of changing the car color. If so, make it use the whole 32-bit color palette instead than just preset colors like what we saw so far! Plus, if this game has a multiplayer mode (or mod!), specific car colors can be useful for online gang recognition or something.
    9. Even more stuff. I want this game to be easily customizable, as in moddable. It's good to have a good game, but it should be as moddable as GTA San Andreas to keep it alive, because a game is good with good features, but it's better when players find out how to make it their very own game.
    10. Multiplayer features? YES. Another pointless thing I'd love: possibility to choose, in HD renditions for the older characters, skins of previous GTA protagonists. If we can't (and shouldn't!) see that in single-player game, at least it'd be fun to see on multiplayer.
    11. That's it, I think I summed up everything I'd love to see and not see. DarkHedge
  110. maybe they should do a fictional city based on London, like what they did to Liberty City. For cars, they should have a car based on the Audi R8
  111. V should have better explosions, for example if you shoot a RPG at a building, it should actual 'blow up'. Also with construction sites, builders should actual build instead of standing around, with Bulldozers and all that going in and out. The Buzzard has definetly got to be in V Westy01
  112. Brand new City based on Washington DC wiotth the President as the antagonist who happens to be an ex-marine or something. It could be set in like 2006 or something so characters from GTA4 who died in it can reappear. Maybe There could be the CIA or something like that Delo19xcrowbarx
  113. They should bring back the Taxi side-missions. Also they should make a Bus sidemission where you pick up people and take them to their stop's, at the end the money you earn you should keep. Westy01
  114. well a few things i think should be in gta v
    1. a bigger map( big like san andreas)
    2. car mods(rims, interior, tires, paintjobs, etc.)
    3. better ai. for example how stupid the cops were in 4, that should be changed
    4. more realistic gangs with guns depending o the type of gang
    5. LIMITED player customization- there needs to be some like hair, tatoos, fat/skinny
    6. planes
    7. better safehouses(more customization)Kwandilibro
  115. I think it should be set in Dublin (Gásdom in the game) which is in Ireland. You can play as Patrick McReary and it should be 99.9% destructable environment. Also make some real myths! ~Grand Theft Freak
  116. You should be able to access more buildings, like in SA, you get to access Police Stations and see them doing work in the garage fixing up cars, and the hospital, see nurses and doctors do a operation or something like that. There could be a mission where you have to dress as a doctor and accidently kill the patient, like Flatline in IV.Westy01
  117. I would like to see a better,more realistic emergancy system like for exeample when some body gets shot fire and EMS respond and that the fire engine gets there first and may start to resusitate the victem until the amblance gets there another thing should is that there should be diffrent fire trucks at the stations along with the diffrent fire trucks is diffrent missons like for example there should be a tower ladder and its misson should be to put out hi rise fires or mabye a rear mount ladder and its misson is to navigate the ladder to people in hi rise biludings E266
# how about having it in stockholm in sweden?there's nice parks,small allies and recently there been alot of crimes in sweden.the people should be more realistic,the police should follow you if you drive thru red traffic lights and eating when you're home would been nice.it would been fun if it's swedish radio stations,talking of swedish things,it would been nice if GTA could be in swedish and more languages.swedish gangs would be fun like f**ked for life or OG or somethings like that.there should not be myths in it,it's very disturbing that there's so much myths.i've seen that in some GTA games the pedestrians,if you follow them they say:were the h*ll am I?there's a airport with the name arlanda so it's name could be airlanding or some thing like that.now,my friends i've run out of ideas so good by och ha en bra dag!
  1. I'd like to see further story of Packie McReary, because he was preparing himself to fly away from Liberty City. Packie doesn't have to be a protagonist, but maybe a side character, kind of "random-character" met by "accident" as a boss, or chief. I'd like GTA V to be somewhere in Europe (I know it will sound dumb, but I'm dreaming about GTA V being set in Warsaw, Poland). Or alternativily - I'd like to see Niko's past as a soldier in war, and maybe further (how he was doing for those 10 years before arriving to Liberty City, I mean 1998-2008) Loc - Gadaj!,
#i think you should be a cop so when you wear the uniform, you cannot get a wanted level so it would be easier to play missions Sharpie14
  1. GTA 5 Should take place in London again! Burnoutexpert3
  1. (I apolagize if I have spelt any thing wrong) I would love it to be in London again and be able to customize your cars and houses(but realistic), also it would be great to have more interaction with the buildings in the world and be able to blow some buildings up. In San Andreas you could change CJ's apperance to make him look much stronger or make him skinny or fat and change his cloths and hair and add tattoo's, I would love to be able to do that again in GTA V but again more realistic. And go from one city to another plus have characters apear in the game aswell even if they are just in the background of a cutscene or you work with them in and mission or you have to kill them. (I know alot of these things have already been said but i agree with them all) Kakarot93
  1. If you are driving a car and talk to your cellphone, have more chances to get off the road crash your car, others may don't like it, but i'll laugh if i see it in the next game, as i laughed with the drunk driving thing in IV-Dumbnigga94 13:09, February 28, 2010 (UTC) Dumbnigga94

