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A Dumper in GTA San Andreas (Rear quarter view).

The Dumper is an off-road dump truck in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.



The Dumper is by far the largest land-based vehicle in GTA San Andreas, generally based on large off-road dump trucks used in large-scale earth moving; the truck resembles a cross between a 1970s Caterpillar 773 (particularly the grille and cab) and more modern 773s. As with all other heavy machinery, it is part of the DUDE company. The Dumper is also only available in one color: Bluish gray, similar to the Dozer.


The Dumper is a slow moving vehicle (with a top speed roughly similar to that of a Linerunner), but has the effects of the Rhino tank and the Monster, being capable of running over and severely damaging smaller vehicles to the point their engines may begin to burn. However, its size may be detrimental when confronted with areas with tight spaces or access points that are too narrow or too low for the Dumper to enter. The tipper on the Dumper's back can also be raised up and down.

Despite its presumed uselessness, the Dumper can be used to transport smaller vehicles on its tipper. If the player lowers the tipper down on a raised surface such as a hill, it will clip through it, thereby allowing a vehicle to be driven off the surface and onto the tipper. Once the tipper is raised back up, the vehicle will stay in place until it is raised down. This can be extremely useful for getting a vehicle from one spot to another without the risk of damaging it along the way.

Prominent appearances

Along with the Dozer, the Dumper is integral to quarry side-missions in Hunter Quarry, Bone County, during which it is prominently used in one side-mission to carry the dead bodies of several murdered police officers. The Dumper is also made available during "Explosive Situation".

Upon completion of all quarry side-missions, a Dumper will spawn outside the quarry grounds.


  • The Dumper plays K Rose by default when first entered.