Evidence Dash (GTA CW)

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Evidence Dash (GTA CW)
Game GTA Chinatown Wars
For Wade Heston
Reward $200
Unlocks See No Evil
Unlocked by The Wages of Hsin
The World's a Stooge
Convoy Conflict

Evidence Dash is a mission given to Huang Lee by Wade Heston in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


Follow Wade's Admiral and make sure his friends don't destroy it. If you hit it, the driver will attack you. The car will come to a stop in Varsity Heights, where you can steal it. Drive it to the Pay 'n' Spray, then find a secluded area, like an alleyway. Park the car and use the touchscreen to remove the files, light a match and burn them. Return the car to Wade in one piece and the mission is complete.


(Wade and Huang meet behind 60 Diner)

Wade: IAD took my car - that's a big problem for me - there were certain things I should have got rid of in that car. Things that will take over people down. You've gotta get it back before my fucking squad catches up with it.

Huang: So, just to get this straight, ...you don't want your squad snatching your car back from IAD?

Wade: Exactly. I'm so fucked, I don't want help from my best friends. Some of the evidence will implicate them. When they catch up with my car they're gonna blow it to kingdom come.

Huang: Okay, and that's a bad thing why?

Wade: Well, the car belonged to my wife, god rest her... I love that car! I don't want a scratch on it!

Huang: Last time we spoke, you were divorced, now you're a widower. Heston - I think you just might be full of shit. I'll get you your car, and then you and I will have words.

(Huang retrieves the car)

Huang: I'm not your valet, FRIEND, I'm not doing this again.

Wade: You don't know what this means to me, Huang... this car was the last thing my wife bought me before she... you know, before she was...

Huang: Before she what, buddy?

Wade: Before she fucked my best friend! There, I said it. I'm a loser, and that's why I'm a drug addict, now, give me that fucking car. I'll be in touch.

Huang: You're back on the drugs, aren't you?

Wade: No way! I'm clean and serene. And you know what? I forgive you. Step 8! Step fucking 8, buddy.

Mission Replay Description

"IAD stole Heston's car.

They knew it was full of evidence that would ruin him and his squad.

I got the car back and destroyed the evidence. Man, I should open a fucking valet service for morons."

Rare Car

It is possible to steal one of Cogniscenti's Wade Heston's friends drive. However, when you put it in your garage, the car's siren will dissappear, making it a ordinary Cogniscenti.