I think it should be more posibilitys like opening the doors (all). It should be new types of weather like snowy.

hey as a huge fan of gta sa i sugest if the next gta is located in the sa county that rockstar should add the alcatraz prison in san fiero thanks

  1. there should be all the all the old charatcters in different island and you can pick what stories you wanna play
  1. Replace this text with your suggestion (leave the hash/pound sign and the wavy tildas) Michaeljack32
  1. Replace this text with your suggestion (leave the hash/pound sign and the wavy tildas) Michaeljack32
  1. Full 1080p graphics and "infinite" draw distance (no "pop up" graphics). More vehicles, longer radio station playlists (come on Rockstar ya got enough money by now to afford all songs anyone could ever want). A physics engine that allows realistic interaction with nearly everything (buildings, trees, the ground!) Finally, no blatant glitches as every 3D installment thus far has. Daniel Christensen 05:55, March 1, 2010 (UTC)
  1. be able to use weapon attachments like in modern warfare 2 CenticeGH
  1. bring back bikes, car mods, planes, old wepons (chainsaw...), gocharts and some new stuff like skateboards.Wille the first
  1. A first person shooter mode. Jetpacks. Parachutes. No dates or hang out times. A place to store your boats and aeroplanes/helicopters. A parody of the mid-late 90's. Co-op multiplayer of the regular game. Better support for modding on the PC. Not so serious storyline. SilentRage
  1. I forgot to mention bring back main characters from past games. SilentRage
#Just sequelize Vice City and i might buy it. Dufke007
  1. Cars should explode instantly when hit by subways and trains Mebaby
  1. the police seem to weird. Why you have to get into the jail just because you you accidently bump his car? regulary, you'll be fined for that. exept if you really wreck the car. BBuzz

they should make the cars custumizable like in san andreas but they should let you build your car like in forza2 or 3

  1. Please for the love of god put it on ps2 Mariotheman
  1. Have it set on the mexican drug war and the protagonist should be a capo from a drug cartel. Cgs93

1. OMG add more weapons, what really let me down in GTA 4 was the weapons choice. Add weapons like mini guns, flamethrowers. I do not mean to be rude, but look at how many weapons saints row 3 has! On a different note, its time that you add planes.

