Cypress Flats

Cypress Flats is an industrial neighbourhood in Los Santos appearing in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The majority of the neighbourhood lies in the east of Los Santos and is bordered by La Mesa in the north and north east, El Burro Heights in the east and south east, Terminal to the south, Elysian Island to the south west, Banning to the west and Rancho to the north west.


Cypress Flats is an industrial neighbourhood with no residential and limited commercial locations. The area is dominated by large factories or buildings such as Pißwasser, Raven Abattoir, Grand Banks Steel Inc. and the Central Milling Company. The Wei Cheng Triad have influence in the area owning the Raven Abattoir. The Los Santos are suggested to either have or had influence in the area as a large Vagos gang tag can be found along Innocence Blvd.

Events of HD Universe

Rocco Pelosi, at some point prior to the events of GTA V, announced that he was to open a club in East Los Santos, which is located in Cypress Flats. Michael De Santa, working for Solomon Richards, confronts and beats up Rocco Pelosi before returning actor Milton McIlroy and director Anton Beaudelaire to the Richards Majestic film studio. Michael is also held at the Raven Abattoir, having been captured by the Wei Cheng Triad in Ludendorff, but is rescued by Franklin Clinton before being slaughtered.




  • Department of Water and Power City of Los Santos]]
  • Flea Market (does not appear in game, 9-6 on Saturdays on Orchadville Ave)

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