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![[Xbox 360|Xbox 360]] Version - GTASeriesVideos
![[Xbox 360]] Version - GTASeriesVideos

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Jimmy hanging on to the boat while Franklin and Michael attempt a rescue.

Jimmy hanging on to the boat while Franklin and Michael attempt a rescue.
Game GTA V
For Michael De Santa
Target Micheal's yacht, Jimmy De Santa
Fail Jimmy dies
Losing the yacht before recovering Jimmy
Amanda's car is destroyed
Unlocked by Complications

Father/Son is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V, given by Michael De Santa for himself and Franklin Clinton.


At the start of the mission, Amanda and Tracey are having an argument in the kitchen over Tracey's boyfriend while Michael sits by the pool with a drink and smoke at hand. Shortly thereafter, Franklin arrives, trying take up Michael's offer for a beer from Complications. Michael said he was only joking about that, and the two have a short conversation. Eventually, Michael does decide to take Franklin for that beer when Jimmy calls, stating that he is in Michael's yacht, and the boat is being stolen after Jimmy tries to sell it. Angry, Michael and Franklin drive off in Amanda's Sentinel to chase down the yacht on the freeway.

After catching up to the boat, Franklin climbs aboard the boat to dispatch the thieves; however, Jimmy is hanging on the sail, above the roadway. Michael drives under the sail to catch Jimmy in the backseat and then retrieves Franklin. Michael and Franklin proceed to chase down the boat and the thieves; however, Amanda's car breaks down, forcing them to go to the Los Santos Customs shop near the airport. Michael asks Franklin to call him a taxi since he is angry at Jimmy for losing his boat and wants to vent in peace. Franklin and Jimmy then repair Amanda's car and return it to the De Santa estate.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Quick Catch Rescue Jimmy within 10 seconds.
Not a Scratch Deliver Amanda's car with no damage.


Post mission phone calls

From Simeon Yetarian to Franklin Clinton

Franklin Clinton: Eh, look, man...

Simeon Yetarian: "Look"? You were like a son to me. Employee of the Month! Does that mean nothing to you?

Franklin Clinton: Man, the dude had a gun to my head.

Simeon Yetarian: No loyalty! No integrity! You should have taken the bullet! My business. My totally legitimate business. You are fucked, my boy. Fucked!

From Lamar Davis to Franklin Clinton

Franklin Clinton: Wassup, homie.

Lamar Davis: Eh, look. Chop got to stay round your crib for a while, homie. That's cool?

Franklin Clinton: Yeah, man, it's cool. It's the best place for him, anyway.

Lamar Davis: HA. Like it ain't nobody out there gunning for your black ass. Bullshit, nigga. Just take care of him, man, alright?

Franklin Clinton: Alright, I got you, dog.

Post mission text messages

  • Jimmy De Santa: Yo F-dog! Ive added you on Lifeinvader accept my request and we can hang! hit me up anytime bro... ANYTIME and we goin chop it. Peace - Jizzle
  • Lamar Davis: Eh, u moody motherfuka. Im givin u tht bagger we boosted. left it at yr auntz crib ;p

Social media

Lifeinvader updates

Michael De Santa's page
  • Jimmy De Santa: So yeah sorry about the boat I was just trying to use my initiative and make a contribution to the finances like you keep saying I need to. Gotta get creative in a recession! At least I was outside right??? That home invader turned out to be pretty cool, btw.
Amanda De Santa's page
  • Kyle Chavis: My schedule's wide open let me know when he isn't around.
Jimmy De Santa's page
  • Jimmy De Santa: Oh and I did I mention that my dad is now best friends with the burglar who broke into our house? Don't even ask.
  • Jimmy De Santa: So that boat thing didn't work out. Lucky for me my dad's a lunatic or I could be dead right now!
Tracey De Santa's page
  • Tracey De Santa: That adult film guy Freddie has invited me to hang out on his yacht with all his entertainment industry friends. So cool! This could totally open doors for me.
  • Tracey De Santa: My mom won't let Gary stay the night. Why's she the only one who gets to be the whore? She is such a dictator!


One person, @muttonjohnpoo, bleets about the events of the mission.

  • @muttonjohnpoo #westcoastcrazy: You know you're in Los Santos when...there's a driveby shooting on the Del Perro Freeway over a yacht. #westcoastcrazy


Daily Globe - Terror on the highway.

Forrest Simon - Daily Globe

Motorists on the Del Perro Freeway were thrown into a panic when a high-speed gun battle broke out between two vehicles, one of which was carrying a yacht. What sparked the clash and the identity of the two groups of men involved is not yet known, but this leads us to our reader poll of the day: "Is a drive-by shootout over a luxury yacht a sign that Los Santos is in economic crisisi, or out of economic crisis?"

Video walkthrough

Xbox 360 Version - GTASeriesVideos