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The following is the script from the mission "End of the Line" in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

(CJ enters Sweet's house)

CJ: Hey, Sweet!

Sweet: Wassup?

CJ: It's time for Smoke.

Sweet: Alright, let's roll.

CJ: Johnson brothers fittin' to take that fat fool down.

(Sweet and CJ outside)

CJ: You sure he's in East Los Santos?

Sweet: Yeah, right on the edge of Los Flores - some old apartments and a warehouse.

CJ: He's as good as dead then. Can't believe you bought that same bucket ass car, man!

Sweet: Hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. So this is it huh? Johnson boys sorting this shit out. Nervous?

CJ: Yeah!

Sweet: Me too, me too.

(CJ and Sweet inside the car)

CJ: Look, I know you down for this, but I gotta go in there alone.

Sweet: What?

CJ: Smoke played me. Tenpenny played me.

Sweet: They played us all.

CJ: Yeah, but your right - I was a busta, when my family needed me the most. Hey, I let Brian die, man. This one's for him... for moms... and for you bro!

Sweet: Yeah, for the Grove Street, baby.

CJ: Yeah, for the Grove, baby!

Sweet: Hey, if you need me, you know I'll be.

CJ: For sure. You've been always there for me, man.

(CJ and Smoke in the crack palace.)

CJ: Hey Smoke!

Smoke: HEY! CJ I was wondering when you'd show up.

CJ: How'd you know it was me?

Smoke: Knew it was my old dog, CJ. Knew you was coming and I don't give a shit.

CJ: I'm here to take care of your fat ass, and then take care of your friends in the police department. Where they at?

Smoke: Man, fuck this shit! Ahh, that's some good shit. (CJ: Man, you and Tenpenny...) Fuck Tenpenny, fuck his polish lapdog and fuck the police, man. All that's old shit. Look at you, you got the whole world! I ain't got no regrets man.

CJ: Smoke you had a...

Smoke: I made it CJ, I'm a success! I CAN'T BE TOUCHED. I don't give a fuck. Fuck the whole world.

CJ: What happened to you, man?

Smoke: Maan, what the fuck do you care? Guess we better do this shit then...

(Smoke and CJ gunfighting.)

CJ: You wearing body armor, Smoke? I'm disappointed in you, I thought you was gangsta.

Smoke: Hey, I am a motherfucking celebrity. All kinds of crazy cats want a piece of me! Somebody save the Smoke. SHOOT HIM! Help me!

(Smoke dying)

CJ: Hey, Smoke, what made you flip out like that man? Was it the drugs or what?

Smoke: I got caught up in the money, the power... I don't give a shit, ohhhh fuck man!

CJ: Why didn't you just quit man? We was like family, homie.

Smoke: I had no choice, I had to do it. I just see the opportunity. When I'm gone, everyone's gonna remember my name, BIG SMOKE!

(Smoke dies.)

CJ: Damn man, what a waste!

(Tenpenny enters the room, aiming a combat shotgun at CJ)

Tenpenny: Carl Johnson. My man. I need you to do me another favor. You killed Pulaski, and now this fat fuck. There's no stopping you. Drop the gun.

(Carl drops his gun.)

CJ: You ain't leaving here alive, man.

Tenpenny: Where's your brother at, huh?

CJ: Why didn't you just shoot me in the back? Feeling exposed, huh?

Tenpenny: Shut your dumb ass up and load the bag. C'mon, let's go, I ain't got no time to fuck with you!

(Tenpenny tosses Carl a suitcase and Carl begins to fill it with money from Smoke's safe.)

CJ: So what it's like, Tenpenny, huh? All alone, nobody got your back. Suck, huh?

Tenpenny: Why you think am alone? I got a couple of rookies outside. But I gotta open their eyes slowly, you know - a little truth here, a little truth there... A'ight, fuck it, that's enough. Chuck it over, I've got a firetruck to catch.

CJ: You're crazy man, you lost it... you're gone.

Tenpenny: Half the city's looking for cops to kill, Carl. And I ain't about to get dragged out of a patrol car and get beaten to death by some angry mob. No, no...Not tonight.

(Carl tosses Tenpenny the suitcase with money and he picks it up.)

CJ: What you catching, a plane?

Tenpenny: Ding ding ding ding ding, good answer Carl! You know, your gonna thank me one day - for opening your fucking eyes. OH! I almost forgot, Carl! Time to die.

CJ: Uh, Sweet!

Tenpenny: What?

(Tenpenny turns around for a second and Carl leaps to the side, grabbing his gun.)

Tenpenny: Mother f-...

