Exeter Ave

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Exeter Ave is one of Algonquin's seven North-South avenues. It serves the inner west side of Algonquin extending for 13 blocks, making it the shortest avenue in Algonquin. It's based on New York's Seventh Avenue. Despite its short length, it travels further north than any other avenue, starting from the intersection with Grummer Road along the north coast. The road travels south through Northwood and East Holland before reaching the boundary with Middle Park on Topaz Street. The large middle park disallows Exeter Avenue from continuing further, therefore the avenue re-emerges from Nickel Street along the Middle Park and Star Junction boundaries on the other side of the park. The Avenue is now fused with Denver Ave to form the Denver-Exeter Avenue. The avenue becomes double sized, with four lanes of traffic in a purely southbound direction. The combined avenue travels south for seven blocks through the Star Junction and The Triangle districts. Upon reaching Garnet Street at The Triangle and Suffolk borders the Denver-Exeter and Exeter Avenues terminate, whilst Denver Avenue continues further south.

The street could be named after a collection of towns named after the historic city, of the same name in Devon, England.