  1. GTA IV grafix were amazing GTA SA was to cartoony, it was fun just didnt have a realistic fill to it Single Player story's have been awesome but i think it would be awesome to have Multiplayer be somewhat of a MMO in the fact you can log in to the whole city hundreds of real players are running around doing what they want but you can make custom gangs with custom gang colors, cars, appareal, ect. there should be key point safehouses or hideouts that can be taken over by the tougher gangs for example the gangs with the most players in it and the whole city has teritories that can be taken over like in GTA SA and you have npc gang members that are always watching your hideouts so when your not logged online they still have a small chance to protect it from getting stolen from rival gangs and the tougher your gang is the better npc's you can have.
  1. Multiplayer Character customization should be massivly in depth so anyone can make any type of gang they want for example there can be Hobo gangs, Police gangs, Inmates. Prostitutes, Wemon only, Bloods, Skinheads, Bikers, Buisnessmen, Illegals, Firemen, anything you can think of. Your gang can have custom logos they can tag anywere they want like on the streets on there clothes there cars Tatooes. Gangs can gain ranks or levels so they can unlock tougher hideout options like patroling cars, helicopters members with bulletproof vests stronger weapons, or interior options like Car garages or auto shops gun shops. And your characters can gain ranks as well unlocking weapon slots or attributes.
  1. Name is GTA Online Spynshank101
  1. Patrick McReary should be the player character
  2. It Should be in Vice City
  3. It should have all the weapons from GTA IV TLAD And TBOGT and should have some new weapons
  4. Victor Vance should be alive and Pete dead and do missions for Victor
  5. We should be able to go back to Liberty City( Put The GTA III And GTA IV Liberty City together )
  6. It should be in the same vice city as the old games but make it bigger with more buildings and more parts of the city
  7. Niko Johnny and Luis should return
  8. It should have DLC
  9. Claude Tommy CJ and Toni should return
  1. for a new game they should parody san diego/tj and make the odd jobs/mob jobs/drug dealing etc revolve around a fucked up border zone Elcompay34
  1. you should be able to fly a plane aronud everywhere Coolboygcp
  1. have a ladder fire truck aswell like san an but with sirensRichietkd
  1. Didnt take the time to read this but i want new wepons real Tv shows and real brand carsRJ9443
  1. IN GTA V, you should be able to crash through all buildings and not just through certain glass windows. You can also run out of gas or break down.
  1. I think they should add some old cars, like a car based off the 1995 acura integra, the '69 or '70 dodge charger, or '67 shelby mustang gt.500 Edblast
  1. I think that the game should just take place in Liberty City, should incorporate game mechanics from the GTA III era, like the gang organization in San Andreas, and GTA IV, basically everything.
The game needs to be realistic. No running across the state to VC or SA, no Military Bases, no Jetpacks, no Bigfoot. Despite this, many weapons are at disposal, but not going overboard. No overuse of over-the-top weapons, like the Heat Seeking Rocket. Rare weapons can be acquired, like the flamethrower and mini gun, but are not fully over the top omg lolol awesome crap. Keep the game awesome, but real at the same time.Fenix Chief
  1. I like for all them protagonist from the past games in an anthology. and have the location like san andreas but based on the south, like the 3 island should be based off H-town(Houston,Tx), Nawlins (New Orleans, La) and ATL (Atlanta,Ga), and they should have Rims like 84s on Vouges and if they can't fit car customisations on the disc they should have downloable packs of cars and customizations like lowrider pack, slab pack(slabs are a car culture of the south) Hconnect
  1. POWER CHAIRS nothin would be cooler then kicking a obese person out of there rascall powerchair and driving away at 5 mph. Spynshank101
  1. i would really really really like to have the feel of gta san andreas with bikes gangs property and turfs also lots of places to enter and explore Mr randoom47\
  1. I think that in GTA 5 there should be a lot of prostitutes and when you have sex with one of them you both get naked and you see the whole bare girl and the who;e bare boy. Then you should be allowed to have more than one prostitute at a time. You should be able to have up to 3 prostitutes. And there should be a building where you can have a lot of sex. Lilty4422

have gta sa sort of map and gta liberty city style grafix

It should have the graphics of GTA IV, a remodeled San Andreas and have all the options of customization of looks and cars of GTA SA. Also maybe have Vice City as a city you can fly to when the airports are unlocked. Bring back the airplanes and possibly fly to Vice City. Shewy92

Also make the traffic lights on the opposite side of the intersection and random red light green light cycles. Leave the highbeams and add turn signals (more than one button pushed for console versions). Show your speed and RPMS on an in car view. Have an option of manual transmission using L1 R1 with O being the drive by button. Shewy92

  • Since they have gas stations in most of the games, why not use them?