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Game GTA Vice City
Type of business Pharmacy
Location(s) Downtown, Vice City
Vice Point, Vice City

The Dispensary (stylized as Dispensary +) is a small chain of pharmacies and drug stores featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


There are two Dispensaries in Vice City, one is located in northern Vice Point, north of the El Swanko Casa safehouse, while the other is located in southern Downtown, close to Rock City (to the east) and the Downtown Well Stacked Pizza.

Both stores feature interiors furnished with store shelves stacked with drugs and medication as well as a prescription counter and a cashier's counter. Shooting and running into the shelves will not knock them over. Also, the windows cannot be broken by gunfire or explosions. Also, killing the store clerk will give the player an automatic wanted level, even if there are no police officers outside. Both stores also have white signs bearing their names in green letters along with a green medical cross, although the Vice Point Dispensary has signs inside and out while the Downtown outlet only displays the sign inside.

Unlike many undocumented businesses, the Dispensary, like hospitals, is notable for offering the player two medical pickups, consisting of a Health pickup and an Adrenaline pill. The two pickups are located between the aisles, each costing the player a small sum of money to use: Health ($20) and Adrenaline ($10). For this reason, the Dispensaries are comparable to the Ryton Aide store in Little Haiti, which offers the player the same pickups for the same amount of money.

Both the Vice Point and Downtown Dispensaries can be robbed for money; doing so is necessary for completion of the game.

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