Dining Out/Script

The following is a script of the mission "Dining Out" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Guard: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Gravelli: Aaah, Niko... good to see you.

Niko: You too. How are you, Mr. Gravelli?

Gravelli: Good, good. I was just speaking to our mutual friend about you. He said how efficient you were... I like that. Then he mentioned something about a Darko Brevic.

Niko: What? He did?

Gravelli: Yeah... he's located the guy. It seems he wasn't in Switzerland at all, but in Bucharest. He'll be here soon.

Niko: Good, good...

Gravelli: And it seems your Russian friends are getting the message. Some of them...

Niko: Oh... okay. So?

Gravelli: I think it's our turn to do a favor for that mutual friend of ours. Seems some Korean has come into the country and... and is selling money at a discount. You don't need me to tell you that it's all fugazi. Faker than a pair of Vinewood tits.

Niko: That's good...

Gravelli: Listen, I need you to deal with this. Eliminate the guy. What he's doing is no good for the economy, and no good for patriots like you and me.

Niko: So who is he?

Gravelli: His name is Kim Young-Guk. He'll be very well protected. He eats at Mr. Fuck. Fuck.

Niko: Mr. Gravelli, are you alright?

Gravelli: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine... wh-wait... what was I saying?

Niko: Kim Young-Guk, he eats at?

Gravelli: Yeah right, right right... he... he eats at a restaurant called Mr. Fuck's Rice Box. Yeah, in Alderney City.

Niko: Don't worry, I'll take care of it.


(Niko heads towards Mr. Fuk's Rice Box and gets a call from Brucie)

Brucie: Niko, it's Brucie baby. How about you and me do some serious carb loading bro?

Niko: Shit man, I can't. I'm already on my way to a Korean place. Some other time, okay?

(Niko enters Mr. Fuk's and talks to a Korean)

Niko: Where is Kim?

Korean: He's upstairs speaking with the manager. They don't want to see nobody though.

Niko: Kim and I are old friends.

Korean: Kim got a lotta money. He don't need no friends. Get lost.

(Niko finds the manager)

Niko: Where is Kim?

Manager: Kim's not here. He left a long time ago. You best go look somewhere else.

(If Niko lingers)

Manager: Get out of my office before more guys come in here and shoot the place up.

Manager: You're making a big mistake. Real powerful people come to this restaurant.

Manager: You're wasting my time. Get out of my office.

Manager: Leave already, you ain't going to find Kim here.

Manager: I told you Kim left a long time ago, get out.

(Niko threatens the manager)

Niko: If you play stupid you're not going to live very long. Where's Kim?

Manager: He heard you come. He run out back through the kitchen.

(If Niko lingers)

Manager: Get out of my restaurant.

Manager: go, go, get out.

Manager: Go after him, he's getting way.

Manager: I told you, don't hurt me.

Manager: Kim's leaving, you better chase him.

(Niko finds Kim in the kitchen)

Kim: Fuck off. I just trying to make money.


Kim: Hey, don't I know you?

Kim: Weren't you the one who help me get into this country?

Kim: You hang with that junkie, right?

Kim: Leave me alone, man.

(Or, if the cars outside are destroyed Niko will chase Kim)

Kim: I good friend of that junkie, remember?

Kim: Me and that junkie real close, please.

Kim: Please no do this, mister. I have a lot of American money.

Post mission phone call

Gravelli: Tell me that Kim Young-Guk isn't devaluing our precious currency anymore?

Niko: He's pass his last false bill, Mr. Gravelli.

Gravelli: Well done, my boy. This is going to be a fruitful partnership for us both.

Failing the mission

Kim escapes

Niko: Mr. Gravelli, I couldn't take out Kim.

Gravelli: Niko, Niko. I thought you wanted to help our friend from United Liberty Paper as much as I did? His superiors aren't going to be happy.

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Korean: Come back here, we are closed, dick face.

Korean: Get back here dick face. You'll get fucked up in there.

Kim: Get out way.

Korean: Get outta here with your gun, dick face.

Kim: Hey, watch it man.

Korean: Look where you're going.

Kim: Move it, stupid.

Kim: No do this.

Kim: Please, don't.

Korean: We closed and we don't want no trouble. Get out.

Kim: What the fuck?

Korean: You don't want to go in there. We're not some normal restaurant.

Korean: You going to have to take that thing outside.