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On Grand Theft Wiki, a project is a collection of related improvements that need to be made to parts of the wiki. Users can come together and take responsibility for completing the project.

Projects can affect a very narrow section of the wiki, or every page! They should be large enough jobs to require the help of several users over an extended period of time, but they should not be vague (like "improve these articles"). Some projects will never 'complete' and can keep running indefinitely.

For example, these could be projects:

  • Videos: Adding videos to all mission pages
  • Help: Rewriting all Help pages
  • Copyright Templates: Ensure all images have correct copyright templates
  • GTASA Businesses: Clean-up and standardise pages for businesses in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

(Please note that GTW Projects are different to "WikiProjects" on Wikipedia, where groups of users look after groups of pages, rather than focusing on tasks)

Running a Project

If you know of a task that you think would make a good project, you can make a new project page here.

Try to pick 1 or 2 words that will explain your project, such as "Mission Videos" or "Help Pages".

This will create a project page that will let you set out your plans for the project, instructions with how to complete it, let other users sign up to help!

Once you've filled out the project page, your next step should be to ask users to sign up and help out. Message users who you know would be interested in or useful to the project, and you can leave a message on the talk page of a relevant article. Please don't spam the wiki or our users though!

List of Projects

For a full list of projects, see Category:Projects