(Tenpenny shoots at Carl, but misses. He then grabs the suitcase with money and begins to back away towards the door)

Tenpenny: It ain't over Carl, it ain't over.

(Tenpenny in the Drug Lab)

Tenpenny: Carl, you motherfucking piece of shit gangbanging cocksucker!

(Tenpenny shoots one of the crack processing machines and it blows up, setting the building on fire.)

(Carl escapes the burning building in time to watch Tenpenny getting into a firetruck and Sweet jumping on the truck's ladder.)

Sweet: Tenpenny you motherfucking piece of shit, I ain't letting you get away with all you've done.

CJ: Sweet, NO!

(Carl begins chasing the firetruck in a car.)

Sweet: I'm gonna piss on your corpse Tenpenny. I ain't losing this fool! CJ, do something!

CJ: Just keep hanging on bro!

Sweet: Oh man, that was a close call, I ain't letting this bastard go.

(Cop starts stamping on Sweet's fingers)

Cop: Let go you dumb bastard!

Sweet: Fuck you pig! AHHH my fingers!

(Sweet falls on CJ's car)

CJ: Gotcha. Take the wheel, it's payback time!

Sweet: Motherfucker! Take that pig bastard down. Those firetrucks are indestructible. We ain't gonna dent it! Watch our six, cops on our tail. Vagos rioters coming up, this city's gone nuts. I'll keep up with Tenpenny, don't you worry! Concentrate on keeping all these other lunatics off our case, CJ. Rioters on the bridge up ahead, they dropping shit from that bridge. Look out, CJ! Watch our six. Some rioters on bikes after us. Look out, CJ! Crazy bikers on a rampage. I keep up with Tenpenny, he ain't getting away. Cops on our tail. Cops up ahead, where did all these assholes come from?

CJ: Down in flames! DOWN IN FLAMES! It's over Tenpenny, OVER! I'm gonna stop you motherfucka!

Sweet: He's losing control!

CJ: We got the motherfucker!

(Tenpenny's truck falls from the bridge.)

Tenpenny: Come on, assholes. I'll take you all. Your mine! MINE! I run this town. Hey over here, HEY! Officer down! COME ON, HEY! Assholes, you never understood what I did. Fifty of me and this town would be okay. I took the trash out. I DID - and I'd do it all again.

(Tenpenny dies. Cesar, Kendl, Sweet, CJ and The Truth appear. Carl draws his gun and aims it at Tenpenny's head.)

Sweet: Don't... don't do it man, he's gone.

CJ: I just want to be sure he's over, that's all.

Sweet: It's cool! Don't need to put a bullet in him. He killed himself in a traffic accident. No one to blame. Let's roll!

Truth: I mean, far out, man. You know, I mean, you beat the system. I tried for thirty years to cross over. But you've managed it! I mean, your an icon, man.

CJ: Oh - Thanks man!

Kendl: I'm just glad it's finally over.

Sweet: What's up with Smoke?

CJ: You know what's up with Smoke - he always saw things a lil' different than us.

Kendl: Smoke? Smoke was always on his own, always out for self.

Truth: That's the surest path to hell, man. Well - that or fifteen microdots and an ounce of mescaline.

Cesar: Let's go get something to eat!

Sweet: Sounds good to me.

(The antire group minus Carl leaves. He approaches Tenpenny and gives his body a slight, mocking shove.)

CJ: See you around, officer.

(Inside the Johnson House.)

CJ: Now that everything is cool, we gotta stay on top of our game. Keep everything in check, but subtle.

Kendl: We got problems in Venturas, problems in San Fierro. Shit's never ending.

Sweet: For sure. I mean, the Families is back on their feet. But we gotta keep shit tight cause a lot of people have got their eyes on us.

(Ken Rosenberg, Kent Paul, Maccer and Madd Dogg enter. Carl, Sweet, Cesar are startled, and draw their guns.)

Ken: I came in peace here with Mr. Dogg who has an announcement.

Madd Dogg: My, I mean OUR... FIRST... GOLD RECORD! (cheering)

Maccer: And I've decided to get breast implants.

Kent Paul: Will ya shut up?

CJ: Anyways, what's next?

Kendl: We should hit the casino, roll some dice with Woozie.

Sweet: Nah, we gotta take care of things here first.

Madd Dogg: We're going on tour, fan!

Ken: Has anyone got a tissue? My nose is... it just won't stop running - anybody?

Maccer: Yeah I have, over here!

Ken: Uhh, I'll pass!

Kendl: Carl, where are ya off to now?

CJ: Fittin' to hit the block, see what's happening.