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Game GTA V
Protagonist Michael De Santa
Trevor Philips
For Trevor Philips
Objective Derail a Merryweather high security courier train and steal its cargo
Target Cargo
Location Trevor Philips' Trailer in Sandy Shores, Blaine County
  • Trevor fails to land on or stay on the train
  • The train reaches Paleto Bay before Trevor can hijack it
  • The Dinghy is destroyed or grounded before escaping from Merryweather
Time Limit 11:30 (for gold medal completion)
Achievements Solid Gold, Baby! (can be a part of)

Derailed is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonists Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips by Trevor from his trailer in Sandy Shores, Blaine County.


Michael is waiting inside Trevor's trailer and is joined by Ron Jakowski, Trevor's friend and next door neighbour, who is looking for Trevor. Michael responds that he is likely somewhere drinking human blood and eating household pets. Ron argues that Trevor is not that bad but admits that he is 'pretty bad' saying that he has a sensitive side. Michael asks what Ron's story is with Ron responding that he has no story and is an independent thinker living away from 'the man'. He then compares Michael to a high school athlete living off former glories and suggests he now worries if his loafers get scuffed. Michael motions for Ron to move closer where he tells Ron that, should he continue to talking, he will learn first hand about Michael's past glories. Ron apologises and asks Michael to remind Trevor that the 'monthly train is coming through'.

Michael asks about the train as Trevor returns with Patricia Madrazo. Trevor explains that they were out for a walk and Patricia says they were talking about 'such wonderful things'. Michael responds that he understands Stockholm syndrome, where captives begin to develop a friendship or relationship with their captors, is 'nice this time of year'. Trevor then tells Michael about the 'train of dreams', which is carrying enough gold to keep Ron in trailers, Michael in therapy and to pay Martin Madrazo, Patricia's husband, allowing Michael to return to Los Santos. Trevor lifts Michael off the ground with a bear hug and carries him outside the trailer where he complains about Michael's hygiene saying its like living with a 'horny skunk'.

Trevor tells Michael to meet him in Raton Canyon with a boat as he drives away on a Sanchez. On the way, Michael gives a brief run through of exactly what will happen and complains about Trevor's lack of planning, needing to find a fast boat on short notice. Michael asks if gold bricks will be part of the cargo and Trevor responds that there are 'sometimes' before telling Michael the train is run by Merryweather Security Consulting. Michael again asks if the cargo will be gold and Trevor replies that it is sometimes gold, sometimes artwork or priceless antiquities as it is too expensive to insure for air travel. Trevor, just north of Grapeseed, spots the train and follows behind it. Trevor explains that they will need bombs and Michael says he will pick some up after leaving the trailer where he had returned to change.

Trevor drives up a small incline and, using the Sanchez, jumps on to the train driving to the front of the long train. Trevor eventually loses control when at the head of the train and falls off the Sanchez but manages to stay on the train while the Sanchez falls off the side. Trevor climbs down and enters the control area where he knocks out the driver. He asks if Michael is in position and Michael answers that he is. Trevor continues driving the train north toward Paleto Bay, the trains destination, but does not stop alerting Merryweather to the hijacking. Trevor asks Michael if he is in position and Michael responds that he is heading into the inlet. The play switches to Michael driving into the inlet continuing until he reaches the rail bridge in Raton Canyon. Trevor continues driving the train, which collides in a head on collision with Trevor jumping into the water below. The trains stop but the carriages continue to move forward and eventually begin falling off the tracks and into the water below narrowly missing Trevor.

Michael approaches in the boat and plants bombs on the doors, blowing the doors open. Trevor tells Michael to be quick while collecting the cargo and, standing on a small island, keeps watch for Merryweather mercenaries. While Michael is collecting the cargo three Merryweather teams on Dinghy's arrive. Trevor kills all the mercenaries. After destroying the boats, Trevor turns his attention to two helicopters, each coming from either end of the canyon, and destroys them as a container falls off the bridge. Merryweather personnel then begin shooting from the bridge and Trevor, using a thermal scope on his sniper rifle, kills them. A third helicopter appears, which Trevor destroys, and two mercenaries begin parachuting in before also being killed by Trevor who complains about the amount of time being taken by Michael.

Michael, finished collecting the cargo, returns to the Dinghy and is joined by Trevor. The two begin their escape down some rapids but realise they are being chased by more mercenaries. Michael continues driving the Dinghy while Trevor takes out the pursuers as they discuss the benefits of being in nature. As they continue through the canyon they notice that SUVs are also following them on land. After destroying the pursuing boats and fourth helicopter appears, which is also shot down by Trevor. Trevor asks if Michael feels alive with blood pumping through his glands. Michael responds that his glands are fine without 'the crashing trains, exploding helicopters, and sinking boats'. As the two exit the canyon into the Pacific Ocean, Trevor tells Michael about a small beach they can land on. Michael continues to the beach and states that Trevor works hard for a living asking how much money he makes per 'senseless' kill. Trevor explains that times have become hard since he was buried.

The two arrive at the beach and find two vehicles delivered by Ron Jakowski. The two get off the Dinghy and go to enter the two vehicles. Trevor asks to see the cargo Michael collected. Michael opens the briefcase and shows Trevor an fertility idol, which Michael states is perfect for making amends with Martin Madrazo should Trevor end his relationship with Patricia. Trevor, however, responds that it is his call to make as it was his score although Michael reminds him that his decisions led to them having to hide in the first place. Trevor snatches the briefcase and begins to leave but Michael responds that, if Trevor gives him the briefcase, he will give him the Union Depository. Trevor turns around and tells Michael it would be impossible to rob describing it as 'verging suicidal'.

Michael reminds Trevor of their dreams while in Ludendorff, the dream of the big one, saying that with Lester Crest and Franklin Clinton on board it would be possible. Michael begins to leave and Trevor throws the briefcase back to Michael saying he can keep both the briefcase and Patricia saying that he will not hold her back as he respects her. Trevor tells Michael that he will be watching him very closely and that if Martin cheats on her once more he does not know what he will do. Michael says that Trevor is not the marrying type before leaving.

Post mission phone call

A conference call involving Trevor Philips, Michael De Santa and Steve Haines.

Steve Haines: Townley's on the line, too.

Michael De Santa: Hey, Trev.

Steve Haines: Alright, I need your whole crew over at Cape Catfish, we're moving on the chemical weapons plant.

Michael De Santa: Nah, nah, nah, nah nah... I just gave something to Lester. I need to deal with some stuff, get back to Los Santos... just, uh, give me a week.

Steve Haines: We got the equipment with your Paleto money. The gangbanger's already on the way. The window is open, my friend, and you are jumping out of it.

Michael De Santa: Shit. Shit!

Trevor Philips: Los Santos ain't going anywhere, bud.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Time Complete the mission within 11:30.
Fastest Speed Reach top speed while on the Sanchez.
Better than CJ Land on the train on the first jump


Video walkthrough

Xbox 360 Version - GTASeriesVideos


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