Country Club (outfit)

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This article refers to an outfit in GTA Vice City. For the country club in Vice City, see Leaf Links; for other country clubs, see golf.
Tommy Vercetti wearing the County Club in GTA Vice City.

The County Club is a golfing outfit in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Designed specifically for golfing, the County Club consists of a red golfer's jumper shirt with a pink shirt underneath, a white golfing glove for the right hand, red and green plaid pants, and brown golfing shoes (complete with cleats underneath the soles).

The Country Club is central to "Four Iron", when it must be worn at the Vice Point Jocksport before entering the Leaf Links country club and golf course in order to kill a target who happens to be golfing there. Although the player acquires the attire at a Jocksports store, the clothing pickup for the Country Club spawns in front of Leaf Links' county club after the mission is complete.

Changing into the outfit removes up to a two-star wanted level, even if the player is already wearing the outfit.