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|unlocks=[[Out of the Closet]]
|unlocks=[[Out of the Closet]]
|unlockedby=[[Search and Delete]]
|unlockedby=[[Search and Delete]]
|fail=Niko Bellic [[Wasted|dies]]<br>Niko Bellic is [[Busted|arrested]]
|fail=Lyle Rivas' car is destroyed.

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Easy as Can Be
Brucie Kibbutz telling Niko Bellic to retrieve Lyle Rivas' car.

Brucie Kibbutz telling Niko Bellic to retrieve Lyle Rivas' car.
For Brucie Kibbutz
Location Broker, Liberty City
Fail Lyle Rivas' car is destroyed.
Reward $3,500
Unlocks Out of the Closet
Unlocked by Search and Delete

Niko goes to meet Brucie at his apartment for his 2nd mission with him. Brucie tells you that Lyle Rivas left his car in an alley and it's worth stealing. Niko asks if any risk are involved but Brucie replies, "Easy as can be".


Head over to the location indicated and you'll find Lyle's car in a nearby lot. Once you get in the car, some thugs will pull up on every side of you and start shooting at you. One option is driving to Brucie's at a high speed. There is one behind you, one to the side and one car at the end of the alley where you pull out of. As soon as you drive off, two cars will drive after you and attack with firearms. Drive as fast and evasively as you can. If your vehicle is damaged, you will have to use Pay 'n' Spray which will be free, if you haven't used it before.

A better option, if you have a gun (especially a sub-machine gun), is to eliminate the enemies. Aim from inside your vehicle and shoot them. One car is behind yours, one is down the alley on the right side of your car, and another is at the end of the alley in front of your car. Try to minimize exposure to enemy fire, and watch for cops.

If grenades are unlocked at this point use them, They are very good weapons, But also molotovs are useful in flatening the enemy's tires which makes it harder for them to chase you.